Friday, July 20, 2012

I could talk about---

I could talk about the guy who tried to bomb the pentagon with remote control airplanes filled with explosives.

Or I could talk about the man who opened fire in a movie theater and killed 10 and wounded 50. Some of them children.

Or I could go on and on about the weather and how hot it is.

But I'm gonna talk about FOOD!!!

I made some hummus last night and NO one ate any but me. Now I had never made hummus before and was I in for a surprise.

Did you know that you CAN'T use a potato masher on garbanzo beans and get really smooth paste.
NO way will that work.

So I got the stick blender out. The beans filled up the bottom around the blade and STAYED there.

That didn't work either. Time for the BIG guns!!!

I got out the food processor that's missing the piece that keeps the food from coming out of the spout.

The beans did OK. I thought that they were not as smooth as I would like so I added some more of the fluid from the cans. Actually I used all the fluid from the cans.

Next time I will just pour the beans, fluid and all, into the food processor and be done with it.

For flavor I added some olive oil, because it was still too firm. Then I added some cumin, garlic and salt.


On to the harisse........

Remember the missing piece of the food processor?? Remember that??

Well I forgot about it.  I put those dehydrated peppers into the food processor. Turned it on and------

Peppers and water went everywhere. Onto the counter top-----onto the floor---onto the doors. Me and everything else it could find to make a mess on.

And to top it off the peppers were good, but not RIGHT. Know what I mean. The flavor was off.

So----I didn't even put it on the table.

NO WAY JOSE--- Nada--- non --- c'est tout!!

I poured it down the disposer this morning.

The hummus goes into the freezer and will come out next time everyone is here. That will be the 19th of August.

So the moral of the story is this.

Find out what your guest like. Make that and forget about anything else.

Makes for a happier, less stressed you and much happier guests if they have something to eat.

Thank you Kay for bringing that wonderful salsa!!! It is so good.

More later, Linda