Monday, July 2, 2012

Trip to Brother's house

Every year, sometime the last of June or first of July we go to Texas.

NOT because it's cool!!

Because it's Jerry's brothers birthday.

This year we went and took all the birthday cards with us instead of mailing them.  I think the lady at the post office told me it would cost around $20 to send them all.

You would not believe all the cards they keep sending around and around. Brother to brother. brother to sister. 

AND they write something on ALL of them.

When we were in England we found this birthday card that said
        HURRY and send this card back for I got it from RENT A CARD!!

We got it to send to Peggy for her birthday.

And she SENT it back for Jerry's birthday. 

Now you have to be told the rest of the story.  Peggy's birthday is December 7th. and Jerry's is December 15th.  She got the card on December 6th and AIR MAILED it back!!

WITH a note that said "I returned it like the card said. Hope you don't have any extra rental on this card to pay!!!"

Those three are something else. Having fun and playing pranks. Fighting and making up. It is just like kids.

Which I guess they are. 

Anyway, this year we had lot of fun with the ice cream. Jerry makes the BEST ice cream.  All cream and half and half.  NO milk. 

To DIE for ice cream.

This year it was vanilla, chocolate, peach, and strawberry.

As Rachael would say " YUMMO"

More later with pictures, Linda