Saturday, September 29, 2012

We have PHOTOs from the iPhone

I have always heard that when you get to be old that you eye sight goes, you start having chin hairs a mile long, your hair turns a little gray and your mind turns to mush..

PARDON me...that ain't necessarily so.

I CAN program the DVR, I CAN input into my GPS an address and then find it again the next day, I CAN download, input, make a power point presentation, drive thru Dallas, and find my way around a foreign country.

AND most of my friends, who are my age, can do the same.

SO, all of you who are wondering, this is what I did to get the pictures from the iPhone to my computer. I took the thingie from the end of the phone charger cord and plugged it into the USB port and got into my photo gallery and started downloading 2 years of photos.

Nuff said about that.

Here is Sarah sleeping on the recliner. As you can see her bed is covered in a teal baby blanket that I bought for the boys when they were quite a bit younger. And I saved it for a rainy day. She really is about the size I thought she would be.

And here she is taking a snooze in the bed. She loves sleeping in the rumpled sheets. I know it's kinda strange, but look. Really LOOK at these two pictures. I think it really odd that she sleeps on her back. Tummy up and vulnerable.

Now she is older and look how BIG she is. She weighs almost 14 pounds. I cut back on her food and she still DEMANDS more food.
I don't CARE what you say, I'm gonna have more to eat.
She is so cute.
More later, Linda

Friday, September 28, 2012

Still no camera

I remember coming into the house and then------

No camera.

Does anyone know how to get photos off your iphone and onto your computer?

I think I have it figured, but then----I did misplace that camera.

I love my camera, It has an OIMAGE STABILIZER.

Know what that means? 

It means NO MORE blurry photos.



Fiddle, Faddle!!!


Where can the camera be???

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Losing things

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I am really strange, I mean REALLY strange.

I think about the strangest things. I see things differently. You know those pictures where you either see the old lady or the young lady. I can see that picture half old and half young.

Now THAT'S strange.

Now I have lost my camera.

I need my camera. I love to take pictures of Sarah. And I have some good ones on that camera.

I NEED my camera.

I've only MISPLACED my camera.

But it's still not in the place it should be.


More later, Linda

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wondering Again???

This must be my wondering time. But I have a lot of thoughts going thru my head.

One of them is the way the government works.

Now, I always thought that if you paid a person to work--you were the employer. So tell me why it is that the people in Washington DC think that WE work for them?

When did those people give me a salary?  NEVER

Where do they get their salaries??

It ain't from the corner store.

They get paid with the taxes that are collected.
Who pays those taxes?

WE do. You and I. The populace. The working stiff!! The single mom who works for $2.70 and hour. The single dad who makes considerably better than that. They both pay for daycare. We the people do. The retired person living on $500 a month from Social Security. And all the people in the US who work.  We pay the taxes.

That's who!!

So, if their salaries are paid with tax money, and WE pay the taxes---we are the employER. RIGHT?

If you, as the wmployer, are not happy with an employee--and that's what they are, after all--what do you, as the employer do?

You get rid of them. PERIOD.

Nuff said.

More later, Linda

More Naked Ladies!!!

I finally found out what these flowers are really called. They are Lycoris and the color name. Back in August Jerry decided to put out some weed and feed in the yard. To, of course, get rid of the weeds.

I think he put some kilzall in the mix because, well take a look----see all those yellow spots. That's after lots of watering and some rain. For a month. I think he killed the grass. But the Lycoris came up anyway!! They must be really hardy hummers. We have owned this house since 1970, and never planted any Lycoris. The pink one were here when we moved in. These reds ones showed up sometime in the 1990's. Just popped up one day. They are beautiful. And I love how they come up at a different time than the pink ones.

This is a better view of the red Lycoris. I guess I SHOULD call them by their real name. This is two days growth. The red don't stay around as long as the pink ones do, but they are gorgeous

And this is the new door mat that Jerry made for us. It looks like the state of Oklahoma. The only thing he had to do was cut the bottom to fit the Red River. Sarah likes it because it's cooler than the concrete.
Have you ever tried to take a picture and NOT get a shadow of you taking a picture and trying to not be in the picture?? Well, it ain't easy.!!!
Isn't she cute? She really loves to be out in the slight breeze and 90 degree weather.
Then there are times she gets out on the concrete. At 3 in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day. She lays down on that hot concrete and there is no way she will come in UNTIL she is ready to.
There is no one like Sarah.
More later, Linda

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wondering??? !!!

THEY say, and I ask who are they?, but they say that as a person gets older they begin to loose it.

What's IT? 

Your looks? That's just in the eye of the beholder.

Your hair? That really a eye opener. I was loosing mine in a major way until I got a thyroid test and had to start taking pills.

