Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July the Fourth

Today is July 4th. Our Independence Day.

We have celebrated July fourth in so MANY places. But the feeling is the same.

Pride in our country. Maybe a little bit of disquiet inside ourselves when the economy is not going well. But still pride in our abilities to be inventive with what ever we have on hand.

Back to the celebrations. 

Jerry's family ALWAYS shot off a shotgun after dark.  They lived so far out in the country they couldn't get to the fireworks stands. So they celebrated by shooting off the shotgun.  Reminds you of the fight at Fort Sumner.

Me, we always had fire works. My older brother always had cherry BOMBS.  They finally outlawed them.  They were actually big enough to kill someone if they were standing too close.

Our family did the fireworks thing.  AND we were right in line with the fireworks at the country club. Now the city does the fireworks at the football stadium.  Too far to see. I kinda liked sitting on the front porch and watching all the colored sparks.

One time Lynn's son came over to watch with me.  When they were over we went into the house to get a snack and something to drink.  The movie Troy was on and we were talking and watching the movie and before we knew it IT WAS 1 A.M.!!!!!

He was in a panic.  Especially after he got outside to his lawn chair and found his cell phone. !%(&#
15 calls. ALL from MOM!!!!

He was in deep MUD. 

I said to call her and let her know where he was.

He is the only 16 year old who EVER got into trouble for being out late with his NANA!!!!

When the kids were still in school back in 1974.  We were living in Great Yarmouth England. The oil companies got together every year, at the American School campus, and had July 4th celebrations. Well, that year Jerry left to go to work in Nigeria. First time to go offshore for his rotation.  It was not a good 4th of July. 


We had to say ---See you soon. to Dad and husband.

Oh, sis I tell you---IT SNOWED!!!!

We didn't go to the celebration.

We went back to the house. Lit a fire and watched the back and white TV.  I don't remember which of the 4 channels we watched.

It was not a good day.

That's when I realized we had to make our celebrations whenever we can. So when Jerry got back a month later. We had a big steak dinner!! And CELEBRATED!!

We, Jerry and I went to Tunisia in 1982. December rolls around to July 1983. This group of people had a BIG celebration on the beach. 

The Mediterranean is a beautiful aqua color.

More later, Linda