Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sarah had a tiring Day

Yesterday Sarah had to do a LOT of guarding.

Jerry was outside and I was in the house..or I was outside and Jerry was in the house.

ALL day long.

She just cant decide who she needs to protect so she tries to protect both of us.

Poor Baby.

It's just too much!!

She couldn't even decided to sleep IN or OUT!!

Or on Jerry's chair!

Or beside Granddad's chair!!

Poor baby---so tired and no place to put her head!!

I think she found the right spot.

More later Linda

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day part Deux

I left it yesterday with this story to tell. It's about a young woman who came to our house---I don't know when. I was just a kid.

A VERY curious kid.

Anyway this beautiful petite woman came to our house - why, I don't know. We always had people coming to our house. People visited in those days.

All the chairs were taken so she sat on the piano bench. I remember how tiny she was. Not much taller than me. But of course, I was a lot heavier. I was a chunky kid.

She was sad.

And that drew me to her.

Sometime went by and I saw something on her left arm just above her wrist. It looked like she had been hurt and so I asked her what had happened.

My dad got angry with me. But the lady stopped him from getting onto me about my curiosity.

She told me of the bad men who had taken her from her home and tattoo the numbers on her and everyone in her family,

It was years before I knew that she had been in a German camp. I never saw her again, but I have never forgotten the sadness in her.

Memorial Day. A day for us to reflect on those who have gone on.

A day for us to remember.

More. Linda

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Well, not actually. Actually Memorial Day is the last day of May. But with the wisdom (?) of the congress they decided to have all holidays on the Monday before the actual day so people could have a long weekend.

It works---to a point. It seems like more people take this time to drink and drug and have a Party!!

Instead of taking the time to think about all those who have gone on before us and all those men and women of the military who are serving even as I type.

I am a product of WWII and the Korean war. My birthday is 20 days after Pearl Harbor. I grew up with all the tales of WWII. And I remember when Korea broke out.

We came to a street corner and there was a newspaper kid yelling --- War in Korea -- mom went berserk!  The other war had not been over 10 years when that one started.

I remember the camo netting over the roads into LA. And I remember the black out curtains. I remember RECYCLING cans, bottles and paper. We had to take the labels off the cans, wash them out and take off the other end. Then flatten them. We had to put like colored bottles in different piles. The newspapers were stacked and tied with twine. They were separated from the other papers we had to put out on the curb.

I remember when we got oleo margarine. White----it was white? So dad, artist that he was put some blue and yellow cake dye in the room temp margarine and mixed them together. We had green margarine til it was gone.

It makes the bread really STRANGE looking!!

We also had purple and a brown of some kind, but the green was the worst. I had always been told NOT to eat green food except veggies.

But the worst will have to wait until tomorrow.

More later, Linda

Friday, May 24, 2013

Snacks--that's what it is!!

Last night I was needing a snack for my friends. So I got busy and made some cheesy bread.

Now I had used the Pioneer Woman's recipe--and it's good--I just like the Spanish flavors better.

So I improvised. As per usual for me. I figure that a recipe is just the beginning of the adventure.

I grated about a third of the cheddar cheese and then the same amount of the Swiss. Then again with the cheddar and then again with the Swiss.

Actually, I just wanted the cheeses to be really mixed so I thought that might work and it did!!

Cheese was mixed when I took the grater off the pile of cheese.

Then I added some butter--don't ask, I just put some in with the cheese. So that wasn't creamy enough so I put in some mayonnaise.

For flavor I added a small can of mild green chilies chopped, juice and all, and some garlic. I didn't add any salt as the cheese has enough for me. The mayo made it easy to spread and the butter kept it together as I put it on the bread.

I put it in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes and this is what's left.

It was even good this morning COLD!!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sarah is PO'd AGAIN

It seems like Sarah can get po'd at any minute of any given day.

She gets so upset she is exhausted. I don't know what was going on here I just know that LOOK!!

"Mother, let me tell you SOMETHING!!!"

And when I don't pay attention -- as quickly as she wants -- I get in TROUBLE!!

Member when your mom would get mad? 

Yeah, it's a lot like that. My mom didn't get mad often--but when she did -- ooooo doggie was that bad!!!

She finally decided that it was time for a nap and AFTER she had wrinkled up her blanket she laid down and went to sleep.

But her eyelids were half mast.

And then the sleeping position that she like the most.  On her back.  Loves it!!

She got over her mad when Jerry brought out the ice cream. She gets to lick the bowl when he is through. Not much but just enough for her to get a small taste.

Sometimes I think that a small taste is just plain torture, but she seems to not care.

Beside that, any more and she would be bigger than a 16 pound Yorkie!!!

Things have NOT changed a bit. Except she was sick for a while and is now better and getting a LITTLE ice cream every now and then!!

