Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back Home

We had a wonderful, quiet time at Jerry's brothers house. Got to see his kids and their kids and sister and brother in law.

But next time (and I say this every time we go somewhere) I'm taking MY pillow. They have a beautiful bed with a red, white and blue quilted spread, red sheet and pillows I can't squnch up!!

Makes my neck and back tight and hurt. Not enough for pain pills but just enough to be annoying.

Knpw what I mean?

I figured it out last night around 2 am when I woke up with a stiff back. Take a little bigger suitcase and then I can put the pillows in and sleep --- sleep--- sleep!!!

Now, don't think I'm being mean or not appreciative of all the cooking Mary did. And I love the fresh picked tomatoes, squash, peppers, cantalope and watermelon. I appreciate it so much. 

But, you know that I am an OLD woman and need just a little home comfort when I sleep.

So I have decided to take that bigger suitcase to seminar this summer and use my own pillow at the new OMNI hotel in Dallas!!! Can you imagine what the maids will say. I can hear them now. No really they won't say anything. Those ladies work hard and keep everything so clean for us when we are in Dallas.

More about our trip to Texas and more about seminar in July. 

Later, Linda