Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did you ever think about-----

I know I have a quirky way of looking at things. I just have always been this way.

Yesterday afternoon I got this picture in my head of me in my Director's suit. White hair shining in the lights of the stage in Dallas. Donna and I are walking across the stage hand in hand. It keeps playing in my head---I can even see this scene as I type.

Or I have dreams of people and places and then that same thing happens in real life not dream life.

Or when I was a kid I could think of a dream I wanted to have again and that would happen too. Helped me to sleep.

Quirky?  I just don't know.

So have you ever wondered what happens to crickets in the winter time. And why they come out only sometimes. Same goes for grasshoppers. Where do they go to sleep--or mate--or whatever.

And do crickets and grasshoppers have live babies or do they start from eggs?

Sometimes I wonder.

About life and where it's taking me. I have decided that I am. after all, master of my own ship so it's up to me to decide not fate.

I wonder about the colors in the sky. You know what paints I would need to blend that particular color of blue. Or purple, pink or orange.  Sky is a really hard thing to paint because the colors are so varied.

And then I wonder about the grand kids. They all have their own problems, but I want to fix every one of those problems. I wonder if I could---------??? Yep that's me.

So I guess I will go though the rest of my life wondering.

And that's a good thing----keeps your mind going!!

More later, Linda

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

There are MILLIONS

To all of you out there I just want you to know that there are literally MILLIONS of blogs out there in cyberspace.

And I actually liked lots of them. 

Well, I really haven't gotten around to ALL the blogs on the web, but I have seen a lot of them today and some are just what I need.

Just get out there and look.

It's kinda like Pinterest--but not. You have to look for them and then make up your mind if you want to follow.

Good luck.


This is a blog hop

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Got my Hotmail account

Yes, i got my account---after the long haul.

First off I had to get a Windows Live account and then I could use that id as my email address for the Hotmail.

And you know what that means--don't you?

Well, I a gonna tell you.

I had to get back my calendar, I had to import all the emails from gmail and yahoo.

I had to get up a walk around while I waited for all this to happen, and I had to pick my toes.

Not the toe part--I was just trying to see if you were really reading this!!!

I had to have some fun today.

Well, it's up and running and I am really glad.

This is one way to have all the accounts together and it makes it easier to dump emails I don't want to keep.

So there it is------and it only took 3 hours to do it!!!

 More later, Linda

Have you ever wondered---???

Sometimes I really think that I have a quirky mind.

I mean really, I am sitting at my computer and trying to make heads out of trying to get my hot mail account to work---I forgot my user id and password. DUH !!

Now that really shouldn't be too hard to retrieve---should it??

Oh no, I have to --- 1. get a new account
                                2. try this one word access
                                3. forget about it

Now, they don't tell you to actually go with the third choice. Would they DO that?
They just make it really difficult to get into your account, when you know that you have one and that it has some wonderful info for you to cover, just waiting for you to expose all that info to the person whose account it is. ME!!!!

NOT happening.

Let you know more later, Linda

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pancakes with PICS!!!

I have had a lot of comment on my pancakes. This morning I made some because Jerry was hungry and Dave was here.
Here we go-----

Flour  1 cup
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Salt 1/2 teaspoon

Then we add the cinnamon--to your taste. That's about 1/2 teaspoon.
Egg only 1 per cup of flour
Milk about a cup and a half. Stir until just mixed. Lumps are OK.

Put the batter in the pan and cook until there are bubbles all over the top and then check to see if there is brown on the underneath.  That's what my dad told me when he taught me how to cook pancakes. This one is not near ready.

About half done. Got some bubbles but it's still too shiny on the top. At this stage you heat the syrup!! That's the only way to go. It brings out the flavor oh me oh my. YUMM!!!

Not much shine, lots of bubble holes and it's brown on the bottom. Time to flip. One thing I want everyone to know is I do NOT flip in the pan. I use a big flipper.

Leave the pancake in the pan until it quits sizzling!! Take out of pan,  put on hot plate, cover with butter and put into the microwave to keep warm.

Serve with love, Linda


Friday, August 24, 2012

Waiting for RAIN

I know it rained last week. But Oklahoma is in an extreme drought---and Texas. It just seems to be going on and on.

