Sunday, July 8, 2012

Everything is Beautfiul

Last night Jerry and I went to our unit Awards night.  And YES Everything was beautiful. The food was WONDERFUL.  The lady with her head turned, Judy, brought the most scrumptious pasta salad.  and Rebecca in the black top brought a pan of brownies that is to die for.

And then we have Teresa. I don't know what she brought . She is one of Donna's right hand women and they ALL worked their fingers to the bone making this a night to remember. Now I remember--she brought the most wonderful creamy strawberry dessert.

And this is Kay. Not a very flattering picture. She was all smiles for the rest of the night. But this is the only picture I have of her and her husband John. She brought broccoli salad. Only it was just broccoli. I could taste bacon and then every once in a while a sunflower seed. And onion. And tomato. It truly was a beautiful salad. Even Jerry liked it

I seem to catch people at the wrong time. I don't know why he's not smiling, but I think he was looking at Donna's furry person by the name of Moby. More about HIM later.

And this is MeMe. or Rita. She answers to both. She made potato salad. WOW. She also is a pixie that helps Donna keep things rolling for us. She is also related to Donna somehow, but I have never figured that one out.
And her is OUR Donna. Director of our Diamond Unit. And lest I forget MOBY is with her.

From left to right . Maggie, Cindy and Cheri. Maggie is another Pixie. Like I said, those three worked tirelessly so that Donna wouldn't have to. Cindy and Cheri are not from OKC, they came all the way from close to Tulsa to be with the unit tonight.

These ladies are the BEST cooks. We had a feast!!!

Donna's husband TIM.  He sure is a sweet guy.

In the blue shirt, Maggie's husband Mike and in the yellow shirt Rita's husband Jerry.

Not a good picture!!!

Cindy and Cheri got gifts too.!!

Teresa ready with the next door prize.

Same time, different pose.

And Cindy got the Mary Kay umbrella. It is so cute. Small enough to fit into a purse.

Rita's door prize a beautiful necklace.

Teresa got a prize!! Wonderful!!!

And this is MOBY. ALL 3 pounds of himself. That furry bone is really bigger than he is.

And he has the ferocity of a huge dog. Excuse me FURRY PERSON!!

I didn't get any more pics because I got too involved with seeing what everyone got. So More Later, Linda