Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recipes are for changing

I found this AMAZING recipe for black eyed pea salsa from the new Pioneer Woman cookbook. 

So, I went to WalMart and got the ingredients. 

Well---kinda sorta!!

I did get the Japaleno pepper. And the red bell pepper. But I used white onion and not the little green onions. I already had the onion. 

I also used frozen peas which I cooked in bacon flavored water. They are field peas. They look and taste like black eyes. 

Peas-peppers-cucumber-celery tops, leaves and all. 

The top of the stalk. Yummmmooo!!

Japaleno.. Jerry can't eat real hot things but he does like the flavor. So I----

Slice them down the middle, take 

the seeds and white membrane out. Flavor but no heat!!!

Added the juice of a lime and stirred it up. 

Will let you know how it is tomorrow. 

More later, Linda

Monday, December 30, 2013


As I have said before I love to cook. I love to smell the onions and the garlic and the sage and the oregano.

The feel of the chef's knife cutting through the onions and the tomatoes.


And to think about what to do with the baking. I can invent all SORTS of ways to make a pound cake.  Like chocolate, and Cherry, and Peach and vanilla.. YUMMOOOOO!

So now I am going to the Mediterranean way of eating. I don't like to call it a diet -- because that is ssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo discouraging!!

But to change the way a person cooks its altogether a different  beast.

I can use more fresh veggies -- if my husband will eat them.  I can use the olive oil -- he likes that. I can make a bruschetta that he will like -- no anchovies!!

And I can make a sauce that is to die for!!

As for desserts. Well, that is another proposition.

Jerry likes pie. Make that two kinds of pie.




Not Mediterranean !!

So I will do a lot of Cajun style Mediterranean style cooking because he will like that.

I know I should be a more modern woman and in a lot of ways I am, but when it comes to cooking I want to please my honey. And the kids and the grandkids. And anyone else who comes to eat at our house.

Love to cook!!

It makes for a happy home.

More Later, Linda

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's COLD!!

I am so glad we have central heat. It's cold here in Oklahoma. And it's gonna keep on being cold for about a thousand years. 

Jerry opens his Christmas gifts. He really had a good time. He got me all kinds of kitchen things. 

Dave got a bunch of new clothes. Jeans and flannel shirts. A hoodie and some t shirts. He will be warm. 

That's Our Dave. He always wanted long hair and now he does. He keeps it in a pony tail most of the time. 

And, of course, there is Sarah. COMPLETLY tired out. 

She gets exhausted when so many are here. It's hard for her to keep every one protected. 

More later, Linda

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Baby Girl and Sarah got into a fight!

Right after lunch Baby Girl and Sarah locked horns.  Well they would have locked horns if they had any.

Baby girl is so much bigger and Sarah is a lot smaller that BG gives Sarah a complex. 

She has to TRY to be queen bee but doesn't usually make it. 

Sarah hiding from Baby Girl. 

Does Baby Girl care???  NOT!!!

If you just leave them alone they WILL get along!  

More later, Linda

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Today is the day we celebrate our Jesus' birthday. It doesn't have to be the exact day. It's the remembrance that counts. 

Yesterday. Well, that's when most of us could get together so we had our traditional Mexican dinner. 

Martina made the tamales. She makes wonderful tamales - not greasy not too much masa. Just good taste!!

Our Lynn made her famous pivot and Our Dave made up a recipe for chili that enhances the tamales. 

Then we opened gifts. 

Our Lynn and Our Keith. 

Our Dave and Baby Girl his Great Dane. 

Jerry reading some instructions. 

And if course

Our Sarah trying to stay away from Baby Girl. 

More Later, Linda

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sarah has a cold!!

We finally figured out why she has been sleeping so much. 
She's got a cold. 

Last night all I heard was SNORt!!!

Pat patpatpat!! For an hour last night while I was trying to sleep. 

It reminded me if Our Dave when he was born. He had a lot congestion. I would have to hold him and try to keep from dropping him. He couldn't get all that congestion up laying down. So, I'd rock and finally he could breathe. 

Poor baby!! You'll be better soon!!!

More later, Linda

Saturday, December 21, 2013

ICE and Sarah

Early this morning when Sarah had to go out and do her business, the ice was so thick that her little hands and feet were bruised--at least that's what she told me. 

So we got her in the house and wrapped her in a towel and held her until she started squirming. 

Later when it got light 

She had to decide whether to get on that icy grass or not!!