We do have cool nights and warm days which is a WONDERFUL change from the hot nights and hotter days of a month ago.

In fact, it is really nice and not usual for Oklahoma in August.

But, I'm not gonna complain --- not one word of complaint is coming out of this mouth.

No way---not at all---never....I like it cool.

We have been waiting for rain to get to our house all day.

You remember what it was like to await that brand new baby.  All the anticipation that keeps your nerves on edge. And keeps your mind away from what you need to do. Your stomach is in knots and you can't swallow.

THAT kind of anticipation.

Let you know more tomorrow.

More Later, Linda



I am the only girl in my family. And that's good. But there is a down side.

When you are the ONLY girl, you have to learn to do GUY things.

Like put the squirmy worm on the hook when you go fishing. You have to learn to suck it up when the gross talk starts at supper.

You know what I mean----when your brother starts to tell you about his friend Bobby who stepped on a nail and it went clear THROUGH the top of his foot.

Or he shows you his scab that's coming off and looks green and bloody and yucky.

But having brothers can also mean having someone who takes up for you. I remember one time when we lived in Culver City---which is now Universal Studios city.

Anyway I was playing on the foundations of some new homes----well, did you really think I got to be a tomboy without acting like a boy?!!

So there i was walking around these new foundations and having a good time. And I looked up and some boys, four to be exact, challenged me.

I ran, RAN home. Big brother Phil was there and he made me go back to show him what happened.

So I told him that the Williams brothers had thrown rocks at me. They had--so I told him.  We went back home. I felt better just knowing that Phil had gone with me.

I didn't know what he was planning----but the next day, he had some of his friends go to the same place and they rocked the Williams brothers BIG time.

So, because I can't remember if I ever did this ---- THANK YOU PHIL for taking up for me. Love you lots.

And when dad remarried, I got two more brothers. And I am thankful about that too.

It's been a good week.

More Later, Linda


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bath is a four letter word

You know there are a lot of four letter words. None that I wish to type onto this page.

And then there are those four letter words that become that for lots of reasons.

WIND.  That's a four letter word. Think about it. Wind can be destructive like during a tornado or a hurricane.

SNOW!  Remember the top of the Minnesota football stadium that collapsed with the weight of snow. Now THAT makes snow a four letter word.

RAIN. Rain causes those mud slides in California. They are devastating.

And then there is BATH. Babies don't like a bath.

Old men don't like to take a bath.

And I know a furry person who doesn't like to take a BATH.

 She's NOT gonna look at me. She is just NOT.  I know she is a furry person, but that does NOT automatically keep her from having to bathe!! She was beginning to pong----take my breathe away---smell BAD---REALLY bad.

So, yes today is the day. It was a struggle because she does not like this day. I got more water on me than she did. I found shampoo suds on the ceiling and long blond hair in the drain. I had to use 3 towels because she has so much hair and then to top it off the hair had to be brushed or it would mat.

She knows the word B-A-T-H.  That caused a lot of problems when we got to talking about her needing a bath.

What to do??

We renamed the day.

It is now B-WORD day.!!

She hasn't caught onto that yet.

She just knows that BATH is a four letter word. But she has no clue as to what B-WORD day means. Success!!!

Now, I have to do a load of laundry, get out the microfiber cloths to clean the tub and the ceiling and we will be ready for the next B-WORD day!!!

More later, Linda


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cooking again..

Today I needed to make a cake so I ------

Did something a little bit diferently.

I made BROWNIES!!!

And you will NEVER figure out what is in them!!

Nuts? No some people are allergic to nuts.

There is chocolate and cocoa and all that YUMMY stuff.

Do you see the red, white and blue in the top of the brownies.???

Well,  I guess I will just HAVE to tell you.

They are S'MORE brownies.

With red, white and blue marshmallows, a whole package of graham crackers, AND 8 bars of HERSHEY'S candy.

And I'm not gonna eat any of it.

I made it for someone else, but I got to do all the fun,

More later, Linda

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It REALLY rained today

Yesterday we were in Sulphur OK with a beautiful group of women. We were doing a Mary Kay party and just as we started ---the RAIN began. It rained through the whole party!!!


