Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wondering AGAIN!

Last night i got to wondering about that girl who is being tried AGAIN in absence in Italy. GRIEF!!! they already found her not guilty. I am so glad that we live in America. I mean, when we get through with a trial---that's it!!

Then I got to wondering about the media here and there and what goes on in journalists minds.

And then I got stuck on what went on in Libya. I mean really--why don't we know more. Is it because we need to protect something or someone. And does that someone or something really NEED to be protected. Because I am fully aware that somethings that have been said about Iraq and Afghanistan have put troops in harms way and I say --- SHAME ON WHOEVER REPORTED.

I then thought that the MEDIA could at the VERY least let us know if they are protecting that someone or something from harm.

I just want to know SOMETHING one way or another.

More later, Linda

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today is March 27

You want to know why I KNOW the date?? Because our Dave's birthday was yesterday!! We all went and had supper at the Chuck Wagon in Velma OK.  I ordered the hamburger with the guacamole. YUMMM!!!!

That is not the subject of today's blog it's just a little something extra.

Today I want to talk about all the scare tactics that are being pushed down our throats by the media.
When was the last time you heard something about global warming?? How about YESTERDAY! Or when did you hear anything about terrorists? TODAY! I know that the mid America regions are in a terrible drought. Do you really think this is the first time there has been drought in the US? 

NOT on YOUR Nellie!!  Talk to any geologist. They will tell you what happened in years gone by. The Sahara in Africa was once covered in ocean. It was once a green verdant area of the world.

And then came global warming!!! Many, many, MANY years ago and the land dried and became a desert. Will that change back?? I don't know!  That's for God to decide because, after all, He is the ruler of this earth.

Things are hopping, like grasshoppers, all over the south. Jerry's brother in Texas told us about shovels full of dear grasshoppers EVERY day for over a month. And the drought has caused the price of grain to go up which means the price of grain fed animals has gone up. So, cut out some of the Starbucks, or cigarettes, or games for the kids. Food is more important anyway.

In other words, this is a time for us all to adapt. ADAPT is NOT a four letter word!!

More later, Linda

Monday, March 25, 2013

Returning things

I bought a document scanner from Amazon. I need to return it because I have a hard time understanding the instructions---or as my brother said years ago when he was 4---the destructions!!

So I need to return it. I have already told everyone in the world that I am not an accountant. I have a feeling that this machine is for accountants ONLY!!

Anyway, I found the number of the company that sent it to me, but I cannot find any papers that might have the account number on it. I don't know what happened to them. Well, they put me on HOLD so I could talk to a person. Duh a PERSON should answer the phone and ask if you will wait. NOT put you on hold so you can wait 25 minutes until they get back from THEIR break.

Now I don't really know WHAT the person was doing. Nor did I give it anymore of my time.

I hung up!!!

Made me feel good!

Made me feel powerful!!

I will let you know what happens when I finally get a LIVE person to talk to.

More later, Linda

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thinking is dangerous!!

I have a friend who is a therapist. She says that I have loosed association. I say NOT!!!

I just have this thing in my brain that takes me from one subject to another. That's not necessarily a bad thing. At least, that's what I say!!

Like right now I am thinking --WHAT am I gonna talk about today? AND I'm thinking about the cold weather, the herbs I want to plant, The MK I need to do.Lots of thoughts going through my mind all at ONE time.

When I have a conversation I go from one subject to another. It's just how my mind works.

So, let's let that old brain Work.

It's cold today. Here it is noon, I'm cooking hamburgers for a hot lunch, it's March 22, and it's only 45 degrees out there. That's unheard of.

Another, UNHEARD of, is the COMPLETE coverage on TV of March Madness. I like basketball---I just don't see any sense in having games on during the day because those people who REALLY LOVE basketball are working. NOT a smart move on the networks that are preempting other programming for 1000 basketball games.

Tonight we are watching movies. Old ones, new ones, ones that we have seen A LOT!!!

I LOVE movies. When you grown up in LA, you love movies. I remember when we used to go to Grumman's Chinese Theater to see something new. We would go to this really nice Chinese restaurant.