More later, Linda

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Emergency Help

There are so many ways we could help in Moore OK.  Going there right now is not one of them. They need to have the room to get the first responders into the neighborhoods so they can check out every overturned car---every home site---and every piece of rubble for the hurt and the injured.

So get onto your cell phone and text 90999 and they will add $10 to your bill. That ten dollars will go to the disaster relief fund.

A good quick way to get funds to the first responders because we realy don't know what is needed at this point.

And another thing we can do is pray for the people of Moore.

Later, Linda

Moore OK

No pictures today. all you have to do is turn on your TV and take a look at all the destruction in Moore OK.

I felt really guilty when I realized that I am actually thankful that we didn't get any tornadoes where I live. I have to work on that. I also have to do what I can to help those in Moore. We have friends who live there.

We have our grandson who lives in Edmond OK, but works just miles from where the 1999 tornado went. Another grandson was 4 miles from the path of destruction. They are fine.

Others are not.

Pray for the people of Moore, and remember to pray for yourself and be thankful that you were not affected by the terrible destruction of May 20, 2013.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is the Way IT is!

We've been married a long time. Fifty three years and today he got mad because I told him we would wait to go to Walmart to get some plastic bags to go into the compactor. The one in there is not even half full.

We are having the ladies here today for a Mary Kay debut for a new consultant. It rained for three days from the south west which means the from door and the front windows got spots on them when the rain dried.

It took him 2 and 1/2 HOURS to get the door and the front windows put back together. That one is ALWAYS a bugger.

It does look nice. But now he's weed eating the front ditch and the ditch beside the driveway.

He's mad at me!! I can always tell. I plan on going to Walmart after the ladies leave. We already went once today and that was an hour ago.

Well you wanna know something? He will get happy in the same shoes he got mad in.

I really appreciate what he does to keep things going for me. It seems like there are not enough hours in the days anymore.

That doesn't mean we're getting old----does it??


More later, Linda

Friday, May 17, 2013

My opinion, I'm just saying!

Most of the time I am pretty easy going. But then you hear about the school year book that put a label by one of the students that said FREAK!!

Where was the adult counselor--or whatever they are called--to mentor those kids about bullying? I know that those kids probably just thought that it was funny and he could TAKE it.

But where did the idea come from? What happened to treating other kids like you would want to be treated?

What happened to THINKING about all the kids who have committed suicide in the past year because of bullying.

And who says its OKAY to bully. NO ONE.

Bullying is the highest form of self doubt.

Ask me why!

More later, Linda

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guess What SARAH did this morning???

It rained last night. Lots of rain. And then it went into Texas and there was a lot of lives lost and injuries. And it's still sprinkling here.

Jerry decided that since the grass was already wet he would put out the weed and feed and get rid of the weeds and help the grass to grow.

While we were figuring out how much of the back yard Sarah could do her business in she spotted sparrows under the lone tree.

And because it is the LONE tree, that's where we put ALL the bird feeders. That means that there is a lot of seed on the ground. And THAT'S why Sarah saw the sparrows.

Now Mandy and Georgie would have gone after them. Mandy would just jump at them and then land on her feet. Georgie would jump straight up and usually got those birds as she was turning her belly to the sun.

Ruthless!! Blood thirsty!!! What else can I say??

What did Sarah do? She laid down in the WET grass and watched those birds until they flew away.

She's kinda like Ferdinand the Bull.  Just a pacifist.

  I think we should have named her Saraie so she would keep up the tradidion that Mandy and Georgie started.

Protector of the grass.That's what they were. Nothing got in this yard that didn't deblong. Not the squirrels, the possums, the rabbits, or the birds.

More later, Linda

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Got that Picture



That's Rose in the water and this is her saying,"Come on in Charlie!!! It's GREAT!!" The Sun is shining and they got us this thingie to keep us cool. What's the matter Charlie are you scared?"

And Charlie replies," Me scared?? No WAY Rose!!! I've just got other things to do".

Great Grand Dogs are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!

My Great Grand DOGS!!!

Most people who have been married as long as we have, have got at the VERY least 1---one---that's a single great grandchild.

We have great grand dogs. And they both live with Andrew and Holly. or Holly and Andrew. I just say Andrew first because he was in our family before Holly was.

Anyway--it';s been HOT in Oklahoma for the last few days--until today where it is raining right now YAY!!!!

So, those two got Charlie and Rose a swimming pool!!!

They were having a wonderful time getting in and out of the water!!! Rolling in the dirt and getting back into the water.

Have you ever done something right for a LONG time and then == for some hidden reason == what you always do --- doesn't!!!

I have ALWAYS been able to take a photo off my phone and put onto this blog.  Now--TODAY--it's not working. 


Pictures of Charlie and Rose later,

I wanted to show off my great grand dogs to everyone.

