Sunday, June 30, 2013

Winna worms!!

I don't know about you, but at our house we have winna worms!!

Some days they don't EVEN come around, but most days they do. 

I imagine by now you are wondering what a winna worm is. Well, I'm gonna tell you. 

My wonderful husband does NOT like dirty windows. He's been known to clean windows in rainstorms and in. dirt storms!!

So, as the winna worms pile up on the glass doors, he heads for the windex!!

Of course today I found something a little different!

I think this GIANT grasshopper is the BIGGEST I have ever seen. 

I think Uncle Loyd and Aunt Mary will be impressed. They've been inundated with grasshoppers every year. 

More later, Linda

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boxes and Boxes of PAPERS

We have  just put things back and back until I am swamped with papers that have to be gone through and then I have to decide what gets shredded and what doesn't..

It's a good thing I am going though everything though.

In one box I found the kids birth certificates from the hospitals and the ones from the state that they needed to get into school.

I found our marriage certificate and the one for my mom and dad. I found the deed to the house and land.

I found lots of trash and shredded it.

I found some pictures of the kids when we were in England, they look like one from school.

I found post cards from friends here in the US that they sent to us.

Lots of memories and lots and lots of trash.

It feels good to get rid of the trash!!

But finding all those memories means even more.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sarah and the MONSTER

Jerry has been cleaning out the garage. I mean, DEEP cleaning. He found this unused rotor tiller that goes on the back of a lawn tractor. He bought it and thought I could use it to keep the garden tilled. BUT -- he wouldn't fit and he just forgot about it and then it got put in the back of the garage---you get the picture. It was kinda like all those things that get put in the back of the closet and when we find them we say __ OH yeah!! I had forgotten about this!

So I made a sign and he put the rotor tiller in the driveway, close to the house, but not too
close to the road.

Sarah spotted it today and this is what happened----

Then it was DADDY to the rescue!!

So she went into the house and collapsed. She had barked and run around in the heat for 25 minutes.!! She got her food much later when she had cooled off.

Daddy's are wonderful things. They kill spiders! They take us on pony rides and for Sarah they kill the monsters.

More later, Linda

Fried Fish YUUUUUMMM!!!

Last night our friends called and we went to supper with them at this really neat restaurant. It's a fish house and a Mexican food place.

It's the only place I know of that you can go to have fish and have tortilla chips and salsa for starters. UUUUMMMMM!!!

Spicy salsa. Smooth and spicy. Can't really taste the tomatoes. And can't taste the particular chili, but OH is it good.

The fish came out hot and steamy. The fried potatoes had been dusted with flour so they wouldn't splatter when they were put into the fryer--it also keeps them from being so greasy!! Just saying that's something to remember the next time you fry potatoes.

Then we went to play FARKLE with them.  Jerry doesn't really like card or board games, but he ALWAYS wins.

What happened???

He won!!!

He also had gotten a little dehydrated so we left around 8.

It was a good night--not too late--but we had some fellowship.

We need more of that!!

When was the last time you EVEN called a friend. We say we're gonna call and then NEVER do.

It felt really good to have something different going on.

More later, Linda

Monday, June 24, 2013

Things I think about---now that's scary!!

Sometimes I think about the strangest things.

My friends -- why don't I call them more often. Why do I let so many WEEKS go by without calling them. It's not like it used to be when the phone was in the hall and  you had to stand RIGHT THERE to make your phone call.

No---now we have phone that are wireless and you can take them WHEREVER!!! I mean really!! You can even take them into the bathroom if you so choose.

We also have the cell phone which is a WONDERFUL invention. I really like my phone I can talk to and make myself reminders to do something. I don't have to try to find my day planner because my phone is always with me.

So --- why don't I call??

That bothers me.


Tell the phone to remind me to call someone. What a great idea.

More later, Linda

Saturday, June 22, 2013

SARAH is over it!

Whatever it was---Sarah is over it. After the pills and the licorice flavored liquid---she is over it!!

I am so glad. It's just like when the kids were little and couldn't really tell you what was wrong with how they felt, it's the same with your furry people. They can't tell you what's going on they just look sad.

But now she looks sad for another reason.

Today was "B" WORD day!!!


She didn't like that AT all.

There she is. All clean and smelling GOOD!! That expensive conditioner works wonders on her hair.

She has gotten a little camera shy. I don't know why---I mean REALLY just because I take pictures of her ALL the time--why in the world would she NOT like that!!

She is NOT gonna turn around !!!

After getting down FLAT with the floor----this is what I got. As you can tell I'm using the phone to take pictures. Because when we got the camera I got to make the choice.  I picked the one I did for two little words written on the top of the camera.


NO blurry pics from that camera. 

