Monday, April 29, 2013

Yesterday we went PINK

I always wanted something DIFFERENT in our front yard.
Today I got something that I think NO ONE else has!!

 Jerry has been working on this mail box for a long time!! And of course I HAD to add the sparklies!!! I know--I KNOW that I am an old lady--after all this is my confession!!

Anyway, I love sparklies. they make me happy. God, in all His wisdom, gave us rainbows to make us happy and to remind us that He is in charge of this world.

I love prisms--they give off rainbows.  I love my Swarovski crystal animals that Jerry got for me all over the world. They sparkle -- and they remind me that Jerry loves me A LOT!!!

And while I was taking pictures, I got one of the Iris that we got years ago from Jerry's moms house.

They are so pretty now. but the ones in the yard don't bloom. Out they come in the fall and we will put them in the back yard.

And then we went across the street so we could take a picture of the mailbox in front of the house.

Isn't that a sight!!!  You would have thought I would have put up a green mailbox. But I thought that when anyone new came to our house all I have to tell them is to turn onto our street and look for the PINK mailbox.

More later, Linda

Sunday, April 28, 2013


AS you know, Sarah has allergies. We took her to the vet and she said to give her antihistamines. Liquid ones about 2 teaspoons full and 1 tablet.

Tablet seemed the best way to go.

 Have you EVERY tried to feed a pill to a furry person??? Well, it AIN'T easy.

No Way, at all!!!

So I tried putting the pill in her food.

Turned up her nose.

Tried putting it in with her snacks.

She went into the other room and got into Jerry's lap!


The light came on.

She LOVES peanut butter.

Put that hummer in some peanut butter.

Went down with the first swipe of her tongue.

Just one LITTLE teeny problem. Those pills make her loopy.

Back to the drawing board. AHHHH!! Half would be better.

So I got out a kitchen knife, and tried to cut this teenincy pill into two EQUAL parts.

I got it to break, but it was abut a third to a two thirds break.

I gave her the smallest piece.

Which turned out to be a good thing!! She slept for about four hours.

She kept changing beds and chairs, and under the table, right next to the closet door, and even in -- should I say it -- HER bed!

Well, I give her about a half now when she starts lickeing her hands--in furry people that a sign of having allergy symptoms.

A half pill in peanut butter and she is not too sleepy, not too licky, and not hyped up!!

Problem solved!!

More later, Linda

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sarah and her Antihistamines!!

Sarah is having upper respiratory problems.  Poor BABY!!

Last week we found her scrumbling -- and YES there is a word like scrumbling because I said so -- around in her bed. In and out of the bed. On top of and under the cover. And she wound up like this -- right between the cover. SLEEPING!!!

I didn't think anyone would believe me so I took another shot. Poor baby - that medicine is really working OVERTIME!!

And then comes last night--
She got up into the other recliner and made herself at home. ANOTHER bed. ANOTHER sleepy time.!!!

AND she slept all night.

AND didn't get up until we started breakfast.!!!

Food is a good motivator at our house!

And I just had to put this one in because it is so cute.

More later, Linda

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Did you hear??

This morning when i got up our indoor thermometer read 37 degrees. Let's see---Today is April 18 so yesterday was April 17. Usually the temp in Oklahoma in April is 50 in the morning and 65 to 70 as a high. Not this year.

When I worked for the local paper, we put out a filler about the last 100 years. And one article got my attention. It was about the 2 foot snow fall in JULY of 1903.

I think that -- yes global warming has something to do with the polar ice cap being smaller. But I also think that the ice cap melts every hundred years and causes the jet stream to descend lower into the US and makes the temps REALLY strange.

I don't have any proof -- except -- what could have turned the ground around this town WHITE with 2 feet of snow on JULY 4? The jet stream had to have been very low in the US that year or that couldn't have happened.

Any body have any ideas??

More later, Linda

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Does anyone but me remember Mrs. Clinton screaming "What difference does it make"? at the congressional hearing?

Well, Mrs. Clinton--the difference is this -- because we did NOT let the media know and therefore the rest of the world--that world has decided that America is a coward and now ready to find out the truth about what went on in Benghazi.  And because there was NO media coverage--correction very little coverage--the world has decided that they can do with America what they want to.

Let's just blow up and maim innocent people in BOSTON.

Did these runners and their families do anything to the world. NOT.

All they did was have a marathon race for 116 years. How does that threaten anyone?

Mrs. Clinton explain that to us American citizens!!

Oh, that's RIGHT, you don't like to explain anything -- do you??

More Later, Linda

Monday, April 15, 2013

RED eye!!

Yesterday after I had put on my makeup I looked into the mirror and saw the most HORRIBLE sight.

RED--right in the corner of my eye. So I took a mental inventory of symptoms and there were none.No hurting or sharp pain, no watering, no blurry vision. NADA!!

So we went to lunch with the kids.  They were taking us out to lunch for our anniversary. We got there first and the waitress was told to bring him the check. She and Lynn had a talk and she said she had to give him the check since he asked for it first. I like that girl!! She had to do it, but I would tell that she really wanted the kids to pay for the anniversary lunch.

