Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Girl and Sarah

Sarah---I am REALLY po'd!!! I have to share. Baby Girl had to have a drink and guess where she got it.

You guessed it. MY bowl. Hers was still outside.

I don't like to share. ANYTHING!!!

There she is. That one over my left shoulder. 

If I don't look that means she's not there.

But it is hot. I think it's 105 degrees. I suppose she HAS to stay in the house.

Now she's sleeping!!! What am I gonna do, she's sleeping in MY bed!!!

Do I HAVE to SHARE  with BABY GIRL.  I mean that's like naming a giant TINY!!

Me--I start petting her and calling her over to me. Jerry does the same. and before long she really settles down.

She even decided that the couch was hers. NOT!!

so she sleeps on the floor and so does Sarah. For Today!!!

Right now they have been taking naps all over the place and it sure is cute. I mean Sarah is about 1/10 the size of Baby Girl!!!

Here's Baby Girl sleeping by the door. And Dave is on the computer. Dave named her Baby Girl when he got her. That's like Lynn naming her 2 pound Yorkie Killer.

 They are two happy people.

And YES the are TOO people!!! We call them pets, but they really are our babies. Now fess up. They're people to YOU too!!!

Baby Girl is too a people. She's a FURRY PERSON you know...just  like Sarah, Georgie, Mandy, Killer, Bo, Radar, Wheezer, Sable, Java and the cat that's in the Furry People cemetery in our back yard.

If we ever move-----the cemetery goes with us!!!

I have SPOKEN!!

More later, Linda