Well, one time I asked for some soup like the people next to us had. When Dad told me what it was---after the bowl of soup was in front of me. I said VERY loudly----BIRD'S NEST!!!! This is made out of bird's nests?????  I'm not eating that!!!

Well I had already eaten half of the soup and my dad said to me, "You must like it or you wouldn't have eaten what you did. It's not any different now that you know what's in it."

Made sense to me.  I got the point and from then on I judge my food by the taste and not the contents. 

Even when we were in Africa and we went to a friend's house for dinner and they served us some little animals stomachs stuffed with -- I don't have a clue -- and it didn't even make me sick. Good stuff.

Had frogs legs, escargot, artichoke, and scrapple. I even had Mountain Oysters ONCE!! Never again.!! did not sit well with me at all.

Like I said my mind wanders, but everything all fits together.

More later, Linda


It's a GRAY day today (:

I just love the way ALL the buttons on a keyboard are being used these days.

It is so much fun to create all those smiles and frowns, the /~ and the /* and the \/ and the :) and all those other things. I just love it. What would we be like without typing? I think better when I am typing instead of using a pen and ink.

I remember when I learned to type. I was a senior in high school, and we had to take a certain number of classes each semester. So I had taken ALL the math and science I couldd take. I also took 2 years of Latin. I know why, and it was NOT a stupid move on my part. 

My goal, in those days, was to go into nursing and I would need to know Latin so I could pronounce the names of LOTS of things in nursing school. Well, I DIDN'T go into nursing. I got married instead. But I still used the Latin---and the math---and the science---and the other things. But senior year I had all these classes I needed to take and there were no more of those I could take.

That's where the typing class came in. Along with the Home Economics class, and the chorus class.

Now, I am a painter person. I don't draw. I paint. I start out with a color block of the canvas or paper and go from there. My instructor at San Juan College is the same way. 

So that brings me back to the cold, gray day we are having. On days like this the grass is a different color. So is the sky--which most people recognize. But even the dirt is a different color. The concrete is different. Everything is more subdued---except Jerry. Today he is loosing things right and left. He is fit to be tied. 

I know what it is--it's the drab, gray sky. And the lack of sunshine. And of course the COLD.

Tomorrow is another day---now I sound like Scarlett.!!!

More later, Linda

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I know this blog is about confessing, but I do more thinking then ANYTHING I need to confess -- my question for today is this--

Why do you think that the ENTIRE congress is so selfish???

Now before you go into all that rigmarole about Democrats vs. Republicans  or  even Republicans vs. Democrats let us remember ONE thing.

They should all be American FIRST!!

And if they were they would be working for the good of this country and not for their PARTY. Which is what they all do -- PARTY!! Night and day, weekends, because they are working so hard. My grandson works 120 hours a week. He can't go home or he would loose his job.

My husband and son worked in very difficult places. Our son worked in Saudi for 18 years. NOT easy. He got ptsd there. Did he get special aattention?? NOT!!!

My husband worked in 17 countries. One was Libya. And speaking of Libya---why hasnt the congress told the people of America why American people were slaughtered in Libya last October? 
What's going on???


Let's fire them all and get some new people that understand that WE are the employer.  WE pay their salary and benefits--which by the way THEY want to cut into our benefits with a long very sharp knife.

It's not long until there will be an election of some sort.


More later, Linda 

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's YOUR Birthday!!!

March 26th is our Dave's birthday, But his friend Lynn had a birthday party for him on the 16th.

So Our Lynn and I got busy and did our part.

I had made a train cake for Dave every birthday from 4 or 5 to his 16th birthday.

That's when he said NO more parties.!!!

So we waited 34 YEARS to help with another one.

I decided that he needed another train cake.

There it is all iced!! Red ones are the engine and the caboose---NOT to scale. The rest so in between!

I left the chocolate cars so we could remember because so many people are allergic to chocolate.  Seems as if Dave's friends don't have allergies. The three smaller ones are vanilla.

