Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now for the rest of the story

This was undoubtedly THE best visit in all the years we have been going to brother's house. 

When Jerry's mom was alive we went down there about every 6 weeks. And we did the same when we moved to Farmington New Mexico.  That's 35 miles south of Durango Colorado. A 20 hour trip and then some.

So Jerry had 6 weeks vacation and he would figure out how to make every holiday work so that we could have a little longer time at his mothers.

This trip though was just a relaxed time. Making ice cream. Jerry makes THE BEST ice cream.

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and peach.  When you put a scoop of chocolate and some strawberry together it's like eating chocolate covered strawberries.

Only BETTER!!!
I am not a good picture taker. This is Jerry's brother.  I apologize Loyd for this picture. It makes you look goofy.  I think this is when he was telling us about someones funny adventure.
And this is Jerry's sister in law, Mary.  She had been up since 4 a.m. and it was hot on that patio. Loyd had turned on the big fan and it was really helping.

This is Jerry's sister. Her name is Peggy and she is a joker just like her brother's or it might be because of her brothers!! They have done some BAD things to her. Like when she was in the hospital they brought her some DEAD flowers because, they said, they couldn't find a florist open on Sunday.  And it was MONDAY!! 

BAD boys, whatcha gonna do!!

And this is Henry, Peggy's husband. They were sweethearts in high school but then Peggy met and married someone else and so did he. Almost 15 years ago both of them were single again and they got in touch and married. That happens a lot I am finding out.

Anyway, We had a WONDERFUL time.. Got to visit with everyone and NO one played any tricks on Peggy!!!

More later, Linda