Thursday, November 29, 2012

Charlie left Something

On Sunday we had our Thanksgiving.  It's always so much fun when the grandsons get together. This time we had two Dave's youngest, Tyler, and Lynn's youngest, Andrew.

Dave taught them how to play cribbage. Now, mind you, my set only goes to 91 points. Dave tells me that all the ones he has known about go to 121. I don't know WHY this one is like this. I do know that it folds in the middle. The box did NOT say it was for travel.

Anyway they liked it so much that everyone of them took pictures of the board when they quit so they could finish the game at Christmas. Genius at work.

Or it could be that they grew up with phones with cameras, and iPads, and Kindles, and clouds, and all that other stuff I have never heard of.

That brings me back to finishing up the straightening after they left. By the way the table was clean when they left. No plates, no cups or glasses, no crumbs!!

Clean as a whistle. Thanks to Holly and Lynn.

So I sat in a chair to write a card to Marie, and my foot made contact with this huge rawhide bone. I know it wasn't Baby Girls because she had been here for 2 days and I had not seen it.

So it had to be Charlie's.


She MIGHT leave a small morsel for Charlie when he comes again.


More later, Linda

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving at our House

This year we did MOSTLY traditional Thanksgiving.

Well, you have to know more about my family.  Our traditional Christmas Eve is Enchiladas!  Green, Cheese, Pork, Chicken with homemade salsa, pico, Lots of chips, guacamole  and the famous Papa salad of iceberg lettuce and finely chopped tomatoes.

This year I am going to get some tamales from my friend Martina--if she makes any during this busy time of year.

But, at our house, the accent is on having fun. Being together and laughing. It is so much fun to reach around the table and get a spoonful of this or some of that or ask someone to put a dab onto my plate.

This year we used paper plates. I swore I would NEVER use paper plates for a holiday meal, but I only use them for holidays and I didn't get them out and wash them before hand. So paper it was. On the left is Holly, next to her is Andrew, then Dave, Tyler and Keith. Dave and his son Tyler are really having a discussion.

It wasn't long before all the food was being passed or put onto someones plate.

A REAL happy time.

I wish for ALL families to be like that, but I know they are not. It almost makes me want to cry. They are missing out on so much.

 This is a not so good picture of Holly and Andrew, and our grandDOG Charlie. He is so cute and into everything--much like Sarah
And this is a better picture of Charlie. I can see the mischief in his eyes---even though he is trying really hard to make me think he is just a sweetie pie!!
Charlie and Sarah thought it would be a good thing to fight all afternoon and into the early evening, and all the time they were together. Charlie went to sleep before they got to the big road a quarter mile from our house. Sarah made it a little longer, but when she went to sleep she did not move and we had to carry her to bed.

She did NOT move all night long. AND we had to carry her into her living room bed this morning.

I don't believe that they played so long that neither one of them was worth a plug nickle this morning, but that's the truth.

Sarah is NOT happy about Charlie being in her house.!!!

Baby Girl, she's gotten used to -- now, NOW we have someone else to put into line.

And she did FINALLY!!! But Charlie was fighting right down to the end.

Charlie and Papa talking about Sarah. I think I heard something about keeping her in line. I don't know if Charlie meant he did it or for Papa to keep Sarah in line. It doesn't matter---Sarah WILL do it HER way!!!

This is the big Cribbage game. Somewhere I had picked up this Cribbage game. Dave keeps telling me that it only goes to 91 points where as all the others go to 121. 

This is what they did when they decided to quit for the day.

They took PICTURED on their PHONES of where the doohickey's were so they could start from the same spot. It seems as if the points were 57, 58 and 59!!! Not bad for those young boys going against the master cribbage player!!! And in the second game at that!!
As you can see THIS is Tyler. Our youngest Grandson. He is now old enough to grow a mustache!!! I cannot believe it. And he has no grandDOG for us. He has grandCATS!!

Please don't tell Sarah!!!

That would be a disaster!!

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas Season to all of you, More later, Linda

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Cousin Baby Girl is here AGAIN

 Sarah is so vocal.  She can say more in one look than most of us can say in a day.
There is Baby girl sleeping on her mat. The one we made for BABY GIRL to sleep on because it is 31 degrees outside. And I don't care if she doesn't live here all the time she does deserve to have a nice warm bed inside when it's 31 degrees outside and the wind is blowing.So, we brought her in and made her a bed. She was sleeping GOOD. She had not gotten to the snoring stage --- YET!!

And as you can imagine she snores loudly!!!

Well, Sarah couldn't take it!!! Someone was sleeping in her bed!!

Almost like Goldilocks was sleeping in the bears bed. Except the BEAR is sleeping in her bed.


That bed was put there for Baby Girl and no one else. But as you can see---Sarah was not gonna like that any at all!!

It did take her a while and a little bit of coaxing to get her to put up with it, but in the long run she slept in her bed and Baby Girl slept in her own.

And who said compromise isn't a good thing???