It got COLD. Well, relatively cold.  It was 68 in the car when we started back to Duncan.

We had 2 inches showing in the rain gauge!!

Cute Angela.  She really liked the "face lift in a bottle". That's what I call it. She is so much fun!!

And this is Christen, just out of the hospital after a horrific car wreck. We can all learn a lesson from THIS lady!!!
She also loved the "face lift in a bottle". Mary Kay doesn't call it that----I do.

I had been thinking about a little nip here and a bigger tuck there. NO MORE. This system will do it all without the surgery.

I can't say enough about it.

Or the lash and brow serum. I actually have eyelashes that can be SEEN.

I never realized what eyelashes do for a woman.

They make you feel like a woman.

Anyway, as you can read I am in awe of these products.

But now back to what went on in Sulphur.

We had to take Sarah with us because she Ah-----UMM-----gulp!!!!

ATE a WHOLE package of GUM just before we left.

Now she really doesn't leave us presents on the carpet. She is VERY good about going outside. But we left the house at 9am and didn't get back until 4pm. She would have done SOMETHING if we hadn't taken her.

BUT----SNOOPY little girl went all over Lynn's house, well snooping, under the couch, the chairs, in the closet, outside where Baby Girl was, into the closet with the trash can and especially where those WONDERFUL sandwiches were.

Lynn outdid herself and I really appreciate that.

Publicly I say THANK YOU for all that you did to make yesterday a success.

And then we were on the way home and Sarah had to be held. She went to sleep on my shoulder just like the kids did when they were that small.

And I let her stay there.

More Later, Linda

Friday, August 17, 2012

So much to do and not enough time!!

It has been a busy 2 or 3 days.  Mary Kay office to clean for our Director being here last night.

Mary Kay parties to prepare for.

And then Donna was here last night and told us about the new Volufirm cleansing system.


It's like a face lift in a bottle---well five bottles to be exact.

No pain. No scars. No redo because it didn't work.

This WORKS!!

It would be very easy to use too much product when washing the face. But the rest of the product has a dispenser that limits the amount that comes out.

I got my camera ready last night so I could take pics and forgot to. I didn't get around to the Cream Tea I was going to do, but I did get the Cottage Ware cups put through the dishwasher. So we had coffee and iced tea, and water of course. And we had some of Jerry's mom's sausage rolls.

Explanation later about the sausage rolls.

And we got to learn a lot about Kay and how she met her husband. It was too funny, but not for me to tell (since I didn't ask her if I could).

I forgot to make supper for Jerry. Can you guess what he did???

No he did NOT say a word.

He made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That held him over until they all left and I could fix him a hamburger.

And Sarah decided to sleep elsewhere----again.

She's going into the bunny house tonight---with the door closed.

Tomorrow I will let you know what happened when we shut the door and lock the door...

Makes you wonder what will happen doesn't it??

More Later, Linda

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Busy, busy, BUSY

Once time, a long long time ago. In a far off country, where the pixies and the fairies play my wonderful husband told me that grown ups lied to him.

We were getting a barbecue ready for 50 people and were really working.Thank goodness we had a couple of the commuters who just did what had to be done and didn't even ask.

I was in the kitchen getting the relish plate ready and Jim came in and asked if he could help. I immediately handed him the knife and said fix the cheese into sticks, chop up the celery and the carrots and add some olives add the deviled eggs and some tomato and onion. I turned around and he was laying out the cheese in a perfect semi-circle. He told me his family owned a deli and it was his job to prepare the relish plates every weekend.

Phil and Jerry were getting the chicken halves ready and the fire just right. So I had my list.

Now I am NOT a list person, but when I have that many people coming to our house to eat this is what I do.

Day one, I make a menu and look to see what I already have in the house.

Day two I decide what needs to be prepared in advance and what has to wait til the day of. Then I get busy.

Day three I make a list of dishes to be put on the table and then I get busy.

That's if I have that much time. If I don't, I just wing it. Except I make the list of dishes so everything gets on the table and something is not left in the refrigerator.

