Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Still more at Brother's House

There was still more going on at Brother's house.

One thing that just is so annoying about being there is ---no cell service. 


And why is it that you may not have enough cell service to make a call. but you can always text?

HUH?? Can anyone explain me that.

No one has to explain to me this goings on!!! It's ice cream making time!! We made vanilla, chocolate, peach and strawberry. YUMMO!!

This is Tim. He's married to Marlyn. And Marlyn is Mary and Loyd's daughter. All the cousins are one year apart. There was our Lynn. Then Marlyn. Then our Dave. Then Bill. His picture is coming up. That makes it real easy to keep up with how old they are.

This is Marlyn.  She has always been the tall person in the family.  She is now the short one in her house and she's 5 foot 11 inches.!!! And Jacob is only 16 and probably has a few years more growth.

This is Bill. He's Mary and Loyd's son.  He is a fisherman. Well, he doesn't do that for a living, but he does fish. In TOURNAMENTS and everything.!!! Wins a lot of prizes too.

What is the matter with the ice cream. I have NEVER seen him make a face like this when we is eating. And especially eating ice cream.

Naomi and Jacob. Marlyn and Tim's kids. Naomi is going to A&M in August. She will be in the core. One good thing I found is that she will be wearing khaki's everyday and white shirts. So she won't have to stress about what to wear. Her goal is to be a veterinarian.  She will be a good one. She almost speaks animal.

Peggy and Tim in a hug. We are all huggers. IF someone doesn't hug we know that UH OH something is WRONG.  VERY WRONG!!!

Now for the surprise of the whole trip. The CATS. Loyd and Mary really don't like pets. Animals they have, but pets----no. They are too busy with the cows and garden to have pets. So where did these cats come from?  The mama's showed up --- pregnant.  And the others followed.

This is BEAR. Now she's a mama so I assume she's a bear when someone tries to get close to her babies.

You know something? When it comes to our babies ALL mamas are the same.

Just like a bear.

More later, Linda