More later, Linda

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am really gonna have to remember to make a list. I used to make lists, but they got lost in that black hole in my house---you would call it the back of the closet.

Needles to say, I have forgotten to be thankful for lots of things over the years.

So here is my list for this year---
All the standard things like health, food, clothing, home, good kids, and a loving spouse.
This year I want to list Sarah.  She is too cute for words and that keeps us laughing.
I am thankful for laughter. Right now in our lives most people wouldn't be laughing. But God has given us a spirit of laughter. And by golly, I'm gonna take advantage of that.
I'm thankful for the weather. We have not had severe weather her where we live and I am thankful for that. I would like a little more rain though. Just asking!!!!
I am thankful for my beautiful daughter, who has so graciously decided that I needed an outing every so often--and she is so right.
I am thankful for my clean son. He is a joy to be around now.
I am thankful for our four grandkids--even though they have only given us great grandDOGS so far.
I am thankful for my business. Because it gives me a chance to be around other women, I get to see them grown into the women they should be--the person that God wants them to be.
And I am thankful for my dreams that just keep coming true.

Happy Thanksgiving.!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sleeping close to the edge!!!

Pushed out again!! That's what happened to Jerry last night.

He got up this morning and came into the living room with the longest face. Scratching his head, yawning, and frowning all at the same time. That's an accomplishment for anyone.

So I asked the stupid question, "Did you sleep well?"

All I got back was that from under the eyebrow look that all guys can do REALLY well.

I knew right then that I had asked the wrong thing?

So I tried, "Didn't sleep well?"

The answer, "ummm."

I took that for a no.

Then he said,"Go and look at your daughter!!!"

So I did. MAN oh man. NO WONDER!!

There she was, wrapped in her pink throw, actually it's mine and I made the of putting it in her big bed in the living room so I could look at it during the summer. Nonie made that for me last Christmas. She took a lot of time and it's that polar fleece. We need fleece throws in the winter here in Oklahoma. Some years more days than others.

The mistake I made was in NOT putting it in the closet with the other winter things. After I put that throw in the Sarah bed, bot Sarah and Jerry thought it was hers. I have to grab it quick when I want it. But that's for another time.

So after I took this p;picture, I decided to move over a little to the right ----

He wasn't kidding!!!

He said he was hanging out of the bed----and he meant it!!!

I guess he didn't sleep well AT ALL!!! POOR baby!!

Then Sarah decided to tell her Daddy about the why. Why she creeping over to him.

But first she had to think about it. UMMM, I guess I could tell him that I just got a LITTLE cold. Or should I tell him that I had a bad dream. Or could I tell him that I just rolled over--again--and again.

It was like this. I ummmm, I think I just got a little lonesome and just rolled over. Yeah that's it! Or maybe, I had a nightmare!!!

Well, Sarah what is it???

I ummmm, I don't bemember, Daddy. I was asleep.

And she got away with it.!!!

She gets by with a lot more than the kids ever did. Just ask Lynn.

More later, Linda

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ok--is it horned lizard or horny toad???

Today Dave came over with his great Dane--named Baby Girl.  She weighs 94 pounds and she sure is pretty and strong.

Sarah is an overlarge Yorkie--she weighs in at 14 pounds. Well, she was supposed to be about 4, but she just kept on growing.  Now I've had to put her on a diet. It hasn't worked.

I think she could hear a person chomp into cream pie from a mile away!!!! And she can run that mile in about 10 seconds!!

Just a little difference in Baby Girl and Sarah. Yesterday when Dave and Baby Girl got here, Sarah bit BG's nose. It didn't phase her at all. I think Sarah was just letting her know who is the boss of this house.

To get to the problem of the horned lizard or the horny toad. We have a stuffed horny toad. We got it at the Harley shop in Temple Texas, Horny Toads of Texas. It's cute, furry, and looks just like a live one.

Guess what I found when I went to let Sarah in the house.???

You guessed it!!!!

 So, here is Sarah. She feels just a little intimidated. And look at Mr. Toad---he's about ready to jump.

I was about ready to jump, and then when I realized that the horned lizard or horny toad is not real I just had to get the camera.

And Sarah just is going to ignore the whole episode.

What is it a horned lizard or a horny toad?  I always use the spell check, just to be sure. I really thought that horny was spelled horney. Not so. There is no "e" in horny.

You are never too old to learn.

If you can tell me you get a prize.

More Later, Linda

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Sarah decided that she NEEDED to go to the garage with Jerry. So out she went.

By last night at 8 pm it was COLD out there and she wouldn't wait to get her coat on. Out the door she went. Her little tail just a wiggling.

They stayed out doing -- I have NO clue.

When they came in Jerry told me she was cold and so he goes upstairs to get something.

Down he comes with a RED hand towel and proceeds to put it around her and gently put her into his recliner.

Did she like that or what??

Of COURSE she liked it. She loves it when he babies her.

You think I'm just kidding about this, take a look.
See, mom. He LOVES me. I told you so.

All wrapped up in that red towel. He;'s so cute!!