More later, Linda

Now they tell us!

Watching morning TV and THEY said that generic drugs are probably not as good as the original because most of the active ingredients are not included.

So does that make them non-generic generic drugs?

Or does that make them nonprescription, non generic generic drugs?

Well, it doesn't matter what they call them. The government did a costly study to tell them that and all they would have had to do is get in touch with all us over 65'ers and we could tell them that generics don't work as good as brand name drugs.

So, IF generic drugs can only be made AFTER the patent has run out------why doesn't the main company make a generic WITH the original formula and charge a whole lot less.

They would still get gobs of money-----and we would still get the original formula.

But that's too easy.

More later Linda

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Just now saw a piece on that strip that runs under the people on Fox news that said the most incredible thing!!

Insects are better eating for the environment than cows or pigs. okay I can see what they are saying, but have they thought about what would happen to babies if we fed them grasshoppers?? I mean really.

What about the intestines of the insects--and the other areas that you can imagine and I will not mention by name. I can't see that eating the digestive section of an insect will be of any real nutritional value to babies. Or anyone else for that matter.

And how do THEY know that insects are more nutritional---have they feasted on grasshoppers for years so they can analyze the nutritional value of insects?

Don't think so BUBBA!!

Where's the calcium in a cricket?? Or a grasshopper??

And what about older people--or those of us who have bad teeth--or those of us who have allergies to insect bites and stings. How are we gonna work with that.

And what happens when we start eating all those insects and they become extinct?? We've let the herds of cows dwindle and the pods of pigs go.

No more cows or pigs.

No more grasshoppers or crickets.

Or roaches!!

Or termites!!

or any of those other insects!!

No cows, no pigs, no chickens, -------

No food---- no people!!!

No problem with the environment!!

Problem solved!

More Later, Linda

Monday, May 13, 2013

Soapbox here I come

I wonder where Obama's transparency is now. It certainly is not with the debacle in Benghazi. The families of those murdered have the right to know what happened.

Have they been told. I don't think so or the media would have already let that out. Does the media know? Of course not, they would be shouting the details out the wazoo.

Does the President know??

Does the ex-Secretary of State know?

The congress doesn't know because they are still asking questions about the raid.

So where's the transparency?

Hiding!! that's where.

More Later, Linda

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Going through---

I've been going through stacks and stacks of papers. I found OLD income tax papers--I shredded them hummers!!!

I found the kids original birth certificates and Jerry's copy that we had to have to go to 1st grade. I found the original of our marriage license.

And I found pictures of Georgie.  Sweet little Georgie who could sit up at 5 months. She never weighted more than 5 pounds. Tiny and gentle and sweet natured. But she could tell when there was someone who would be around us that was a NOT good hearted person. She wouldn't settle. She kept watching and pacing as long as they were around. 

She would go through spells of not eating so the vet told me to give her Boost---just the vanilla. Well, one day I asked Jerry to get some for Georgie just like this I said.

He had the strangest look on his face. Vanilla?? he asked.

Yes!! I said--in a snappy attitude!!

Then I looked at the bottle and the label read---Butter Pecan.

It was the last bottle we had.

I had to apologize to Jerry -- and to Georgie.

They both forgave me.

She's a little put out with Jerry there because he was eating ice cream and she hadn't had hers yet. 

One time he decided to NOT eat ice cream for a week.

First night she looked at him and whined.

Second night she woofed a little.

Third she sat up and gave him those big puppy dog eyes.!!

Fourth night she jumped into his lap and sat there for a LONG____LONG time.

STILL no ice cream.

Fifth night she got up into his lap. Moved up onto his arms and snuggled her head into his neck and started giving him kisses.


Went to the store..

And they had ice cream that night.

She was so cute.  She was with us 17 years and we both still miss her a lot.

More later, Linda

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I've Heard of ---

There are a lot of things I have heard of.

Like the unicorn and the sea monsters. I've heard of snakes that row longer than a room. I've heard of King Solomon's mines somewhere in Africa.

I've heard lies and I've heard truths. But Sarah is something I have NEVER heard of before.

The other night she was running around through the house and getting down in that squatty legged run and then she would stop--put her fanny in the air and turn her head away from us.

But THEN she did this!!! She turned and twisted and ran her head ON the CARPET so she could get UNDER her little mat!!! LOOK what she did. I tried to get a picture to show her COMPLETELY under the mat but she heard me take the camera out of its case and up her head came.

If you can't figure out Sarah talk let me explain.  The look on her face is this---DADDY what is she doing NOW??? I want some peace and quiet.

And back her head went under the mat and onto the floor.

She is so much fun--even though she was only supposed to be 4 pounds and is topping the scales at 16 pounds--and that's on diet food from the vets.

More later, Linda