She FINALLY decided that it was the grass OR the concrete. She chose--

The grass!!! 

But just a little bit off the concrete. If you look to the right midway up the picture there she is. 

And that fuzzy stuff on the glass door is frost. 

She didn't stay long. 

More later, Linda

OMG!!! Oh , it's NOT Granma!!!

There is a country western song that we hear at this time of year. 

Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer!!

It was on a Christmas Eve. 

Today is not Christmas Day. We do have ice on EVERYTHING!!

Thank you Lord--we have power and water. No pipes frozen. And food in the kitchen. 

Sarah HAD to go out this morning. So we opened the door and what did we see?

NOT Sarah and NOT Granma!!

It is Santa that got run over by that reindeer!!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I've Got a Secret!!

The Famous  Red River between Texas and Oklahoma!! About 5.30 last Monday.

Look at that BEAUTIFUL Sky.!!!!

It's winter as you can see, but the colors in the weeds is amazing!

Purple, blue, red and orange. 

it's 5.30 and the moon is up. Surrounded by lavender and pink.

Almost home and it's only 6 pm. Sky is black and the moon is high in the sky.

Wanna know my secret??

I love to watch the moon come up.

More later, Linda

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wanna know something??

I really like to write this blog. I like putting things down on paper -- well, it's not paper -- and just gathering all sorts of information for my kids to read.

I also like to read my blog.

Last year our Lynn had the blog printed for me and I found some of the entries VERY funny. Some not so funny and some just kinda sad.

But isn't that what life is all about?  All of the differences.?

So that brings me to something else. I've been thinking during this Christmas season what it would be like to have "it" all.

What does that mean exactly??

Clothes---shoes---handbags---jewels---anything and everything that has or will be made?

Will that make me happier??

Or will it be the times when I watch Sarah do out to do her business and she starts by going left--close to the house---turns to the south and makes it about half way and turns to the west.

Of course, being me I have made it like it would be a US map and so this is the way it is.

Sarah starts out going to Southern California---travels up the West Coast to San Francisco---turns and goes to North Dakota and then on up to Nova Scotia to do her business.  Or sometimes she goes from Southern California across the south and up the East coast to North Carolina to do her business.

She is quite the traveler!!!

I think this is what really makes me happy. It sure makes Jerry laugh!!!

More Later, Linda

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's COOKIES!!~!

Sometimes I wonder about things in general. I am not a fidgety person. I don't dwell on things. I just kinda let them take care of themselves.

But the COOKIE thing had me stumped.

When I was pregnant with our Lynn, one Sunday Jerry went to church without me because I didn't feel too well. Anyway, he came home and told me that the Sunday school class was having a party later in the week at the preacher's house. And I was to being cookies.

Well, in THOSE days NO one brought store bought to a party. It wa all done from scratch. I worked hard on those cookies and they were REALLY good.

I took the cookies with me and proudly carried them into the house where the party was.

EVERYONE else had made CUPCAKES with scrumptious icing and decorated them with little Christmas trees and they looked so good.  .

I had made cookies.

I was really low. But the preacher's wife made like it was no big deal.

And all the cookies were eaten -- so that proved they were good -- didn't it???

Jerry still calls everything cookies -- not cake or pie -- but anything dessert that you hold in your hand and eat.

This is a cookie. I call them peanut butter crackers. Sarah on the other hand calls the just plain Good!!!

AHHHH!! Come on DAD just a little bit. PLEASE????

She has been know to try to take cookies out of his mouth!!

That's my girl and my husband who calls everything COOKIES!!

I still think it's funny. I still laugh about it and he still calls everything that's dessert that you hold in your hand a CooKiE!!!

Gotta love it.

More later, Linda


I really don't think that Jerry EVER thought he would be a Honey Pot man!!

Do you know what a HONEY POT is??  In Japan that's what they used to call the person who came around and cleaned out the outhouses.

We still have a septic tank which means sometimes we have to have the man come out and pump out the tank.

Sounds gross --YUCK!!   But it's necessary or the contents of the septic tank would run all over the yard.


Jerry has become the HONEY POT man for Sarah.

She's NOT gonna look at that garden tool which Jerry has decided to use for the honey pot collector!!

NOOOO! She is NOT going to look at that stuff.

But she will go with him as he puts IT in the ditch.

More later, Linda

Friday, December 13, 2013

This Morning!!

This morning I got up and did a little reading and had some quiet time.  About the time I was ready to get some coffee, Jerry got up.

