Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I know all of us have heard about OCD. Mostly, I think that we all think its something that a body is born with.

I am one of those people who really like to just go with what's happening -- or rather, I used to be. 

When I was 48 I began college. Yes---that's right--48!!

I even got my associate degree. We moved and instead of being 6 miles round trip to the campus it was 90. I decided not to go. Gas at that time was almost $4 a gallon. Scandalous !!

My last year I had to take all the "oligies". You know bi-ology, ge-ology, anthrop-ology, socio-ology. 

All those things that you HAVE to take in order to go on to higher classes. 

It was in biology class that we had to keep a journal.  I had never kept a journal. It just seemed to me to be kinda pointless. 

One night while I was putting potatoes in the microwave to bake, I put them in and took them out, 3 or 4 times.

Why? And then again "WHY ???"

Then it dawned on me!!!

I was just putting them in the microwave. No order. No system.


 There was no system to how they went into the microwave. 

I could not just THROW them into the oven without order!! Like I had ALWAYS done before!

I had developed OCD. 

I had to put the potatoes on the rack parallel with the grids. 

I was happy!

I was thinking it would go away.


Shoes have to be put down like I just stepped out of them. 

Wash clothes have to be put on the shelf with the fold to the outside. 

And potatoes have to line up with the grids on the racks in the microwave. 

If you can't fight it, embrace it!

More later, Linda

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Just a few women in beautiful Gowns!!
Made from MK delivery bags 

Their mama debuted as a National and the next day all three of them had matching gowns!  

The Queen of Sales and her National director. 

Kathy in her crown, at our awards dinner. 

Just a few women. More like 8,000

And a lot if info!!

More later, linda


Just a few women in beautiful Gowns!!
Made from MK delivery bags 

Their mama debuted as a National and the next day all three of them had matching gowns!  

The Queen of Sales and her National director. 

Kathy in her crown, at our awards dinner. 

Just a few women. More like 8,000

And a lot if info!!

More later, linda

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Emotions were EVERYWHERE!!

I imagine that when corporate goes to seminar or a convention, the emotions are left at home. Well, some of them will come out when someone gets drunk! That ALWAYS happens.

I imagine that NO one gets off in a corner and cries.

I imagine that NO one has a complete stranger come up to them and pats them on the back and says, You can do it!

I imagine that NO one helps you with your luggage, or gives you a seat on the shuttle, or sits with you until you have your emotions back in place---for the moment.



All of these things happened to me at Seminar last week.

I so wanted to be a Director in Qualification because in July of 1951 my mom passed and I just FELT her there with me.

I really have a lot to be thankful for. My Aunt Lillian helped me when I was having a bad day. My grandma, or Grams as we called her, was a strong woman who ruled the house with an iron thumb.She was an old lady when we went to live with her. But you would not be able to tell it.

Strong!! and loving.

Just what I needed.

I hope and pray that I take after her.

So, there I was all teary eyed and looking down that quarter mile trek to the Arena where the festivities were held, my feet hurt and so did my hips. My heart hurt because all the ones I wanted to tell about what I was feeling were not there.

And then I met this wonderful woman from SOMEWHERE in Texas. She lifted me without even knowing it.

That the kind of women I want to be around.

How is it at your work?

I'm so sorry.

More later, Linda

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back home!!

I was glad to get back home yesterday. I enjoyed my time at seminar--as always!  This year was soooo different!

The stage went all across the ENTIRE width of the arena floor. Very open--very NEW!! 

Kinda confusing. I found myself watching the big screen floating in the center of the arena instead of the people on stage!! I think everyone did. Teleprompters and individual mikes.

New! FRESH! but confusing.

And then we had the Queen's courts.

Guess where the THRONE came from? 


Give up??

It descended from the ceiling !!

It looked like a fairy with all the flowing gauze and the lights on it.

And then----

ready for THIS ONE???

It spun around so all of us could see the Queen as she waved from her throne.

Julie would have been beside herself.!!

Learned so much.

Had some good talks with lots of people, after all there were 10,000 consultants there.

What are they going to do?

Last time we had this many they moved some of the National Directors to other seminars so we wouldn't have so many in attendance.

I know one thing---they will figure it out!!

More later----with pictures!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Son is HOME!!

After the funeral yesterday I had a lot of things going in my head. First off--I was thinking that we had been blessed because we don't have to face what Hog is facing right now.

We didn't have to bury our son. We didn't have to get over blaming ourselves for his death and lifestyle...

No we did enough of that when he was doing all that junk.

We still have our son. And last night he was with us for a long time. His boy and daughter in law came to see us and brought their little dog with them. His name is Van Halen -- and no, he DOESN'T look like Eddie Van Halen.!!

He's much cuter.!

Laughing and talking and carrying on til about 9,30 and it was time for Grandson and his wife and Son and his dog to be on the way.

We had a blessed evening. Thank you Lord.

More later, Linda

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It could have been my son!

Tomorrow we are going to the funeral of a son of a friend of ours. What makes it even worse is that he was murdered.

It could have been our son. Before he went to the last rehab, his death by murder or by his own hand went through my mind constantly. Our daughter had to start taking something to help her with what was  going on and so did I.

I would put mu clothes on the back of the chair at night so that if I needed to I could get them and go to the hospital or the ME's office as quickly as possible.

I still put the clothes on the back of the chair at night--but not out of fear. No it's a reminder to pray for all the people who are caught up into addiction.

