Sunday, May 31, 2015

Some Days Are Like That!!

Some days I wake up and I feel GREAT!!
I could clean all the kitchen. Scrub the icky sticky stuff off the TOP shelf..

Some days I just take it easy. I look at the dishes in the sink and think -- they can wait. 

Some days I fill the sink with water and let the ice cream bowls soak. 

And other days --

This is what I feel like. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm gonna go eat worms!!

No body loves me. Know how I know??
Eatin' went on and I wasn't invited!!

They had ---- PIE!! 


I'm sad 

I think I better get happy coz I just heard the thunder!!  


Daylight's Burning!!

It's 7.17 in the a.m. and Sara is still asleep. 

And so is Jerry!! 

And that means it's cloudy today!!  

Yep!! It's supposed to rain again. 
I remember years when it rained like this in May!!  Jerry would come home from Libya or Tunisia or Nigeria or where ever and the grass would be more than ankle deep and I'd get that LOOK. 

Ladies you know which one I'm talking about!!

But his rule was -- wait three days to mow after it rained so the mower wouldn't get water and wet grass in it. 

So I would wait and sometimes in the '80s and '90s it rained every day for all of May!! 

Then it quit that so much and I could mow more often. 

I like to mow. No phone-wind in my hair-and it's not too hot. 

We've Had Visitors

This is what we see from the front window!! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clean Sheets!! Ummmm!!

There's nothing like clean sheets. They small so good. They're soft and cuddly. 

And Sarah likes her sheets clean too. 

At one time her house had a pink roof. The inside was teal and an UGLY pillow case. 

Since her house is in the living room I decided to make it match the walls. 

Did a good job too sheets for the bottom a pillow case for her pillow and a pretty brown mat to make it even more snugly. 

Now that it's been washed again she really goes in there a lot!!

Even furry people like their beds to be clean!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spiders in the Bird Feeders!

It's been raining here---a lot!! And more is on the way. 

So we kept putting bird seed in the feeders outside the front windows because those two are more sheltered. 

There has been a plethora of birds!! And what falls on the ground the doves eat. 

Today we decided that the birds that feed in the back yard needed their feeders filled. 

Jerry opened a feeder and pulled out---
this!!! YUCK!!!

A thousand legged SPIDER!!!!

And THIS---

You guessed it. A BABY spider!!

Actually and I cannot lie!!

The seeds left in the feeders had SPROUTED!! So much rain and cloudy days. 

NO spiders or their babies!!

Feeders are full and birds are EVERYWHERE !!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I wish

I wish I could-----go outside but it's raining. 

I wish my daddy would play with me, I wish I could have ice cream for breakfast. 

I wish--------

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day!!

We had a good time at church this morning. The kids sang. We had baby dedication. There was flowers to the oldest, most kids, and most kids and grandkids. Then the moms told stories. It made me think. 

I remember this child physchrist that said it was ok to yell at your kids. 

As long as you didn't get personal. 
I did not understand. How can you be not personal while correcting your kids. 

Here's how!!

Your kid is dumping his milk all over the floor. This is what you yell----THAT BEHAVIOR IS NOT ALLOWED IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!

The behavior is bad---not your child. 

My kids are special. They are independent and I love them to pieces. 

Love you two, Mom

Friday, May 8, 2015


Our 55th Anniversary was April 14th. Jerry was in hospital having a procedure. And that's ok. We had gotten our gift 2 weeks earlier. 

Thirty years ago we decided to get something for the home on our anniversary. That year we got a huge water fountain. It lasted 20 years.  We've gotten another fountain, a new recliner, a love seat, lots of other things I can't remember. 

This year we got this
This storm shelter has steps-instead of a ladder- and is 6 feet tall inside. 

Now, we have to decide what to do around the cellar. 

I really pray we never have to use it, but Jerry was so concerned and worried about not having shelter. He hasn't mentioned any worries since they put it in. 

Storms again today. I'll let you know.