Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hannah and Laramie

Hannah is a new friend of mine. She is soooo close to having this baby. I just am hoping we can get through this lunch without having to make a trip to the hospital.

She chose this really cute Mexican place to eat.

I love the atmosphere. And the guacamole. I'm not gonna lie about it. You can get the grilled (sauteed? fried?) jalapenos and some guacamole and you will faint. They taste so good together.

Today, Hannah and I are making plans for her and her Mary Kay business. Got some presents for her and some info to leave with her and I just know that she will take it and run. Even though the baby is not even here.

She's having some twitches in her lower abdomen!!! We're praying the baby will get here tomorrow.

Have you ever met someone and just instantly liked them?

Well Hannah is that way. Sweet, intelligent, grounded and happy.

This is Hannah. She has a beautiful smile. And look at her eyes. Her happiness goes all the way down into the middle of her. I just love her.

Can't decide which picture I like the most, so I put both in the blog for today.

Now for a picture of little Laramie!!!!
There she is!! Laramie!! It;s a 110 outside and Hannah has that beautiful smile on her face. She's happy and ready for that baby to be born.

Happy Birthday Laramie!!!

More later, Linda