Sunday, April 14, 2019

Have you ever?

Have you ever--cooked a dinner that you had to throw out after the first bite because it was SOOOO bad?
Have you ever--taken a bath in a cattle tank.
Have you ever--done to sleep dreaming about your mother.
Have you ever--had the chance to drive a fork lift
Have you ever--looked up from stop at a stop light and even tough your side of the light had three lanes, right across there was only two lanes.
Have you ever--have you ever been in an airport where there were armed soldiers always in your eyesight
Have you ever--had to make someone mad because they wanted you to watch a movie that you knew you wouldn't like.

I have.
The food was in New Mexico.  A new cookbook and that means new recipes. This particular one was so bad that I tore the whole recipe OUT of the book after I had cleared the table and made us grilled cheese sandwiches.

The cattle tank was at a friends grandmas house when we were kids. We had been playing in the dirt and grandma wouldn't let us in until we took a bath.

When I was 25, and I began dreaming about my mom. For a whole week I dreamed about her. It was both a sad thing but also a happy one. Mom died when I was nine, and I hadn't seen here or a picture of her in eleven years. Soothing. I want my kids to have pictures of both Jerry and me so they can take a peek when they need to.

I  got to drive a fork life in Tunisia when Jerry got called out and needed to gather up some heavy equipment. The man that did that for a job was out of town. I was then next best I guess. Anyway we got the truck filled with the equipment and pn his way into the Sahara he went.

When out Lynn was 16, she went to France for a week. It really sounds like a big problem but we were living in England at the time so it wasn't. The trip home from London was another thing--I found myself on the route around London. Stopped at a stop light. And yes there was the two lanes directly across street. Lynn said,"that's ok mom, I've got this. She put her food on the dash board and pulled up the leg of her jeans and then fiddled with her sock. The man driving the truck next to us didn't get off at quickly as he thought he would so we made it across. No problem.

The airport was one in Amsterdam, wonderful open area. Huge. There had been some terrorist seen in country so every five minutes two soldiers would pass in front of us. One that kept sweeping the area with his eyes and the other with a drawn rifle and his finger in the trigger.

I took my children to see Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka. It scared me so much I woke up screaming. That was years ago, and then my friend insisted that I watch a movie that I knew I would be having nightmares from. I had to make her really mad to leave it alone. I can't see the reason why someone would think it's OK to purposely watch a movie or read a book that gmeives me nightmares.

Sunday, February 3, 2019


The first time I heard of abortion was when I was in grade school and I heard Dad and uncle Bill talking about abortion. A teacher was pregnant and found out the baby was dead. So she had an abortion. She had to go to some European country to have it done because that was not allowed in the US.
Now it seems as if Abortion has taken over the country. Abortions, or as I think of it (MURDER) can be done even after birth.
At birth the baby is breathing and crying and squirming. Everything that a new born baby does.
How can anyone murder a baby on purpose? How can they snuff out a life without taking part of their soul?
You know that during the second world war people where slaughtered, poisoned, left to die in their bunks, and in other ways disposed of. Those of us who grew up during the 40s and 50s heard about what went on from all the military that had been there and seen it. Not only thousands of Jews but Polish and Germans and French and all peoples were murdered during that war. And those who saw, talked so that mass murder would not be allowed in the US.
I think that allowing that many abortions is mass murder.
With the amount of birth control wills, and all the rest--use that for birth control and not abortion. And if a man is know to rape a lot have him get his tubes tied and the women also. There are lots of ways to keep from murdering babies.
Why should all the mothers and fathers be told to abort, when it's really not a necessity.
Lets keep population down pills, and tubes tied, and let them live a life without the memory of an act so vile as abortion. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

I don’t understand

Ok this is my understanding. 

In California and New York babies can and will be aborted so the numbers of persons will be acceptable by their political people. 

That’s the way I understand it. 

So, if that’s true and the population is getting to be too heavy for the space in both those places—

Why do they want to bring into the country more people that are not citizens? 

If we have to abort babies in California and New York it seems to me to be just a replacement of people. Babies for illegals

That doesn’t make sense to me. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

“They” were right— this time

Long years ago, probably 1990, the weatherman kept telling us for days that we would have ONLY a quarter of an inch of snow. Nothing to be worried about.
So I didn’t get worried.
And then I got up and looked out the kitchen window.
I couldn’t see anything on the bbq grill but the very top on the smoke stack.
Sixteen—that’s 16– inches of snow. In southern Oklahoma in March !!
Since then I have been skeptical of any possible or not so possible snow coming our way.
Friday night into Saturday early morning we had about a half inch of ice and snow. It was
even enough warm that we could sit on the porch and watch the dogs play.

It's now Sunday, we've had beautiful sunshine and -- you guess it -- the dogs took over the warm spot where the sunshine came into the house.

I've found an agent that I will be sending soon parts of the book and then wait for a while until they have a chance to read it.

It's so true and raw. I might start putting pages on the blog to see what you all think. And yet, do I want to do that because someone might not like it at all.

Ill let you know if I decide to put some of the book on here.

Later, Linda

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It’s a British Day Today

The sky is gray all the way to the ground!
Cars are hurrying to get to work.
Sarah’s begging for some peanut butter toast!
It’s a Beautiful day today!!

The fog didn't leave until about noon. It was still a little foggy but not enough to keep me in the house. I was beginning to get CABIN fever.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

It Really is Winter

I know that it is  JANUARY. I realize that.

But.....This is Oklahoma.

It's not supposed to be gray skied EVERY day. We are supposed to have a nice warm day of about 70degrees every so often.

But this every day of sprinkles and rain. We are not supposed to have days that don't get over 33degrees.

I think those guys who keep spouting about GLOBAY WARMING need to come to Oklahoma and bring us a little of that warm for just a day or two.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

LED and iphone

I have an iPhone. That’s not really unusual these days. A lot of people have them.
One thing I don’t like is the stupid music on the games I play on the phone. Really stupid music. So I turn off the sound so it won’t make me climb a tree!!
I’ve been looking for months for the button that is pushed in order to make the LED light and vibrate works when the phone alerts me.
Just a few minutes ago I found it hiding in Settings under Accessibility at the bottom of the list.
Just a heads up
If you’re looking for that way to still be able to know some one is calling or a text has gotten through without all the awful music playing in the background--now you know