Your libido? That's a touchy subject because every body's libido is different.

Your height? Yes, I have lost a 1/2 inch since high school. But I'm still not as short as my mom. She was 4 foot 11 inches. I, on the other hand, am 5 foot 3--make that 2 and 1/2 inches tall.

So who are they? and what is it?

I think THEY is anyone who is a pain in the backside. Someone who is always telling you that you're wrong. Someone who is ALWAYS belittling you.

No what I say to them now I am older? 

No NOT that!!!

I say, I'm so sorry you're having a bad day. Talk to you tomorrow!!

And IT is that someone envies. They like how you dress---so they tell you, in a NICE way of course, that they think you need a new hair dresser.

Makes sense to me.

What about you???

More later, Linda

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sarah and Jerry

Today we had to wash all of Sarah's bedding. I really don't know why because (shhhh don't tell anyone---she sleeps with us).

Don't tell anyone!!!

Heaven forbid if it gets back to any of the family.

Long years ago and many miles away, we got two yorkies. a male for our daughter and a female for me.

His name was KILLER!! He had the biggest attitude. More fun to play with. He weighed ALMOST two pounds. That first Christmas everyone gave him a small piece of a cookie, or a small piece of cake or a small piece of chicken. 

Lynn came running into the kitchen and said---MOM there's something wrong with Killer.

So we got in the Mini and went to Norwich to the animal place. I can't remember what it was called because this is back in my ytounger days, it was 1978. Anyway, they believed in herbals even for pets. So we got him some raspberry pills. His dose was 1/2 a small pill. It crumbled and we just finally had to guess what a 1/2 of a pill was. No food, just boiled water with sugar and salt in it for THREE days. By the end of the three days he was really hungry.

He SCARFFED down that food.

And then after Christmas we got Mandy. She weighed ELEVEN pounds. We were in business and were gonna have lots of puppies.

Neither one of us knew that Yorkies only come into season about every three years. Not many puppies that way. But, they were so cute. Expecially Killer.

He would sit at the door to go out and bark. That's nothing special -- but his little feet would come off the floor like one of those wind up dogs.

And while we are on the subject of DOGS -- we have NEVER had a dog.



WE have Furry People!

And if you would think about your furry people, that's what they are.

Don't even try to change my mind.

Anyway, the sleeping with us started with Mandy. Killer was sleeping with Lynn. At three pounds he needed to have a source of warmth or he would have gotten pneumonia.

But Mandy, being the BIG girl she was, I just left her to sleep where she wanted. I had a bed for her, but you know how they are. They love to change places ALL night long.

One cold and snowy night, I went to bed. Then I had to get up because I couldn't remember if I had put the fire screen in front of the fireplace.

There was Mandy, with her head on the half brick that made up the place in front of the fire.  Her long hair was ALMOST in the fire.

And, the firescreen was NOT covering the fireplace opening!!!

She went to bed with me.

I told myself that I would just put her on the floor in the summer when we didn't have a fire in the fireplace.

Well, when she died 17 years later, she was still sleeping in our bed.

Once a furry person decides that they have a good thing going you can't budge that thought with a ten foot pole.

We have had Georgie, and now Sarah.

Where was their bed.???

With US, of course.

We got used to having them in the bed too.

More about times in England later.

More Later, Linda


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sarah and Jerry

I know this looks strange, but Jerry and Sarah were playing this morning! I mean her little tail was just a sashaying around and around!!!
And even with his bad shoulders, he was laughing and carrying on. He didn't want me to take the pictures to begin with (as you can see), but he soon got into the fun of the day.
Here she goes right under the table. Rubbing her head on the carpet. Having a good time.
I have a question? Does anyone else have a dog that scrubs the carpet with their head when the other end is wet???
Sarah does!!!
No fair telling secrets!!!
Mama is gonna get you two for that!!!
The threat didn't faze them a bit. 
Now, Jerry is telling the secrets!
OK, you two don't gang up on me.
And a hug to last the rest of the day.
I know why she is so happy today. She got a shot for allergies yesterday. She, Jerry and me slept really good last night. It's amazing what a body feels like when it's not itch, scratchy and down right miserable.
That is so cute. Jerry and his Sarah hugging. Makes me want to smile.!!!
More later, Linda

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarah is not feeling good

Sarah kept us up last night until 2.30 pm. That's after a long day at Christi's debut.  She kept getting up and going to the door, scratching, and going to the door, scratching and getting a drink. So we took her to the vets this morning.

We found a little bit of flea residue. Not much. But with the licking of the feet and the scratching, he decided to give her a shot of cortisone and antihistamine.

She is now sleeping.
Well, I thought she was asleep.