And then Sarah got up.

She went outside to do her business and then she came back in and jumped up into Jerry's lap.

Put her head down and went to sleep AGAIN.

Then an hour rocked around and Jerry got some of those peanut butter crackers he loves so much.

Well, THAT woke her up.

I really should NOT be showing this pic of Jerry. His hair is NOT combed. And that is something he never does.--- go without combing his hair.

Here is Sarah -- trying to act like she isn't into something.  But the "cookies" are on that side table. 

And after the snack.  She got cold -- Jerry said -- so he covered her with the baby blanket.

They are just TOO cute.

More later, Linda

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bed HOG that's what she is!!!

Sarah is a bed hog. 

There I've said it. She gets right in the middle and stretches as far as she can. 
Which leaves us with no room. 
Jerry's hip was almost off the mattress when she was like this. 
Later, Linda

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jerry n Sarah

Jerry doesn't REALLY spoil Sarah. 

Not much he doesn't. We are in the loop waiting for freezing rain. 


This is scary alright!! 
This is the first year I EVER bought anything to decorate for Christmas. But this year I really enjoyed it. 
My thought for the day---remember the season all year. You will have a better outlook on life if you do 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Foot in mouth ---AGAIN

Ok all you Americans. Forget politics. Forget that. It's not the issue 

The issue is the Americans who have been murdered in Benghazi. 

Over a year ago 4 men were murdered. 

2 days ago a school teacher was murdeted. 

When is the world going to find out who did it?

But most of all----when are the families going to find out who murdered their 


Well. That's TOO long. 

More later, Linda

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sarah is not Like ANYONE else

I know that everyone says the same about their FURRY people of either species. That being DOGS or CATS.

We don't do cats at our house because Jerry grew up on the farm and all the cats lived in barns and never had shots. Of any kind. That means Rabies was always on their minds. So cats always were said to carry rabies. DON'T pick them up and don't bring them in the house. Rabies and ring-worms were rampant.

And then we got married and found 2 puppies. Cute little things. We had to get rid of them because they were too much to take care of.

Then someone gave us this cute little thing with ears that stood out like a Sundaygun. He was so cute. One night an insurance man came and when he came in the door the dog went out.

And got run over.

No dog----not dogs FURRY people came to live with us for a long time.

When Dave was six friends from church gave us their little mutt.  Mitzi was her name. She did NOT like men. She liked Jerry and loved Dave, but men---FORGETABOUTIT!!!!

 We had her 4 years and went to England. Jerry's mom took her and she was good for them. Every year when we came back to the States -- for six years -- Mitzi followed Dave around like she couldn't get enough of him.

She was -- as far as we could figure -- about 15 when she died.

And she lived long enough to see Dave one more time.

We had Killer -- an almost 2 pound Yorkie male -- and Mandy -- an almost 12 pound Yorkie --  and they were just like Mitzi.---

Furry People!!

More about our EXTENDED FAMILY later, Linda

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


My favorite time of the year is Christmas!!

I love the crowds, the hustle, the food. 


But most of all I like the lights. 

Wanna know why??

Because as a kid I told myself all those lights were for me. I was special. Everyone decorated for me. 

Of course, that's not true. It was just a child's need for acceptance. 

As to the why. 

My birthday is December 27th.

More later, Linda

Is she spoiled or WHAT???

Sarah is a really sweet furry person. She doesn't give kisses or snuggle close. 

But we know she has a sweet heart because her little tail is always waggling. 

She has decided that her place to spend her quiet time is at the chaise we brought back from England. 

And her other sleeping -- sorry. Resting area -- is right here. 

Later, Linda

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Andrew and Holly

Andrew and Holly got married November 9th. 

Holly was NOT bridezilla!! You can't see it but her dress zipper stuck. And it was loose. It had caught on something!! No temper tantrum. Just Holly!! She is such a good match for Andrew.

Andrew and Lynn!! 

Andrew and Holly had almost a week in Vegas. And her grandma is giving them a trip to Italy in January. 

It was a fantastic wedding and it will be a lasting marriage. 

Love you two. 

More later,Linda

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sarah is --just Sarah

So Sarah is one of those furry people that have lots of personality. 
She sometimes takes advantage if Jerry. I mean -- really!! She knows she's taking advantage of her daddy!!

It all started when she wouldn't come down to eat. So Jerry went and got her!!  

She is not spoiled rotten!!!! Nooooo!!
She just confident!!