Back to the barbecue. It went well, everyone ate until they were full and even ate most of the desserts and drank all the coffee.

They went home stuffed to the gills. And I was happy.

Back again to the comment Jerry made.

He told me---Remember when THEY said that when you get old life slows down. A long, long pause and then he said


Monday, August 13, 2012

Sarah and her food

While Dave was her with Baby Girl he had to give her some of Sarah's food. So today, Jerry decided to clean the dust from under the microwave cabinet, wash the red rug where we keep her water and food, In general do a Spring clean on Sarah's spot.

There is the QUEEN's spot. All clean and ready for us to go to the store and get her some more food.

After this week end this is what is left!
Of course Sarah has had her breakfast and her lunch. And she had gotten really sick of having the same thing. This time I'm gonna get something different!!! I wouldn't like to have the same thing all the time either.

And I told you we really cleaned up everything. This is what we keep her food in. It holds way too much to keep without going flat--bonkers---stale---whatever. She gets different this afternoon.

She is really upset. She is almost ---whatever the word is--she does NOT like anything to be moved. It upsets her BIG time.

So she decided to tell her Daddy about the change to her spot. But then she realized---

it was time for a nap! So she got into her nap place and there they are.

I love nap time because they are too cute sleeping like that!!

More later, Linda

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have you EVER-------???

Have you ever put yourself in a place that just didn't feel right??

You know what I mean--that party you went to where you felt really out of place??

Maybe the people were having a few beers, or maybe they had bbq and you are a vegetarian, or maybe you had on a great pair of slacks and all the other ladies had on dresses, or maybe you LIKE talking to guys but their wives didn't like it. Has any thing like that EVER happened to you???

I think almost all of those has been one of my nightmares come to life!!!

You know what I mean even if it's not in print in the paragraph above. 

SOMETHING ------ SOMETIME----- has been really a tight squeeze to your comfort zone!!!

See what I'm TALKING about!!! Baby Girl decided to try to sleep in Sarah's bed. Now Sarah weighs 13 pounds. Baby Girl weighs 97 pounds.  That makes a difference of 84 pounds.!!! NOT a good fit.

Not comfortable for her at all.

She even is thinking that something is WRONG with this bed. But she doesn't want to give up the comfort.

Sarah is upset too!!

SOMEONE is in her bed!! And she doesn't like it!!

So she goes to her father and asks for help.

Sounds like a good idea to me when I'm in a tight spot or one of my friends!!!

More later, Linda

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I like to cook.

All my friends think I am crazy because I cook. I not only cook I like to change things up a little.

Part of that is because when we were first married I had to learn to make things tasty. Leftovers just are not the same as firsties.

So if you have some chicken--you debone it and make chicken salad, or chicken enchiladas, or make chicken ravioli, or Chicken spaghetti with red sauce. Or make a really tasty chicken Alfredo with onions and mushrooms.

Mushroom until Jerry got onto a plane once and had the Chicken Marsala with Mushroom sauce.

He was sooooooo sick!! There was nothing to do but spend the night in OKC so he could get it all out of his system. It still took a couple of days for him to get it completely out of his system. YUCK.

One time, when Lynn and Keith came over with Andrew--he was about 10--I was making pancakes. Jerry used to love pancakes. Now, not so much.

Anyway, I was in the middle of putting it all together so I could cook them. Andrew went and told his mom, "MOM I told you you could make pancakes at home!!!"

She always bought frozen when the kids where home. It is easier when moms work.
For killer pancakes, this is what I do,

For each cup of flour, add 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tsp of cinnamon, melted butter, 2 tablespoons of baking powder, 1 1/2 cup milk, pinch of salt, and some maple syrup. I never measured the syrup. Probably just 1/4 cup.

Butter and canola oil in the skillet, bring it to hot, when water droplets sizzle as they touch the butter oil mix. Pour in batter, and cook slowly until batter has bubbles all over the top, then turn over and brown.

My dad was a short order cook at some point in his life and he taught me how to cook the perfect pancake. It has not failed me yet. But I put in all the other things.

We have people who specifically ask for pancakes when they know they will be here for breakfast.!! It makes a person proud to see people eat up.