More later, Linda

Friday, June 21, 2013

Letter writing!!

Writing a letter or any kind is a LOST ART form!!

Last night I found out that Our Mary Kay Team was #1 in our unit for the month of May!! I was so excited!

So I decided to send a note card to all the girls and thank them for their hard work. I found the note cards, I found the pen, I DIDN'T find their addresses.

Where had I put them----and then I remembered--------they were in the computer with all the other Mary Kay things. So I made a copy and got busy.

I sent hand written notes to every one of them. They were phenomenal with their work for the month of May!! And the DESERVED to be praised.!!

I was so excited that I could NOT spell. Unit was spelt Uit more than once and the Guess came out Giess most of the time.

But I got them done and they will be mailed TODAY!!

What a way to start the NEW YEAR with Mary Kay!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today is BLAH!!!

Have you ever gotten up and had soooomuch to do that you didn't know where to start? That's what happened this morning. I have tons of things to do------finish getting the MK room ready for the ladies tonight. Deliver product. Go to Jerry's doctor's appointment. Stop by Walmart. Don't forget the potpies he likes so much. That way he will have something good for supper when the ladies come tonight. I also need to finish the washing------as if that was really a problem.

I remember when I was a little girl and had to help with the washing. My mom was only 4 foot 11 inches. So she really couldn't take the clothes from the wash water and put them through the wringer so we could then put them in the rinse water and then back through the wringer. No wonder women had a whole day to do the washing. But, a wringer washer got things a whole lot cleaner because you could put the REALLY dirty clothes on to wash for as long as you wanted to. I just have to put the clothes in the washing machine with the soap and turn it on. The machine does the rest. Technology is WONDERFUL!!!

What makes this a BLAH day is that I got up thinking about all that has to be done and forgot about what is good in my world.

I have a husband who is so supportive in my MK business. We have a house that is paid for. We have a good retirement income. We have our health.

Wanna know something??

It's NOT a blah day after all!!!

More later, Linda

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New idea!!

Jerry had a sleep study the other day and Lynn and I spent the night with Andrew and Holly because their house is about 15 minutes from the Sleep Solutions place.

Andrew is a chef who had NEVER cooked for his mom. Well he cooked.

Man did he COOK.!!!

Gnocchi in a cream sauce with garlic and something else and it was wonderful!

Then he did steak with pasta.  Made a glaze with Balsamic and it made the steak scrumptious.

And then we had a surprise. I was going to say drink--but it's not alcoholic. It's this infusion of cucumber, and I can't remember what else, and  water. So refreshing.

So , I didn't have any cucumbers. Guess what I use??

Apples and some -- just a titchy bit -- OREGANO!!

When I got up the next morning I had some and it was better because the apples had given up all their apple taste to the water and so the oregano didn't overpower the taste.

Yesterday I got a magazine and it talked about infusing tastes. One I want to try is the watermelon, lime, mint and basil.


More Later, Linda


Yesterday I got the best text!  From Kenneth!!

It was to let us know that the home phone number had changed.  That has never happened to me before. Except the kids, Lynn and Dave, have ALWAYS let us know when something changes.

I don't think they even KNOW how MUCH that means to me. And to Jerry. Just to be able to know that we can get in touch with them is ---- calming.

This is a picture of Kenneth and May on his left and their daughter on his right. When Kenneth and May were here in March, we had a big BBQ with all the family we could get together. There was Dave and Tyler and David Ray and Danielle. There was Lynn and Keith and Andrew and Holly and of course Jerry and me.

Well, as it would happen, Kenneth and Dave were right across from each other at the table!! They talked and laughed and kept us all in stitches.  

Like twins they are!!

There we are Lynn, Kenneth and me. We all kinda look like we belong together.

Love you Ken.!!

And to May--you are a jewel. !!

More later, Linda

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sarah went to her Doctor!

Poor little Sarah! She had to go to the doctor yesterday. She's been throwing up for way too long!!

Jerry still thinks that you can just go to the doctor--wait--and eventually get in. When does that ever happen anymore??

You have to make an appointment to go to see your doctor--and then you MIGHT see him in about 2 hours after your appointment was scheduled. But that's for people.

For furry people you make an appointment and usually get in right on time.

Yesterday they worked us in and I thank them for that!!

There she is -- sleeping on Jerry's bathrobe. In HIS chair and MILKING it for all it's worth.  She is such a DIVA!!

And I did NOT make her that way!!

 Mom--she says--WHY don't you give me some FOOD???

She lost a pound and a half last week!! I really wish I could do the same thing.  Let's see 1 1/2 pounds a week and I will be to my goal weight in time for Christmas!! YEAH  !!

