Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm NOT sharing!!!

Our friend Alice went to visit with her grandson while he was in the hospital and couldn't take her furry person with her. Here is Harley. She is so cute. Now, mind you, she is a few years older. But she is still cute. But Sarah had never been around others since she had left the litter. She used to play with her litter mates, but since she came to be with us she had not had to share anything.

Harley did NOT go over very well.

In fact not at all.

Does this give you an idea of Sarah's acceptance of another in her house.

I think that furry people are just like us. They have their likes and dislikes, they will accept or reject whoever.

And REJECTION is written all over Sarah.

SHE is NOT gonna eat my food.  Or drink my water!!

No way!



What did I do??? I just want someone to play with me because my mama just left me here and I don't know when she's gonna come back.

Well, I guess she can sleep in her bed----coz she's not gonna sleep in mine.  NEVERY EVERY!!!!

Enough said.

Sarah got her way


More later, Linda

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jerry was PO'D

As you already know, Sarah sleeps with us.

Mandy slept with us and so did Georgie.

They found their place and they didn't move.

And if you tried to move Mandy, she would growl. Not that short little growl. A long drawn out growl.  Way deep in her throat. Just a warning, but we didn't want to test it. So we did NOT move her.

AT ALL!!!!

Georgie was really flexible about being moved. I could even put her in her bed during the night if I had to. Of course her bed was on top of the night stand. She would sleep in it during the summer months.It got too cold in NM in the winter for her to sleep there.

And then there came SARAH!!

She will sleep on her side in a ball, she sleeps on her side stretched out, she sleeps on her back, she sleeps on her other side.

And ALL that happens in about 20 minutes.

You can imagine what happens in 8 hours!!!!

Do you see any in those eyes???


I just see someone who KNOWS she belongs.

And this is how Jerry woke this morning.

As you can see,  Sarah has the prime spot.

Right in the MIDDLE of his side of the bed!!!

And the pretty pink blanket.  All cozy fleece.

Our Nonie made it for me last year for Christmas. Those are the PINK bows to remind us about the desperate need for a cure to Breast Cancer.

Now Sarah is PO'D.!!!! Because I woke her up!!!

What am I gonna do-----they're both PO'D now!!!

More later, Linda

Monday, October 29, 2012

In the Path of Sandy

Our Nonie is in Virginia. Close to DC.

The hurricane is in Virginia. Close to DC.

Things are happening there.

Last update, she was ok.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just wondering about some things

Just fill in the blank.

Have you ever wanted to be a pilot?

Not me!!!


I don't think I could ever get into a cockpit and fly a plane.

Have you ever wanted to be a jockey?

Even though I am at the top end of height and way over the weight limit, yes, I think I would like to be a jockey.

Wanna know why???

Well, I like animals. And to be a fantastic jockey a person would have to KNOW what that horse was thinking.  She would have to be so in tune with that horse that she would know what they were thinking and when they were going to move.

Would I ever want to be a teacher??

No, NO, nada, NEVER.  Don't get me wrong---I like kids of all ages. I love to watch little kids do all those funny things that we think are really over the top when they get to be teenagers.

But I am from the old school and I really don't like being treated like the son the the Simpson's show treated his dad.  And let's face it---that's the attitude most of the students have these days.

Do I want to ever work for someone else??


I like MY job!!

More later, Linda

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Looking Through Pictures

Are you like I am?  I have a ton of pictures!!

On my phone and on my camera.

I have just figured out how to down---no, that's UPload pictures from the phone to the computer. From the camera to the computer is easy.

Anyway, today we are going to go through some of the pictures.

Let's have some fun!!!

When Lynn took me to DC with her to visit with Nonie, we were in our Jamie Oliver cookbook. So there was this recipe for Roast Lamb.  We found a shank of lamb---we I don't really remember if you can get a lamb roast. It was a big hunk of meat is all I know.

And so we had, Yorkshire puddings as you can see. We also had fennel, and gravy and some other things that I hope Lynn will comment to.

Wonderful how we always talk about food and then get together and eat.

While we were in DC we went to see our cousin Kenneth.

Can you see a family resemblance??? I am snickering even as I type.!!!

Lynn was 9 months old when she last saw Kenneth and I haven't figured out how old I was. Now Kretsinger is not a real common last name. So when I looked on the facebook for Kenneth Kretsinger, I was amazed to find 25 Kenneth Kretsingers.  So I started scrolling down the page. Most people don't have pictures on their facebook profile. About half way down I saw this guy. Went right past it.  Then I scrolled back, he lived in Maryland, he was about the right age and had a link to email him.

So, this is what I wrote.  If your dad was named Bill and your mom was Ellie,  the HELLO Cus!! and he wrote me back. "Hello!! Cousin."

Lynn and he get together every time she goes to DC and he and May are planning a trip to see all the rest of us Kretsingers here and in Texas. It's strange how things work out. Well, really its a God thing!!