Put butter on when they come from the pan. If you have to keep them for even a minute, cover with a clean cloth and put into the microwave. Don't turn it on, just use it as a safe, draft free place to keep the pancakes warm.



Friday, August 10, 2012

Well it hapened again!!

I have become really leery of ANY phone number that comes up on my cell or house phone and I don't know the number. Or it's BLOCKED or PRIVATE or UNKNOWN.

If they don't want you to know who they are --- why call???

Today I got a call from a number I didn't know. Looked it up on reverse phone number but I wouldn't pay the fee to find out the name of the person calling.

I missed the call about an installer that was supposed to come today and put us on cable phone. I REFUSE to pay what at&t charges.  They seem to think they are the only phone company in the world. NOT TRUE!!

And besides---who would have thought that if you live in Oklahoma you would be getting a call from Arizona to find out if you were at home before the installer--who lives in Oklahoma--would come to install!!

I know that our cable company is all over the place, but that's ridiculous to have a person in Arizona call to see if you are home so that an installer from Oklahoma can come to your house and install.

Don't make any sense to me!!!

We rescheduled for Monday.

I wonder if the installer will enjoy his weekend in Arizona so that he can come back to Oklahoma to install a phone for us.

Betcha he lives here in Oklahoma!!!

More later, Linda

Sleep Study

Jerry is having a sleep study even as I type. I had 3 before they got the right machine for me. I knew that it took a long time to get you all hooked up to the machinery, but we got there at 8.30 and it is now 10pm. 

Oh yes, I forgot.  The phone call. Jerry asked me to call when I got home.

Have you EVER tried to call after hours to a hospital?




It took me 10 minutes to finally get the man who answered the phone to realize I needed to talk to a PERSON!!!
 I kept being pushed through to a machine that asked what did I want the Cardiac , Sleep Study group or something like that. No I need a person. After the fourth time--which makes it the fifth call to the hospital I finally told him I need to talk to a PERSON if it;s not too much trouble.

After all as a Southern white haired old LADY, you have to remember your manners. Or do you?

That's what's wrong with society today. We all think it''s OK to talk to a machine!! Sometimes it is, but sometimes it is down right NOT what you want to talk to.

Kinda reminds me of the TERMINATOR and John O'Connor and ARNOLD.

The Rise of the Machines.....Not much fun when someone asks you to call and tell them you got home safe and all you get is a man who keeps putting you through to a MACHINE!!!

Sarah isn't the only one who gets po'd!!!

Enough said for tonight. I will finish this tomorrow.

The nurse called this morning at 5.15. She asked if she had told me he would be up at 5.

Of course NOT. They told me when he registered he would be up at 6. Thank God I was up at 4.45. I had made coffee, brushed my teeth and was getting dressed when they called.

He was waiting outside when I got to the hospital.

Now all we have to do is wait!!!

More about this later, Linda

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heat wave? What heat wave?

When we got up this morning the thermometer read 71~~~can you believe it? I can hardly wait until the temp is a high of 71.!!!

The naked ladies are doing well, except for the lack of clothes---according to my Jerry.

The grass around the house is green as per Sarah's needs.

Well, you CAN'T ask a girl to go do her business and have crunchy grass to do it on---now can you??

I mean, would you go on crunchy grass??

So it came time for her to go guessed it!!

She didn't want to come in. In fact

Taking a snooze on the front walk!! Isn't she cute. ??

And then I think she heard the clicker because she -----

kinda looked around and again laid her head down. The wind blowing her hair, and the sun pouring in it's vitamin D.

Oh, how I wish I could be out there with her. I just don't sweat. If I get too hot I can feel my body swelling, and believe me I don't need to swell any more than I am!!!

In a little while she decided that she had had enough and she came to the door.

She didn't even have to bark because I was right there watching her.

Can't you see it in her face.

MOOOOM !! Enough with the pictures!!!

But I just can't help myself.

More later, Linda

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's a terrible exasperating day!!!

Sarah is so cute. She is usually just kinda frisky. Lots of energy and so CURIOUS!

She has to check out every grocery bag we bring into the house.