I feel like a jailer.. Water ONLY until noon today! UGH!!

Looks really appetizing doesn't it!!

Then there is the meds. Whatever this is, it smells like licorice.

And she does NOT like it! Not one little bit!! It takes the two of us to put the syringe in her mouth and squirt in down her throat. THREE times a day!!

And a pill a day--which I have to POKE down the side of her throat and hope that she doesn't bite me TOO bad!!

She kinda looks like that orphan in Oliver Twist---Please mom some more food!!

More later, Linda

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sarah is sick!

For about a week now Sarah has been sick to her stomach.  She has not been able to keep down any solid food. So she is on Boost. Yesterday I thought she was better, she got to running around and barking and looking at her bowl and then at me.

 But today she threw up again. When Lynn and Dave were little I didn't have this much trouble when they got sick. I KNEW what to do. Know what I mean???

Mom's just know. Well, Now that they are way over the age of 21, I have forgotten what to do. And Sarah can't talk to me.

Does your tummy hurt? NO words from Sarah to tell me!!

She either has too much sinus drainage and that's making her sick or she has that stomach thing that's going around.

I don't think she slept well last night. Around 11 she jumped off the bed and disappeared until 5.30 when she started barking.

She was on the stairs -- looking up the stairs -- barking at the light in the upstairs bathroom. Well, that means Jerry is upstairs in the bathroom getting ready to go help a man clean up an older couples BIG yard.

But Sarah didn't know that. She just knew that SOMETHING was not right.

Time for a nap!!!

For both of them!!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When Ken and May came to Oklahoma

So, here it is a few years later and Ken and May took the Amtrak around the long way and made it to Ardmore OK. Lynn and Dave picked them up and they stayed Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night.

We had a ball. Food went through this house like it was a restaurant. We went to Lynn and Keith's house on Friday morning and fixed some breakfast for Ken and May and then we showed them the town. It took all day even though we are a fairly small place.

Friday night we had supper with the six of us. Saturday morning I made my pancakes and they were devoured before I had time to take the pan off the heat.

We followed Keith and Lynn on their bike and Dave and Lynn on his bike and stopped for food at Annie's Kitchen. Known for it's Humming Bird Cake.  I have never found ANY Humming Bird cake at Annie's. Makes me wonder if its just something that they have oi the menu, but don't have in the shop.

Dinner was barbecued ribs and hamburgers and chicken. AND everything else.

We sat at that table for about 4 hours. Telling stories about families and countries and just everything. Dave was on one side of the table and Ken was on the other.

They even SOUND alike.

They even POINT with their fingers the same way.

They even LAUGH alike.

They could be twins!

We had a good time and I know that Ken did.

And May was glowing because Ken had finally come home.

More Later, Linda

Tornadoes in Baltimore

There was Tornadoes in Baltimore TODAY. My cousin, Kenneth, sent me texts while it was going through. He and his wife May were just down here in March. We had so much fun. And when I tell you about finding him you will be amazed.

I decided that since Face Book was to keep us involved with friends and family, well, if it was't it sure has turned out to be that a lot of us, I began to think of family. I found all my brothers, and friend ed them.I found friends from high school and friend ed them. Then my uncle came to mind. I started looking for Kenneth. Found 25 of them. I scrolled and scrolled and about 15 had no pictures. Sixteen had a picture, 17 to 20 had a picture.


Back to 15.  That guy looks a lot like our Dave. So, I messaged him with this," If you dad was named Bill and you mom is Ellie, than HELLO cuz!!""

Got a message back, " Hello CUZ!!" and there in began this wonderful time of learning about family. As I said, he and his wife and kids live in Baltimore. Our granddaughter lives in Arlington Virginia. So about 3 years ago when our Lynn was there visiting her daughter, she called Kenneth and he stopped by and had dinner with the girls. When I went out with Lynn, we went to their home and spent about 5 hours going over family things and healing a lot of hurts.

Speed on to the last March and see how the family ties have strengthened. Dave came over to meet Ken, his kids came down to visit with their cousin. We had a blast.!!

Family is good very, very good!!

More later, Linda

Friday, June 7, 2013

Speaking of noticing---

Lynn bought me a Zagg cover for my new phone. And I registered it. Then they said I would have to finish the registration when I got an email from the comanuy.

I got the email from the company and it said that registration was completed.

I didn't add anything to the email. Didn't type NOTHING!!!


They said I would have to COMPLETE the registration.

THEY said it; so why did the email say that the registration was complete??

Doesn't make any sense AT all!

It seems like things like that happen ALL the time now. I mean really. You get ready to throw letters -- junk mail -- in the trash and you spy the part about filling in the blanks and then when you finally find the right spot -- you have to put in your phone number -- or your middle initial -- or your dad's name -- or the name of the first dog you ever had.

