Sunday, July 15, 2012

STOP!!! Don't make another move!!!

Sarah and Baby Girl FINALLY got together in the same house at the same time. What a show they put on.

It's been hot today. Really HOT.  It's 4pm and it's still 99degrees. With very little wind. Humidity is sky high and it's just down right hot. So we let Baby Girl into the house.

Baby Girl has a very long tongue!!!. She panted and panted for about 15 minutes. She was very hot. I know EXACTLY how she feels.

Sarah decided that the only way to get along with Baby Girl was to ignore her. So she tried.

But when her DADDY decided to pet Baby Girl and not HER!!!! She came unglued. Down to the floor she went. Didn't growl or any thing just let Baby Girl that she didn't like it when her daddy tried to be friends with Baby Girl. NO, Nada, non. NEVER!!!

Here she goes!!! Look our Baby Girl the TERROR is coming to see YOU!!!
That's OK Baby Girl says daddy. How do you think that went over??? Not good.  NOOO, NOT GOOD!!!
You stay out of my territory, says Sarah. But if you have to be here then I guess it's OK. I mean, I don't share food and water with ANYONE!!!

I will just ignore her and my problem will go away.
I'm still ignoring her. And I will continue to ignore her until , well, I don't know when!! Just until----------------------------------------------------------- And that probably won't be long enough to ignore this problem.
I'm really sad. I've ignored her. That problem in my house. But it's still here. Now what do I do?  I guess I'll just have to make friends with her and try my best to get along.

Kinda like life even for non furry people. HUH????

More later, Linda