Dave finally found the right rehab and that man told him he had PTSD from all the things that had happened while he worked in Saudia. Friends died. Other friends came home and found out they had cancer so bad that they only had months to live. People were kidnapped--kids included and on and on and I am sure things I was never told and will never be told.

I hurt for the father who lost his son. I honestly can say that I am being a little selfish because I am glad it's not my son.

But I am also sad because the young man who died didn't deserve to be mistreated like that. Murder is such a gruesome way to go.

My prayers are for the father, the rest of the family and especially for the young man. I do hope and pray that he new where he was going. Heaven is so much better that Hell.

Hell is so final.

More Later, Linda

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Seminar is just 4 days away!!

It's silly, I suppose, to be so excited about being in a small town of people in a building about the size of an airport. I mean there will be about 9k---that's 9,000 or Nine Thousand people at the seminar venue starting Sunday!!

Mostly women, with a few male consultant and husbands thrown in.

All of us talking and laughing, crying sometimes, and asking questions about making our businesses better.

More efficient--more productive--more customer oriented.

Because, after all, it's our privilege to help women be the best they can be. Which in turn makes them more confident. It's an humbling experience when I see a woman look at herself in the mirror and realize that she can be beautiful. Confidence oozes out of them and they can conquer the world. The price of the cosmetics is worth it. They can put up with the cranky boss, the cheating husband, the lack of funds to put the kids through college.

I am woman hear me ROAR.

Wonderful for her and humbling for me!

More later, Linda

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


When I was a little girl and reading all those stories about Princesses and Queens, I always wanted to be one.

Not because of the money or the jewels or the furs. NOT!! YUCK

Make that a YUCKO!!

No, I always wanted to be a Princess because of the crown.

Saturday night I won my fourth crown. And as I am typing this I get tears in my eyes. I am just now realizing why I wanted a crown.

Crowns are the outward sign of being special. Crowns tells the world that YOU are different in a good way.

CROWNS are the BOMB.

I'm beginning to realize that I AM special. And with that comes a lot of responsibility.

We've seen it with the Queen of England and all that royalty. They are set aside from the rest of us and they do have a responsibility to BE DIFFERENT.

Take for instance, Prince Harry. He is a rounder let me tell you. Very personable and sometimes just a little bit too personable. But he has the grit to man up and tell the WORLD that he is sorry.

Royalty does that. People with CROWNS do that.

So, now that I have FOUR of them, I have a responsibility to be an example to all of you.

It's enough to make a woman cry.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sleepin' In

It's gonna be HOT today. Know how I can tell?  It's 7.22 and its already 73 degrees !!;

 Last night Sarah had to have a drink of water. So I got up with her. It was 11.25 pm.

She got her drink and headed for the bedroom. Around the end of the bed and right to her bed --on the floor--right beside Jerry! 

She slept all night, well until 5.30 when I got up. Then she went outside to do her business, have something to eat, and back to bed to sleep with her daddy!! He got up at 6.30 -- she got up at 7.28!!!!

Sarah is one of those unpredictable creatures. You NEVER know what she's gonna do -- or not do!

Can you see her? She's over there snuggled up against my pillow. I really feel kinda sorry for her. She is so torn between the two of us. Right now  -- in that bed -- she is in her spot. Her daddy's scent and mine are all around her. Heaven!!
Eyes almost closed -- but not quite. Like she's telling us to leave her alone she needs just a little more time.
Look at that face. Sooo relaxed! So content. I wish I could be more like that.

I think I'll just go away for a little while.

Ten minutes later she came running into the living room, came to a sitting halt and yipped for some breakfast.

And she got her breakfast. And then went outside again.

She is too cute!!

More later, Linda

Monday, July 8, 2013

Water wells

Yesterday was hot!! I don't do well in hot because I do not sweat. That's dangerous!!

Anyway, I decided that I needed to water the flowers outside. I have for years filled a 2 quart pitcher with water taken said pitcher outside and poured it into one of the large pots to water the plants. \

Well, one pitcher won't do anymore -- so I take about ten.

BUT this allows me to keep my temperature at a steady level and to not get too hot.

Yesterday, Jerry decided that I needed to get the hose and water that way.

Because we are limited to certain days to water, we have been using the well water to water the flowers and the grass.

Yesterday -- yes it was only yesterday -- the well would NOT hold a prime. Jerry worked for 2 and a half hours to get it to work.

And he did it.

Being OCD with a little dementia can be a challenge for that person and the spouse.

I about went crazy.

I got too hot and a cool shower didn't really help all that much.

And Jerry walked around in all that heat dragging 300 feet or more of hose to get that pump to working.

I was not a happy camper while he was out there. I couldn't help because I would have a heat stroke.

So I got to thinking about the concert in Norman yesterday for the tornado victims. I would have been one of those in the hospital. I am so glad that we didn't go.

I have too much to do. No hospital for me.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have to admit this.

I have already started packing to go to Seminar. We leave July 21 and come back July 24. 

I don't do, NOT, never have had, or been OCD. 

Whatever makes you think that??

Just because I  have already started packing? I haven't put anything in the suitcase YET!

I have taken the winter things out of the closet and am still working on the said closet so I can get the things off the floor.

THAT is my goal this year! To get all the things off the bottom of the closet floor and thrown away or at least enough gone that the door can be CLOSED!!

I will let  you know what happens.!

More later, Linda