Last night Jerry had a chicken pot pie and I had -- uh--something!

We had a really good day yesterday, not anything fancy, not much going on in the afternoon. But I didn't have to get out in the sunshine with my eye like it is.

I digress!!ME??? YES!!

This morning I got up and called our friend the eye doc and he tells me that it happens alot and it will take about 10 days for it go go away. Here I am now, telling everyone who wants to know that if your eye looks like someone slugged you. But you don't have a bruise all the way around your eye. It's probably not something to worry about. NO pain, No blurry vision---probably a broken vessel---BUT go to the eye doc just to make sure.

More later, Linda

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today is our ANNIVERSARY!!!

Fifty three years ago we got married. I am NOT going to make any of those jokes about marriage
like "We've been married 53 years and 10 of those were happy" .

We've had our arguments and disappointments like everyone has in life, but we have worked through them and that is the main thing!

So, to all of you just a few pieces of advice.

Ladies, as Red Moore told me, we do have to submit ourselves to our husbands--that's in the Bible--but we don't have to be the doormat!

Men, you have to remember that women are illogical---to you---WE know what we mean. Just go with it.

Jerry's logic is to wax the bathtub.  REALLY!!

Yes, AND the bottom.

It was slick! And the last time he waxed the bottom of the tub. It didn't take him long to realize that the bottom of the tub really SHOULDN'T be waxed. Especially when we found the bath mat floating in the water.

It took him a while to figure out how to get the wax out of the bottom of that tub!!

On the other hand, I have been know to do my share of slightly crazy things. Like the time I was following the weight watchers recipe for tuna casserole with pineapple.


I even got up and threw it out. And then there was that recipe out in Farmington NM. I don't know what it was but after I threw the food in the disposer, I tore that recipe OUT of the cookbook.


And Jerry really DOES like to eat.

When the kids were little and he lost down to 145, I cooked four meals a day---right now I am down to 3.

I thank God I like to cook.

Anyway, this is my way of saying that I have had a wonderful 53 years and will be truly thankful for the remaining ones.

More Later Linda

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Happened to Yesterday's Blog??

This is too weird! I actually did write a blog yesterday. Spent a lot of time on it.
I don't remember what it was about because I just write what comes into my mind. I think it was about Sarah being sick and Baby Girl being sad about it.

So here are the pictures of the DRAMA queen and her being sick. Actually she got us up early and so we just stayed up. Long time until 11 that night.

And Baby Girl was soooooo sad for Sarah!

Well, today Jerry is sick---well not sick but his right side next to his ribs is hurting. He told me about it on Sunday morning so we stayed home.

This morning it's hurting bad again and he tells me that it has been hurting for about 2 weeks. This is when I want to say-----


He didn't want to worry me, but &%$#& he could have been much better by now!!!

We are going to Doc's office in 10 minutes will let you know what they find out.

More later, Linda

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sarah got SicK!!

She not only got sick---she threw up from 3.30am to 5.30 am on the very day that my cousin was coming into Oklahoma to see all of us. That wouldn't have been so bad about her being sick but it was the second night that I had not slept. So I was kinda groggy when we got to see Kenneth and May--or as I found out later Mary.

I digress--and that happens A LOT because I have so much to tell.  Anyway--Sarah woke me at 3:30 am throwing up her toe nails!! Not literally just OMG a lot of stuff!!

Poor baby!! She did NOT feel good at all. I stayed up with her for two hours after she threw up the last time because my Grandma told me that if someone doesn't upchuck for two hours they are finished with that.  It worked for my kids and it worked for all the other animals we have had over the years.

And it WORKS for SARAH!!!!

And OF COURSE Miss DRAMA QUEEN played it up good!!!

LOOK at her!!! BUTTER wouldn't melt in her mouth.  DRAMA QUEEN is right!!
That morning went  to  Lynn and Keith's house so we could spend time with Ken and May.

We had Lynn's breakfast thingie. Eggs, and sausage over crescent rolls with cheese on top. YUMM__O!!!

Then we looked around Duncan--it sure didn't take as long as it did for us when we were in DC with Nonie.

Lunch at Jonny's--the home town eating place. Food is good and you can refill your drink cup as many times as you want!!

We went by the Chisholm Trail Museum in Duncan. Walked the trail emblazoned in the concrete. It starts at the King Ranch in far South Texas and goes all the way to Wichita Kansas. Didn't go inside because we were running out of time.

Dinner at our house--we had Mexican and even though it didn't take long, when you're preparing for 12 it takes a while. .

Dave came over on Saturday and showed us Baby Girl's picture.

Look at her little puppy dog eyes!! "PLEASE daddy take me too!!!"

She really did NOT want to stay at home, but May had had some MAJOR surgeries in the early spring and he didn't want Baby Girl to hurt her in any way.

Day one was over. Tomorrow I will tell you what happened on Saturday!!

More later, Linda