Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cloudy with Cool mornings

It's Oklahoma and it's the last day of May.

So , what's wrong with this picture.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.  I absolutely love cool weather.

This morning reminded me of LA. That's right the big place in California were we lived until 1951.

I was talking to someone not too long ago and they told me that the traffic is horrible, gigantic, unending!!

I don't remember that, I just remember the eucalyptus trees and the palm trees and the wonderful aroma coming from Olivera Street. It took me years to find out what that smell was.  Bee's wax. That's what it was and still is.

I also remember the jalapeno peppers with that wonderful taste and guess what? I found out what makes them that way.  The eucalyptus leaves they put into the brine they pickle them in. Wonderful!!

Oh, yeah. Back to the day , today and not yesterdays gone by.

This is a wonderful day and thank you Lord for making it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sarah's trip to "Alaska"

Yesterday I sorta mentioned that Sarah liked being in the snow.  Well she does ---unless it's a
 l-o-n-g ,
 l-o-n-g trip. 

Pictures to prove it. It looks dark and dreary mother.  That's what I think she told me. She just looked at me and crossed her legs.  It was really time to GO.

Well, OK. This is just like Waska you know.  Sarah really doesn't know much. She meant Alaska. But that's way far north and west of Oklahoma..  Even though it could possibly be Waska,
of course she is trudging through the snow--butr she has her coat on..
Don't pay any attention to the sidewalk at the bottom middle of the picture. She told me herself that she was on the road to Alaska. Road at the top of the picture, driveway at the right side.  Doesn't look like Alaska to me.

Back in the backyard with the AC unit ad the green house and the bbq pit.

Oh! I'm home. No more traveling for me.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sarah and Jerry

Some times things happen for the strangest reasons.  We lost our last Yorkie in June of 2008. Jerry retired and got busy.  Things rocked on until The SECOND snow of 2010. 

He started talking about getting another Yorkie.

Are you Crazy--i said rather loudly.
Do you realize we will be in our mid eighties when it goes on to play in heaven with Mandy and Georgie and Bo, Radar and Killer. They were all Yorkies too.  We have this thing about Yorkies.

 Did you guess that?

Well anyway
Now it's 2012 and we had snow again. 

Notice they both have on coats. I had to get loud to get that done. Neither one of them like coats.

That's our green house behind Jerry.  It has everything but green things in it. No ventilation. 

And if you are wondering,  YES i took it out the kitchen window. 

It was cold out there.

More later, Linda

Monday, May 21, 2012


Old is just a mind thing.

You either believe that or not.

Today my hands hurt, and Jerry is hurting all over.

Has that stopped him. Not on your Nellie! He's out mowing the lawn.

Old really is in the mind.

We choose to think young!

More later, Linda


This is my wonderful husband Jerry.

And this is Sarah and her house, but she thinks that our house is really hers.  Sarah has really taken over as you can see by the Toy box.

 We can't get rid of any of those toys because sometimes she takes everyone out and they have to stay that way.

This little furry person gets away with more than our own flesh and blood ever did.

But I guess that's the way it goes. The grandkids got away with more than our kids did too.

More later, Linda

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have you ever been talked into something that you really didn't want to do. A friend just texted me and that's what happened to her. I feel so bad for her. Just want to smother her in hugs.  I remember when I was a kid and didn't have ANY confidence in myself, I was always doing that.  Now I am much better at knowing how and when to say "NO" thank you.
I think the confidence came when I decided to go to college.  And yes I did get my degree when I was 62.  I guess I'm old enough to brag just a little.

Fun!! That's what we had last night. Tried on the new Directors suit.
 Top photo is left to right my friend Nancy Kay and our Director and friend Donna.  I don't know whose arm that is but I suspect it is Teresa's. 
Bottom Photo is of Nancy in the suit coat and shell. It is soooo nice to wear.  I have plans for getting my own Director's suit. 

More later, Linda

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lil Ole Lady from Pasadena

Now I'm looking for my blog. I need to know how to find it so I can tell everyone.
Life has a terrible way of getting in the way. Have you already decided that? Well, so have I. So I am taking charge of my life (again) and going to send out more info every day. We also have the cutest dog now. Pictures to come, when I can figure out how to put them into the blog and not somewhere in the netherworld.