Every piece of paper----every twig in the grass and of course every bit of food she can find goes into her mouth!!

This particular day I thought of my friend Deb, who quite frequently recites this
---I've had a very bad, enormously frustrating, completely exasperating day and so I'm gonna go to Australia---

I believe that is a loose translation of a kids book she read when she WAS a kid.

And that's what Sarah is thinking too.

She would, if she could, get on a boat and go to Australia. I had put her outside to do her business and then I got busy.

You know, putting out something for supper. Taking clothes out of the washer and putting them in the dryer. Going through all the accumulated mail and trash mail and throwing away and shredding and what all we do these days to get everything done.

This is the look I got when I came into the living room.

OMG!! No food. That's THE worst thing to forget. No water. That's the second worst.

Man I am in DEEP mud!!!

I knew, really KNEW I was in the doghouse. What am I saying!! We don't even have a dog!!!

This is not any better. I opened the door and called her in. This is what she did. Tucked her chin just a little more and set her feet and hands and refused to come in. REFUSED.  Like in -- never--ever--will I come into that house again.

Well, honey it was hot, I mean HOT that day!!

It didn't take long to see-----

I'm ready NOW!!

She came in and I keep better check on her during this heat. NOW I do. I don't want to be in that doghouse AGAIN!!!

After all SHE is the baby now.

More later. Linda

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food---glorious food!!!

Do you think she is trying to tell us something??? She had just finished her food.

We had to put her on a diet a while back because she needed to lose 2 pounds. When we got her she was supposed to weight no more than 4 pounds.  Well when we took her to the vet the next day, she already weighted almost 4 pounds and she was only 4 months old.

She had a lot of growing to do.  To 14 pounds.-- she grew!!

As you can see, she is NOT happy about the lack of food in her bowl!!
Look at her. She is sooooo mad at us for leaving her bowl empty. And she does know how to put the guilt onto a problem. She learned from somebodies Grandmother!! I know that for a fact. Mine knew how to make me feel guilty and I think you can't be a grandma without being able to do that.
Know what she's saying? 

If you don't, I will tell you. She is telling me that she didn't know I was so mean that I would not put more food into her bowl. That couldn't I see it was empty? Couldn't I understand that she was HUNGRY????? She didn't get anymore food until the next meal. Her bowl gets 1/4 cup of food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or Breakfast, DINNER and SUPPER -- if you're from the South,!!!

More Later, Linda

It RAINED today!!

We got rain today!!!  Happy Happy!!

It's 12.41 and just 95 degrees.

This is a happy day.

Jerry is out working on a neighbors garden spot. He got ours ready for a fall garden. I would love to plant some peas and some other winter plants. Maybe some carrots and any underground plant. I only one I can think of is the carrot, but there are others---potatoes, onions, ----above ground are the Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and all those veggies Jerry doesn't like.

So I guess we will go with lettuce, black eyed peas, maybe some potatoes, and then we could plant some of those onion seeds that I have.

I guess they're onion seeds. They smell like onion and they came from the stalk of the onion plants.

Anyway it will be fun to find out what happens when I plant them.

I think we have to wait for a month to 6 weeks to plant, but by then Jerry will have both gardens in GOOD shape.

Monday, August 6, 2012

I was just watching HOARDERS

I was watching HOARDERS.  You know the show. The one with the houses filled to the ceiling with trash.

I was working to clean off the dresser earlier in the day and something kept getting in the way to let me finish.

I looked into the bedroom and thought --- OMG if I don't do something THIS house will look like that!!!

Guess what I did?

YUP!! I got busy and finished cleaning off the bed and straightening the top of the dresser.

Tomorrow it's the closet.

And the Mary Kay room.

Both are really bad..

I DON'T want to be like those people.

I know they have reasons, but I just can't do that.

It would make me sick.

There's TWO in the yard

The Mystery has been solved!!!

Remember when I said that Jerry was watering the naked ladies--just to see if they needed water?

Guess WHAT??????

ANOTHER one!!! Since yesterday. There was no SIGN of a new one yesterday morning and none throughout the day. I guess they grow the most at night.