I just throw them away!!!

More later, Linda

Have you ever noticed-----?

 Sarah went to China this morning when she first went out to do her business. Or you could say she made a roundabout trip to Ohio and back. She was WET when she got back into the house.

The RETURN from the trek to China!! We have fun with Sarah's morning routine. We could just NOT think about making life fun -- but then THAT'S no fun -- so we make jokes all day.

And this is a sight you seldom see in Oklahoma. The flag is not moving. The trees are not moving. All is still like a little mouse!!!

And it's not steamy and yucky sticky weather. Cool and NICE outside.

And this is what I have noticed about Sarah -- sorry Lynn -- she's a lot like our Lynn was when she was young girl. If Lynn hadn't had enough Daddy time she would get as close as she could and hang on. She would hold his hand, or snuggle in close, or hang onto his belt loop.
Sarah on the other hand is full body across his feet!!

Then she went behind his legs.  Look at her she's saying,"Daddy it's holding time, remember? It's time to put your legs up and turn on the western channel so we can take a nap!!! UMMMM Daddy don't you remember?"

"I guess he forgot!!"

"I'll get him later. That western channel is waiting for us!!!"

More later, Linda

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anniversary Day 2

They had on the menu oysters, shrimp, steak, potatoes and broccoli casserole. They also had beans--cowboy style and baked.

Jerry made some of his famous ice cream--chocolate and vanilla and there was about 2 servings left out of 3 gallons.

 And of course, The cake.A four layer oval cake with yellow roses and trim.  OMG was it good. French Vanilla flavor and so moist.  It was too good. but I only had a very small piece.

Isn't that gorgeous!!

The bride and groom with Loyd's mom and dad on his side and Mary's mom and dad on her side. What a group.

Sheryl is Marlyn's VERY good friend she not only helped with the cake that Marlyn made, she did the potatoes and broccoli. She also helped with cleanup and made sure that everyone had something to drink.

And Mark cooked the shrimp and the oysters. The first time I met Mark he was cooking shrimp, oysters, and mountain oysters. He really knows how to cook them.

And this is Sheryl, Marks wife. She is a kindergarten teacher. I would love to go see her classroom one day. Mark and Sheryl,s boys cooked the steaks with Bill. They know how to cook those steaks.

I'll safe the rest for tomorrow.

More later, Linda

Monday, June 3, 2013

Brother's and Mary's 50th Anniversary!!!

We went down to Texas Friday morning.  I am so glad we went then because OKC had ANOTHER tornado. Or 6!!!

I don't really know how many there were it was just a MAJOR amount.

Usually the Meteorologists tell us to get under ground. This time they told everyone to get in their cars and go SOUTH because the tornado was going north.

It changed it's mind and went south.  One woman and her baby were sucked out of the car and died.

ALWAYS find the safest spot in your home and go to it.

One of my friends daughter and her whole family were in a hotel there and they went to the walk in freezer until it was over.

I woke up Saturday morning and I had 9 texts from all my Mary Kay friends in Oklahoma City. That's MK women for you.  They were worried about us worrying about them. Wonderful women.!!

Thank you ladies for all the updates.

Back to the Party.

 This is Cathy, Richards wife. they've been married about 26 years. I think he said. I've slept since then. Richard is the son of Jerry's moms brother. In other words, he is a cousin to our kids. And a nephew to Loyd.

This is Richard. He's the chief lending office at his bank. He was telling us this is a more professional look than he had before he shaved his head. I agree. Really. I am NOT kidding.

Marlyn on the left and Naomi on the right. Marlyn is the daughter of Mary and Loyd. She is a teacher at a school that really appreciates her ability to handle even the toughest of the tough guys. It might be because she is almost 6 feet fall, or it could be because she EXPECTS them to treat her like she treats them. I think its a combination of both. I'm really proud of her. Naomi is going to Texas A&M, is a core member and taking 2, not just one but 2--that's TWO--chemistry classes this summer. She is a fighter.

And this is Jacob. Marlyn and Tim's son. He is also 6 feet tall. and is a sweet, sweet kid. Loves sports and all that's goes with that.

Tim is Naomi and Jacob's dad. I like Tim, he has a lot of good things to say. We haven't had a lot of time to talk lately. I need to remedy that next time we are down there.

And this is Cayden, the newest grandchild of Mary and Loyd. He's four months old and is SOOOOOOOOO cute. Stephanie, his mom is holding him, and to the right Granny Mary is smiling big time with Loyd right behind her.

So that's their family---except for Bill their son. I don't know where his picture went. But I haven't forgotten Bill. He's a charmer.

More later, Linda