Contentment personified!!

NO!!! Not another picture! YUCK-O!!!!

Thirty minutes later and look!! She's rolled to her back and almost out of the "blanket"!!

What am I gonna do with those two???

Just love em I think is the best thing to do.

More later, Linda

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sarah right after we got her.Too cute

Had I know that Sarah would be so nosy, I don't know if I would have gotten her.

I mean, REALLY??

She HAS to put her nose into every grocery sack when we bring them into the house.

She has eaten complete packages of peppermint gum.

And whole pieces of pepper mint from MY purse.

The first fall she was with us she ALMOST had to have an operation to take the---get this---pecan shells out of her stomach.

She found candy SOMEWHERE in that black hole we call the upstairs bedroom.

She found an egg mcmuffin paper SOMEWHERE in the living room. But I always put those in the sack and put the sack in the trash. We have eggamuffin after Jerry's allergy shots on Wednesdays.

And then I found these pictures. But when I tried to scan into the blog they were AWFUL. So I decided to take pictures of the pictures.

This is what I got on most of them, but then this last one came out good.
She is 4 months in this picture. She is not 3 years. And going strong. Just had to get her out from behind the couch.!!

Isn't she CUTE!!!

More later,Linda

Friday, November 9, 2012

Look---throw it out----or keep?

I have been looking at the tops of my kitchen cupboards. I'm telling the whole world right now, I don't know what half those things are.

I know it's been a year since I took everything down and washed the dirt off and put it back. But I couldn't tell you what most of it is and if I even need to keep it.

So then I started looking around the Mary Kay office/work room/dining room.

The same thing goes there.

And that's where I started.

 I had a little help from Sarah and Jerry. they decided to take everything out and then put it back. And that would work but I never can seem to get it all done in one day!!

 This actually is in good shape for right now. I am trying to figure out how to have just a lamp and plant on the table.

This on the other hand is a MESS!!

Today I have my nails to get done, I have to pick up the door know that Jerry took off the door to the middle building and then dropped. Pieces went everywhere. It was kinda funny coz he cam in and had the cutest look on his face. Sorta bewildered and at the same time a little put out with himself.

Then I have to go to Martina's to get her product to her. Now Martina and I talk a lot when we get together so that may take a while. Then I have to get with Carla to work on the gift bags for the Spa Night at the church on Monday.

But you know something, MOST women my age have taken to the rocking chair and are not about to get so involved. I like that I am busy. I like that I can be busy.

What I am trying to say is that I WILL get this clean and neat.

Probably not all today, but a lot. But you know something ---  you can't rush into these things!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Halloween---a little late.

We were watching something that had lots of screaming and gun shots and thunks, and crashing around, and shattering, and --- well, you know what I mean.

REALLY scary!!

I looked over to the chair where Sarah was and this is what I saw.

MOM help me!! There is too much noise coming from the ----over there!!!

I just won't watch. That's the best thing to do.

Another scream from the TV. So I looked again

I think I'll just hide my head in the covers.

Yeah!! That's the best thing to do.

I will soooo glad when this is OVER.

So we turned off that and got us a NCIS---not much gore there.

More later, Linda

Sunday, November 4, 2012

D and M Insurance

For all of you out there who have Furry People.

Sleeping in your beds.

Begging for a bit of steak and mushroom from your hand.

Looking at you with those puppy dog eyes while you decide to NOT give them their bath -- yet again.

 While they plead and ask you -- with those puppy dog eyes-- to not take them to get their shots EVERY year.
 While it is still the middle of winter and they are getting sick right along with us. Colds. strep throat, even thyroid problems and diabetes anything! Take them to the doctor.
 If they are running temperature! Or snorting and snotting along with the kids!
 Or if they have eaten most of your toasted ham and cheese sandwich and now have the belly ache!
 Please Sir, just another morsel????
To all of you I propose to tell you about a wonderful new idea I had this morning!!!

D and M insurance for your Furry People.

First one to figure it out gets a prize!!!

More later, Linda

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daddy loves me and that makes it right!!

Some days it doesn't  pay to get out of bed.
Here I am trying to get some attention from my mother. Well, she was too busy. Working on her computer. Well, maybe not that busy coz she gave me a little pat a while ago.

And some days I could just pull my hair out. Mother is on the computer, daddy is on a mission to wash all the windows. I mean, HE even took them APART. Like into about 10 pieces. And then he WASHED them with soapy water.

Look----LOOK---at me. I am a MESS. From one end to the other. This must be what all those kids at high school feel like.  YUCK---OOO

I'm not, NOT going to look at that camera again. She just wants me too so she can show all her friends how cute I am.

It's nap time---and I MEAN it----this time.

This calls for a drink----of water.

Water? AGAIN?

Nap?  Maybe. Or not.

Yes---nap.  No----drink.

NAP. This is too comfy. See you two tomorrow.

There goes that blasted camera again. I think I better just get used to it.

Daddy knows what to do. !!!

More later, Linda