Friday, July 27, 2012

Registering Day 0

This is one of the ladies in our unit. She lives in Texas. She is a LOOT, well she has a lot of fun and she has a LOT of loot in front of her. All the new HOLLYWOOD collection. Which I personally love---love---love!!!

And the firming cream and eye cream from the new collection of cleansing. It feels so smooth going on and it only takes 2 little squirts. For the face and neck!!! 


Can't order the rest until September 16th. If you have sun damaged or aging skin let me know and I can order you some.

And this is Teresa. She lives in OKC now, but spent 8 years in Houston. When they had a chance to come back to Oklahoma they took it because all the family was there.

And then we have Kathy. She is from South Carolina. She has been a consultant for 25years or more. And is always in the top 10 of sales.

And THIS is our Director Donna. She is from OKC. A wonderful, mentor and friend.

Some of the graphics we had to look at and digest. Though that's not a requirement. All of these panels help us in our business and that is the company's business. To help us do our business is what they do best.
We have a new fragrance for both men and women. OMG!! What wonderful scents. Just don't let your husband wear the new men's cologne without you being around. Just saying!!
And this is the back side of the booth about the new TW Repair system. This model is not 16. You can tell by looking at her. She is a mature woman, though she is not my age. But that's what I like about Mary Kay. They don't use models for their anti-aging products who are 16, 17 or 18. They use age appropriate models. So they show us what we can look like when we use these products. This is the BOMB!!!
So now we get to go to supper and we all decided to go to the sports bar. No drinking for us, but we had more fun in that place than anyone else who was in there. We are just a very happy group of women.

More Later, Linda