Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FOOD, Glorious FOOD

Jerry is not eating well these days so I have a challenge every night trying to find SOMETHING that will really taste good to him. He grew up on a farm and they butchered their own beef. So his preference is beef. Beef is EXPENSIVE these days.

Last night I cooked a pork loin. He ate everything on his plate. Except for the fatty part of the loin.

Let me tell you this. When you have a picky eater it is NOT easy to cook for them. But I'm not into fast, or boxed food. I cook fresh as much as possible. So let me tell you about the pork and the green beans.

Jerry LOVES real maple syrup.Our son even brought us gallons of it,  His friend brought it over to Saudi, where he was working at the time, from Canada. It's the REAL stuff. So for the graze I took about 1/2 cup of the maple syrup, added some yellow mustard, the kind that you put on hot dogs, and slathered that loin with the mix.  Then I thought it needed more flavor.

What could I use?  What does he like? What goes well with pork?

Sage and garlic. So I got out the granulated garlic and sprinkled the loin until it smelled right. Not too much flavor, but a hint of the garlic as Jerry likes it, but not an overpowering flavor. Then I did the same with the sage. Just enough. I could smell the garlic and the sage, but it didn't run me out of the kitchen.

Well duh!!! I forgot to add the salt and pepper. So a little salt and a lot of pepper. Since it was still frozen in the middle I left it out to finish thawing and as it thawed the flavors sank into the meat.


Now for the green beans. I use frozen. I don't like the taste of canned green beans. So this is how I do the green beans.

To a small pack of green beans I cover with water. Add 1 teaspoon of chicken bouillon. Some salt. A clove of garlic cut into 7 or 8 pieces. And a rounded teaspoon of bacon grease.

He eats EVERY bean.  I don't cook them until they are gray, but I do cook them until they are soft.

Just a little bit about about what I use to help me in the kitchen. I never went to any of those gourmet places. Well not all the time. So I had to come up with a way to have utensils that I could afford. How about $1 for a way to put the glaze on the loin, or the barbecue sauce on the ribs.
Use a chip brush from your local home improvement store. They come in narrower or even wider bristled. And when it starts to fall apart. Just go back to the home improvement store and get another one. I put it through the dish washer after every use.

And for the surprise of the year!!!

The slicing knife!!!! Most every one has one. I did for YEARS. Jerry got us a good set of knives when we got back from England. It has a chef's knife. I slicer and a another large knife that I can't remember what they call it. And a paring knife.

I finally decided to try to use the slicer. It works WONDERS on homegrown tomatoes. So I decided that it was a slicer, let's slice.

That pork loin just was beautiful slices. No crumbles. No broken off pieces. It looked good on that plate.

He ate well last night. Mashed potato, green bean and pork loin. What else could you ask for?

More later, Linda