There she is in Jerry's chair. sleeping away. Doesn't she look cute. But SHE can sleep and I can't.

Now she's getting down. She is a real restless sleeper. So last night didn't seem like it was much different UN TIL she started getting up every 15 minutes.!! Then I put her in her bed.

Where am I gonna sleep now.

NOT there. It's too bumpy!!

Not there either. MAN, this is getting serious.

So??? Yes. I AM a sucker for a cute little girl like her. She is SO tired.

I got this close and she didn't even open her eyes. That's pathetic. Not really I'm just TIRED myself and can't go to sleep!!!

I guess the flash got into her eyes. Poor BABY!!!

She found her a pillow, she closed her eyes and she is now asleep.

It's now MY turn!!!

More later, Linda


Christi's Debut

A new member to our team had her debut yesterday.  We had so much fun and too much food.
 Isn't this Cute way to promote yourself!!! She took the wrappers off the water bottles and replaced them with a pink wrapper with her name, her cell number and her website address!! You go GIRL.!Gave me some ideas--she did!!
And this is two of the ladies that came to the debut party. I can't remember their names---I am so sorry goes to all the ladies that were there for not remembering your names. Well I remember the names I just don't know what name goes with what face...I have always been like that. It is NOT because I'm getting older.

And there is the raspberry lemonade. It was too DIE for!!

This is only part of the food. Now I just want to say ONE thing. MK women love to talk about the amazing business plan that Mary Kay wrote up. We also love to talk about the products and how good they are for your skin--men included.

But when it comes to food---OOOOOOOH mama, we do like to eat!!!

Christi is on the right. She is so cute. I am so glad she decided to join our team.

And this is Christi's mom. Kathy or Cathy, I didn't ask, I just remember that name because Katherine is my middle name.

I did get a very bad picture of the COACH bag that Donna is giving away---ask me how---and the one she is giving to the consultant who has the most people to call in.
Now I know why women go gaga over Coach bags. They really are worth it.

More later, Linda


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sarah has a JOB

Sarah got a NEW job today. Before this she had the job of CSO--- Chief Security OFFICER.

And she was the BWO ---

Bird Watching Officer!!

She was also at the same time the BTO or the

Bed TESTING officer!!

She is now the PLO or paper licking officer at our house.

Every week Jerry has to get an allergy shot. So he stops by the Mickie D's and picks up 2 eggamuffins. One for me and one for him.

That has not gone well with Sarah. She thinks---no she knows that SHE should have one too.

So today I made her the PLO of our home.
Do you see---can you see---any cheese on that scrap of paper? Neither could I, so that's why she is

the PLO.

Because she did such a wonderful job. Fulfilled all the duties of a PLO and kept the evidence so we could see what she accomplished!!

See, it's the real deal paper.

Of course, she got a little shy when I had to take her picture to put on the wall with all the OOO positions.  CFO, CEO, PLO they are all the same thing.

She hid her head!!

And again she hid her head.  Shied away from the lime light.  Just like an OOO person.

But finally I got a good shot.

She even posed for it.

More later, Linda


Monday, September 10, 2012

Sarah says not AGAIN

This morning Jerry and I went to Noble to watch Donna do a new consultant orientation with my new consultant!! YEAH!!!

Anyway, she is so cute. This beautiful woman has 3 kids. OMG! how does she find time to smile. But she is a joy to be around and to work with.

And this is her beautiful 14 month old. Now I know that babies have a sense about people because when we got there she was asleep in the recliner. With a big teddy bear to keep her warm and from rolling out of the recliner. What a good idea about the bear.
I digress.  Well, Donna was busy doing her orientation and the baby woke up. The next thing I knew Jerry was holding her and bouncing her up and down. He loves kids and, as I do, can't wait until we have great grandkids and not just great grandDOGS.  If you can't figure it out, that's just a HINT!!

 She never even made a peep when Jerry picked her up, or when I did or when Donna did. So that just proves to me what THEY said for years. Babies and dogs know a good (or bad) person.

And then we got home, around 2 pm. This is what we got from Sarah.

She was NOT a happy camper. We had to leave her last Tuesday night to go to OKC for the Red Jacket training. We had to leave her to go to Church on Sunday. We had to leave her this morning to go to orientation.

So THIS is the look that we got when we got home. I think we need to get her a baby sitter!!

More later, Linda

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

Today is beautiful. The sun is shining. The air is cool and-------

Jerry's getting a haircut.

His hair curls into his ears. I don't mean just kinda goes over the ears. It seems to take up refuge inside his ears.

And this happens overnight!!!

Last week --- nada.

This week. Lots if hair in the ear. Enough that it looked like he had had hair transplants into his ears!!!

It sounds gross, but it feels like something is crawling in his ears.