I know you are wondering, so I am gonna tell you the yellow one is the pipe carrier--they're actually TWIX. The black on is the coal car--that's JELLY beans!!

I had TOO much fun!!!

And this year we had an ENGINE man. Fondant is lots of fun to work with.

There HE is. Looks like he has a TOUPEE!!! and no NECK!!

Don't even ASK what happened because I DON'T know!!!

It was supposed to be a picture of the man who was about to be run over by the train.

Lynn--not Dave's sister--decorated and did a wonderful job. Balloons everywhere. He really likes BLUE---and that is his nickname.

From left to right our Dave---wonderful Jerry---and Dave's boss Daniel. Dave's friends talked him into a 250 mile poker run and when they got through they had to get gas and so they were 30 minutes late getting to the place. Which, was a blessing as we were still putting finishing touches on when it was 15 minutes to 5.

Our Lynn came up with a game for everyone to play. Twelve questions about Dave. She calls it "How well do you know Dave" . Everyone had a good time with that one. She also got pictures from our albums and hers and made copies and we taped them to poster board that was just a little larger than the pictures and put them all over the tables. It was a good idea. Everyone was looking,picking them up and talking about them. Fun!!

The lady there in the yellow shirt, Christi, made Dave him favorite pizza pie. A deep dish pizza with mushrooms, jalapenos and onions, hamburger and it was GOOOOODDDDD!!!!

We very seldom get pictures of son in law Keith. He's on the left and I have forgotten the name of the other man. He rides cycles too.
And this boy---he couldn't WAIT til we cut the cake. !!!

And the cupcakes were fab too. Our Lynn got them from a bakery in Duncan. One lady even told us that they were as good as any she had ever made. So they must have been good. !!

Dave had a good time. He asked me how long we had been planning this event and when I told him 6 weeks I thought he would faint he laughed so hard.

Believe it or not!!!

We actually pulled it off.!! He had no CLUE!!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh NO!!! There's something out there

This morning Sarah HAD to have the front door open so she could look outside. She IS the demanding one in our family!! Our kids didn't get away with what she does.

Just ask them!!

So I opened the glass door and out she ran. Barking and scratching grass. 

She even got down to the DIRT. Before long I saw dirt doing up into the air and over her back.

She was on the war path.

Who ever or what ever was NOT coming into HER yard. No sireebob!

And she kept looking across the street to Stephen's house. And then I spotted it!!

Do you see the cat?? I have no CLUE as to who this cat has taken up with, I just know that it comes around sometimes.

Cat is not too worried.

Dog is on FIRE!! Like Alicia Keyes----"This Girl is on FIRE""

SEE??? Cat is not worried ONE little for Sarah

She is just a little bit PUT OUT.!!!

So she hunkered down and cat---
finally looked at Sarah.!! Success!! Cat is about to get hammered!!

Sarah is getting ready to roll in the grass!!

Now she has to smell the grass where she rolled. What happened to cat?? Does it both Sarah?? Obviously NOT!! Silly old DOG.

Today she is a DOG!!

Then she runs back into the house and where is CAT??

If you look very carefully right to the left of the telephone pole you can see a small white speck.

That's CAT.

Last I saw of him, he was cleaning his paws and gloating!!

More later, Linda


Friday, March 1, 2013

It's "B" word DAY

Oh NO!!! It's "B" word day and Sarah knows it!! I did not say a WORD about it being time for a "B" for Sarah. I made SURE that I didn't.
But there -- look at her, she is pleading with me to NOT let it be "B" word day!!
But it has to be because she STINKS!!  GAG---SNORT---SPIT!!!But those cute little eyes!! Man who can do it!!
Look at those puppy dog eyes. I think she's made up her mind that things will go on as she only suspects they will---at this point.

Boy, is she in for a surprise.

Look at that hair. I cannot stand it for another minute. Her feet smell like dirt. Her hair smells like a goat. I apologize to all you people who have goats around your house, but her hair makes me think of goats.

It's gonna happen!! And she knows it!!!

Wish me luck???

More later, Linda