Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sarah and her baby

You know what I think? I think all women are the same.  We might be short or tall..Skinny or fat, black, brown or white, or furry. But all females LOVE their BABIES. 
Just take a look at Sarah. Her baby is cuddled into her neck and she has a smile on her face. What mom doesn't remember a time when their baby snuggle into their necks and went to sleep. When they quit crying and just were at peace.
Miss Squirrel is or was supposed to be part of an art project. Jerry had gotten me this really pretty log for Christmas about 3 years ago. He cleaned it up and polyurethane. We got some pretty feathered blue jays and cardinals. A nest with some robin eggs in it and a pair of turtle doves and put them on that upright log. It and it was a soothing piece to have in our home. THEN Sarahcidal came to live at our house. One day I came into the den and she had red and blue feathers tangled into her HAIR!!
Some were hanging from her chin and some of the foam that formed the birds was stuck into that hair. I wanted to pull it all out. All that HAIR needed to come out. Jerry just laughed and told me to watch her because she might not be able to digest all those feathers. We never did fix that log again.
Then she found her babies. Right now she is keeping Miss Squirrel close to her. That's just like a mama. But she will never be a mama because we had her fixed. So we let her have her BABIES and she sleeps with them. Sometimes we come in from being away for part of the day and she had Mr. Blue in her house. Or Honey Toad. Or Harley Bone. Or something else that wasn't there when we left.
Like I said all women are alike. We love out babies. More Later, Linda