Friday, June 19, 2015

Grandkids and kitchen

Our family likes to cook. Really likes to cook. All the grandkids could be chefs. Our Dave and Our Lynn could also. And this is the size kitchen we have.

That's it!!
So don't tell me you can't cook because your counter is too small!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Before and After

Before. Hair in her eyes. Between her toes. Pony tail way too long. 

And After

Summer trim. Cute hair bow-which she still has in. Short nails. No hair between her toes. And she smells good. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

They're BAAAACK!!!!!!

All last summer they were here. Walking around the back yard. Eating WHATEVER they could find. 

They also scared all the neighbors away!!!

That was NOT good. 

But they are back!!!

Here's Heckle and Jeckel. They ALWAYS stay close just like they can't stand to be apart even for just a little while. 

And then there there is Jack.
 He's like a Heckle and Jeckle groupie. He's close but not TOO close. 

The last one is poor, poor Corey!  He's the one that disassociates himself from the other three. He never even looks their way. 
His place is the car port---ALWAYS!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Iced Coffee

In my family before mom passed we had a lot of fun. And sometimes I was a little MOUTHY!!

Actually, I was a LOT mouthy. I guess I still am but now I'm assertive not mouthy. 

And all through those 9 years mom put up with me. I don't remember her ever getting mad when I was mouthy. 

I do remember that she was a voracious reader. She always had a book in her hand. Or two or three others she was reading. 

I'd go up to where she was reading, she would pull me close, put her arm around me, pat my back and read until she got to a stopping point. Then she would put a book mark in her book, look at me and answer my questions or put a bandaid on my owie. We both gained a lot from those times. 

I hope I did the same for my kids. Love you two to the moon and back. 

So, one time I ran outside or came up from a friends house and mom had a glass with coffee, ice and milk in it. 

My observation was, "ooo, that's not goooood!! ".

And mom said," when you get older you will LOVE this. And she was right!!"

I love it in the summer. Thanks mom!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Grandad Jack and Grandad

Jerry's dad looked like John Wayne they even walked alike. He was called Grandad by all the kids. 
He was on the debate team that won 1st in state. I don't know the year. And he could recite the whole  speech the begins with "In aprille". In OLD English!! Very smart man!! I really loved him. 

But this is what my dad looked like

He was a sports caster on radio for years and then went to TV when we moved back to Dallas after mom died. My dad didn't debate or anything like that, but it did take him 5 years to get out of high school!! He would go to school a semester and had to work for the rest of the year. Times were hard and kids worked. Grandad worked hard on the farm and Grandad Jack worked hard too. 
My dad, as a sports caster, had to keep up with all the statistics of all the players. He could do complicated math and announce at the same time. And he was the only person who could work the computer at work when he died. 

More about grandmas next.