Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sarah is ----- what can I say

Sarah is so unique. She is NOT like any other Yorkie I have ever been around. Here she is in her bed. Not the bed she usually sleeps in. But her bunny house bed. In the MIDDLE of the day. Look at those eyes!!! She is definitely NOT in a good mood!!!

But now she is because Daddy is gonna rub her tummy. She likes that. She REALLY likes that. She will roll over onto her back half way across the room and expect us to come to her and rub her tummy. Saucy little wench isn't she?
Uh oh daddy quit rubbing her tummy. I guess he got tired of leaning over the chair and trying to find her so he could rub her tummy. She DOESN'T look happy. No sir ee!! NOT happy.
I'm telling you Daddy, I am not happy--that's what she looks like she is saying. Doesn't it?? Of course that's what she is saying!!

I am NOT a happy camper right now. I think I will just go out and eat WORMS!!! No body loves me, everybody hates me so I might just as well eat worms!!!!

Now I am ALL alone. I have no one to rub my tummy. I don't like this. I think I just might have to rethink that eating worms thing. YUCK!!! What was I THINKING????


I'd rather just forget being mad.
She got over her mad. And look what happened. Daddy and her are having a 7am nap.  Isn't that cute??

It really pays off to forgive and forget----especially when the outcome is what you wanted. Just some happy time with the one you love.

More later, Linda