You know the feeling and don't say you don't.

Once I looked in his ears and by the time I got all the hair plucked from his ears the piles oh hairs looked like a squirrels nest.

Of course with a tweezers sometimes I pulled skin along with the hair


Hurt !!! HURT !!!!

So today is a beautiful day.

He just got back from the barber.  No more hair in his ears. YEAH!!!

This is Charlie -- our GrandDog. Lynn's Son and his girlfriend are the parents of Charlie. Isn't he cute and he's smiling for the camera.

Dave hasn't had time to brush his hair yet. In fact he just got up and helped me get a picture of Sarah.
And this of course, is Sarah.  She looks really awful with her hair like that. I am gonna brush her , AGAIN, and get the tangles out and then make her look georgeous.!!!
More Later, Linda

Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Winner YET

I think you all need a hint so here it is.

Well not yet, I just want to say that it is RAINING in our part of Oklahoma today.

YEAH!!! Woo Hoo. Hallelujah!!!

It's cooler with clouds.

Isn't that the way the weather PERSON says it.

Actually, we do have women meterologists on our tv stations.

I don't know if I spelt that meteor think right or not so I will just call them weather people.

That's right I said I would give a hint to the question from yesterday.

Here it is --- the initials for the 2 companies in the US that stress customer service above anything else.


Are you sure??

I just did that because I can now that I'm grown. Couldn't help myself. My older brother did that to me all the time we were in school.

So the initials are mk an swa.

You get a prize if you let me know what they stand for.

And when I did the spell check I DID misspell the meterot thing word.

C'est la vie!!!

More later, Linda

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Question in Previous Blog

What are the two companies in the US who stress customer service over anything else??

Do you know???

You get a prize if you answer correctly!!!

RED Jacket Night

Last night we went up to OKC to the Waterford Hotel for a Red Jacket and Director only training.

First of all, at Mary Kay events we ALWAYS start on time. We were 15 minutes late last night because we needed half of the other room just to get all the women. I noticed that most of the directors came in right at 6.30.

No chairs.

NONE !!!

They were out of luck. No not really that's when Kia (the guy who works at the hotel) came in and opened the other room. Took him about 10 minutes to get the doors opened and the chairs set up.

Did that stop Stacy James????


She  just started her meeting and kept right on going.

Even Jerry liked her. His comment, "She's good!"

There were 2 brave men there last night. Jerry and another husband. They were recognized by Stacy. They both looked to be a little shy about all the women applauding them. I know I was proud to have Jerry with me. But then he goes to all the functions with me. Except Seminar.

Seminar for both of us next summer when I get recognition on stage as a new Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

If you don't know yet, when women get together they talk. And talk. AND TALK!!

I think that's just in our gene's . Oh well. Do you see that folding wall? That's what had to be opened when all the rest of the ladies got there. The room behind the wall was twice the size of where we were and it was half full when all the chairs were put down. Wonderful to see that many women ready to do something with their business.

There is my wonderful Jerry!!! He really doesn't like crowds, but he comes with me and the support is what I need.

A sea of RED !!!!  I will be so beside myself when Christi is there, and Terri is there, and Hannah is there, and Lynn is there, and 2 more are there with me. And in their own RED jackets.

And this is Stacy James. She does NOT have a growth on her shoulder. That the forehead of someone else.

She is so much fun and so into who we are and not what she wants us to be like. But then that's what I want my team to be. Themselves and in their Director suits with me.

There are two companies in this country that put customer service first. Know what they are?

A prize to whoever can name both.

More later, Linda


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why did we quit-----?

Saturday we went to the drag races in Ardmore. I must say that it was hot but windy which kept us from getting too overwhelmed.

I also have to tell you about the bleachers. COVERED!!! Nice and sturdy. The grounds were really clean which led me to believe that the concession was clean too.

 There was only one or two that made my whole body shake. That is the most awesome feeling!!

All that energy being transferred from the engine to the ground to the bleachers and then to everyone there.

That one went faster than I could go from the picture above to the finish line.!! FAST!!

It made the 1/8 in .0489 of a minute. Too fast.
I could make it to OKC in about 30 minutes like that.
Of course, the fuel would make the trip to shop VERY expensive!!

And then there is the smoke. Do they HAVE to burn out like that????

This is a pretty car. and see that gold helmet, too pretty for words. Of course the men driving the cars last Saturday probably wouldn't like for me to say that their cars were pretty.

(But they were)

So back to the title......

The last time WE -- Jerry, me, Lynn and Dave had been to the races was back 40 years ago. So why DID we quit.

Too busy---
Not enough time---

Whatever the crutch is, we are going to get over it and keep on going!!!

Here we come and there they go.

More Later, Linda