Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life with Sarah

Sarah just needs a little hugging. She is so dramatic. If you could just HEAR the screeches coming from her . Do you know what a hawk sounds like.Well that's JUST what Sarah sounds like. LOUD PIERCING SHORT SOUNDS. Makes me want to throw something
This is what she did last night. Some of these toys I haven't seen since Christmas! Like the  little guy with the Santa Hat on. She NEVER plays with him.  Last night out he came and she threw him around a bit and then left him. Poor Santa thingie. Left to himself again!!  
This what she did last night. I have't EVEN seen that red Santa since Christmas
What would we do without Sarah? I really don't know. She keeps us talking to each other, to her and for her. Oh YES, Sarah speaks!! Well, We just take a good look at her face and make up what she's trying to say. Now be honest, YOU do the same too. Don't you? Of COURSE you do. All of us who are animal crazy do that. So much fun.

She had just begun to take things out of the toy box right here. Look at her. OMG she 's ready to screech. I need to just get her on a video and post that because you will not believe how she sounds.

Can't you see that mischief in her right there and in the picture below. When we went to get her a cage, we couldn't get her a cage. I mean how could we put our baby in a cage. So the BUNNY HOUSE was the same price and that's what she got. She LOVES it. Notice that she has a pillow, which she uses, and on the other end she has 2 babies. A horny toad and a squirrell.

What What would we do without her? I DON'T know and I really pray that we don't find out for at least 14 more years.
When we went to get her a CAGE. REALLY a CAGE!! Not for Sarah. I mean REALLY! No we got the Bunny House because it was the same price and because I couldn't put her in a cage. A house is OK, But NOT a cage.
Is she spoilled? NOT !!! Well, maybe a little!!

More Later, Linda