And then there's Sarah.  Here she is in 2010. We had just gotten her. Already she weighed more than 4 pounds. And right now she is at 14. Large for a Yorkie, but she is so CUTE!! she does the weirdest things and I just have to take pictures.

The flowers we had at our 50th Anniversary party. Patricia VanDer Breggan got them for us. We had cupcakes instead of cake and Andrew and Lynn made these wonderful finger foods. I can spell that other word. Bacon wrapped haricot verte. Stuffed cherry tomatoes. Lynn stuffed them with ground cooked bacon and lettuce. So we had bacon lettuce and tomato things. WONDERFUL!!!

And then in December we had Jerry's 70th birthday party. From right to left is Donald, Keith, Ruben and Tyler. I cooked a roast and roasted some chicken and all the mashed potatoes than Jerry could eat and leave some for the rest of us.

So that was part of 2010. From February to December.

We cook together and we eat together and we have a good time.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Australia Here I COME!!!!

Sarah must have had a bad day today.

She didn't get to go out into the garage.

She didn't get to chase the squirrels.

And she did NOT chase the skunk that died in the road.

Actually I think a car hit it.

I am SO happy I don't have to ride in THAT car!!!

Back to Sarah.....

She got ready for bed way too early. Jerry even told her we weren't ready for bed!! That's a first.

But she was ready, actually , more than ready.

I don't know about you, but she looks really po'd to me!!!

And now she is asleep-----which is what she wanted all along.

No --- we did not cover her up. She spent about 10 minutes pulling and tugging and stomping on that blanket.  She went under it.

She went on top of it.

She pulled it with her teeth

And stomped on it with her feet---excuse me her hands!!

And THEN she got under it and walked around about 10 minutes. Fluffing the blanket!!

The next think we knew was her head.

Jerry had to get her out of the blanket and put her in bed.

She is SO spoiled!!

More later, Linda

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I THINK I need a King sized bed

If a kind size bed would fit into our bedroom I really think we would buy one.  But it's an 8' by 10' and it just won't handle a king size bed.

After all these years --  this is what I found when I looked in to see if Jerry was sleeping --

I'm going shopping tomorrow.

In the FURNITURE store.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sarah LOVES to eat

How many of you out there love Yorkies?

They are cute, LITTLE and have really pretty hair.

And it IS hair and not fur. I spend more on Sarah hair products than I do on mine.

She even goes to the beauty shop.

But Sarah didn't stay 4 pounds, no SHE is 14 pounds. This happens for a reason. I have no CLUE what the reason is, but when we got our first female, her name was Mandy, she was 12 pounds.

At least we won't step on her.

I always worried about Killer when all those kids were around. He was so tiny. But SMART.  He would stay close to the wall or the furniture when Lynn and Dave had their friends over to watch TV.

He was sooooooo cute. When he would bark to go out the front legs would come off the ground. He was too cute.

And OF COURSE, because we are mischievous people, we put a sign up that read "Beware of Dog" .

We brought it home---dogs and sign---and put it up on the front gate.

I have had people call me from their car because of that sign. It is too funny.  Even now.

So here we are with a long haired pooch who loves to eat.

She has to have her chew stick before she goes out in the morning. And she has to have her food in a CLEAN bowl.

Not just a damp rag run around inside to get out the crumbs.


No way AT ALL!!!



It must to be washed with soap and rinsed with warm water and dried with a paper towel.

Well, that's what Jerry tells me anyway. He takes care of that.

I just put the food in the bowl.

But she is cute and cuddly---SOMETIMES.

When she wants something.

If she doesn't want something she sleeps in her bed with the door open.

She is SO goofy!!

More about Sarah and Mandy tomorrow.



Monday, October 1, 2012

The Camera has been found

Have you ever-----

Looked and looked for something, decided to buy a replacement, and then looked some more.

Well, I hate to say it but I do this ALL the time.

I lost the camera. That is a no-no, very bad thing, a messed up bunch of business. I LIKE my camera. I call it mine because Jerry doesn't know how to work it. But he can turn all those shutters settings and fStops and all that other stuff on that old camera of ours. Well, let;'s make that HIS. I couldn't even get the film to roll from one reel to another. And I couldn't keep it still. I NEVER took a non blurry picture in all the years that we used it.

So, when we bought this one. I looked it over really good. And on the top of the case---right next to the clicker I found two WONDERFUL words.

Wanna know what they are?

Ok, OK, I will tell you.


Now I take all the pictures.

And this is what was on the disc when I downloaded them.

They are about gone now. I did get online and found some yellow, white and coral ones to add to the ones we have.

Of course, we might, just MIGHT have trouble with Sarah. She likes to bit them off about half way down the stalk.

And then I got interested in the shadows that the flowers were casting. I know where some of that REALLY scary stuff in movies comes from now.

This one looks like a BIG axe!!!

And this one could be a WEREWOLF!!!

This one could be a ghost!!

Halloween is almost here.

More later, Linda