Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Diamond Seminar is Over for 2012

Our Seminar began July 22, 2012. I was so excited!! Jerry was beginning to be excited for me. But Sarah----

Well, Sarah was po'd~~~ BIG time. She was really po'd!!!

Ten minutes later this is what she looked like. I'm telling you------she is po'd!!!

But we went on to Dallas and had a fantastic trip. Jerry took me to the Fried Pie place at Turner Falls and that's where we met up with the rest of the ladies. I rode with Donna and Kathy Heptig. The others rode with Teresa.  No time at all we are at the Hotel OMNI. It's adjacent to the Dallas Convention Center and sooooooooo nice. It is just opened. But they didn't forget about Mary Kay being in town. We were met with-----

Pink Lemonade and pink------

COOKIES and PINK POPCORN.  It was awesome.

But the best thing was when we checked in. 

Lexie had planned on getting married during these 4 weeks. But the hotel wouldn't let her any of those weeks so she and her fiance decided to wait until October. I don't remember what date.


Did you notice the room key???
 It has Mary Kay Seminar 2012 on it. I kept mine.

So sue me.

Jan's husband came with her to the hotel and stayed while we went to dinner.

I can't show his face or Jan will kill me.

That's part of Day O at seminar.

More later, Linda