So now we know that NAKED ladies grow when the rains come. And if you have artificial rain (the sprinkler) then they will grow. 

As I went out to take the picture Jerry told me to watch out I would be arrested!!

Why? I said.

Not you, he said. The naked lady. You better put some clothes on her.!!!!

Have a good day everyone, Linda

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Smoke in the air!!!

I just walked out the door to take pictures of the naked lady. She is in full bloom.

Only the one.  She just looks so lonely.

One step out of the door and I could smell the smoke. The wind is coming from the North, And there is rain. But not yet to the areas that are STILL burning.

Usually around the lamp -- the black post can be seen -- is filled with naked ladies. It is so pretty.

A wonderful sign of the glory of God.

Still one more to bloom. That will make 5 for this one stalk!! Can you imagine???

All those blooms and all at the same time.  Glorious!!!

All's well in my world!!

But the smoke is still there.  That just proves that people are very resilient. And that's what I want for all those people who have to rebuild, restart, and mourn over all the lost things.

As I typed before -- there has been no loss of life.

And that's a wonderful thought!!

More later, Linda



One day last week I looked down and there was Sarah. Hands and feet in the air!!



Then I looked at the clock that has the indoor and outdoor temp on it.


Thee o'clock in the afternoon and 110. That's when it went to 114!

And someone deliberately set fires on Friday afternoon in the OKC area!! Stiff winds blowing straight north!

Some people just need a swift kick in the pants. No one has died in the fires, but dadgummit!!

Homes lost, lots of them, all of the pictures and the memories are gone.

They better keep those vandals safe when they catch them. Or there is no telling what might happen to them.

More later, Linda

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How lonely she is!!

There is still just one naked lady in our yard!!

It makes me kinda sad. Last year we had about 30 come up. Diane said the moles got her naked ladies. And that may be what has happened. I hope not.

There's just something about a naked lady being in our front yard.  It's a harbinger of fall and what goes on all year really.

When we lived in Tunisia, we had an Easter Lilly come up at the bottom of the stairs. The perfume from that flower came right into the house and perfumed the whole front part of the house.

We didn't plant it, it just grew.

And that Lilly was a sign of hope and peace to me every year we were there.

Just like the naked ladies.

This is a picture from yesterday. A soft pink. Three blossoms. No scent that I can tell.

And this one is today. Before 8am. It's still cloudy.

Or that might be clouds of smoke from the fires in Luther and other parts of Oklahoma. As the news person said today, with a tornado people can find some things left in there rubble. But with a fire EVERYTHING is gone.

And someone set this fire.

How can anyone DO something like that?

Later, Linda

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Friday, August 3, 2012

It's HOT and I'n NOT getting up

Sarah is one of the STRANGEST furry people I know.

ATTITUDE out the --well you know where!!

She can give you THAT look and you know---really KNOW-- you are in DEEP mud!!

The date on the clock is July 18th. It's 6.14 in the pm, and it's 99 degrees. HOT!!!

But this is, after all, Oklahoma. And it is the middle of July. From now until the middle of September maybe the first of October it's gonna be HOT. The only problem with it being this hot at this time of day---it will still be hot in the morning!!!

So Sarah sleeps. Gets up to eat or go outside and do her business, and then she SLEEPS again.

She likes to sleep on her side, with her pillow under her head. Jerry tells me she's spoiled but NAW, she isn't. She just sleeps better with a pillow.

Sometimes she sleeps with her eyes OPEN. That is REALLY freaky. 

She's still sleeping.

She woke up, but could NOT make herself get out of the bed.

Poor BABY, she's SO tired!!

After a few minutes she got out of the bed and got this far.. Before she collapsed!!!

She's po'd@!@!@   REALLY!! Attitude galore. Can't you just see it in her eyes. She knows she has been caught play acting. She wasn't really asleep. She just wanted us to THINK that the heat is too much for her.

OK, I'm otta here!! They caught me acting AGAIN!! I'm going now. Uuuh, did you hear me?

I am so busted!!!

I guess I had better think this through a little better. Play acting just isn't working...!!!

She is so cute!! Such ATTITUDE, DRAMA and what pretty eyes she has.!!!

Later, Linda