Monday, July 9, 2012

Rambo PAPA!!!!!!!

Papa still has it. Yesterday Dave and his boys came to have Fourth of July get toggether with us. Lynn's son couldn't make it because he got off work at 4 a.m. and was sleeping. He's taking his girlfriend to visit her mom and dad in Chicago.  Thank God it's this week and not last.  The heat wave has been horrindous in that part of the countyry.

Well, right after supper. David Ray and Tyler went outside to smoke, Thank you SO much guys for doing that, and went into the garage.

They got out the 50cc little four wheeler that we bought when Nonie was 2 or 3. Anyway it was back in 1984. It STILL had gas in it. So they rode. Papa went running out and made them stop. I found out later that he just wanted to check the tires. They hadn't been aired up for YEARS.
What a WONDERFUL day!!!

David Ray made this comment. "Now I know why Papa didn't want us to go in there when were were kids. That place is DANGEROUS"

They found this compound bow.

And the bull whip, knife and compass.

Tyler had to try out that compound bow. He has been wanting one.

Then we went on to the PASSING OF KNOWLEDGE part of the day

Dave is teaching David Ray how to tie a bandana so when he's riding the wind won't blow his hair.

And Papa was teaching Tyler how to put the tire cleaner on and not get in on the tred. That makes the tire slick and is dangerous.

I learned that you only put the cleaner from the rims to the hump just before the tread starts. Makes sense to me.
And OF COURSE Sarah had to put her two cents in. Little Sweetie
Back to the title of this story. The guys asked their papa to so this
And they called him RAMBO!!!

More Later Linda