Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Polly has come to visit!!

I like visitors. I dust the house, Jerry vacuums. We bring in fresh veggies. 
We change the sheets on the bed upstairs. We even clean out the toilet, tub and sink. 

Everything has to be clean!!  




That does NOT include Polly. 

Polly is not welcome. 

When she comes to visit, we all close the doors AND the windows. 

But then with the full name of POLLEN. 

What can she expect?

More later, Linda 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


My granddaughter called our Lynn today and told her we needed to go see Cinderella. I remember the Disney one from when it first came out.  That was when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and Cinderella was animated..

There have been several Cinderellas----Drew Barrymore in EverAfter----Gemma and I don't remember her last name was Cinderella in the 70's----Richard Chamberland was the Prince sometime in the 60's ---and I am sure I have missed some of the versions.  Yes, Hillary Duff and that wonderful comedienne in Legally Blonde..  The nail tech.

None of them had singing birds---blue birds----or mice that helped make her dress---or that cute little white haired god mother as did the Disney Cinderella..

Only time will tell if this one is as good as the one I remember.

Then there is the fact that I have rented all the others a jillion times because I like them so much.!!!!!

More later, Linda

Monday, March 16, 2015


Ok, I'll admit I get so busy I don't wipe counters down as things happen. It's a failing fault I have. 

I can live with that. 

But this is different 

And THIS  


You know what I mean. The pixies leave dirt on the floor--scum in the tub--hand prints on the glass door--shoes in the living room--and laundry in the dryer. 


I have to blame all that on someone!!

More later, Linda 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's 8.20 and 67!!

It's soooo nice tonight.  But Jerry likes it warm and I just can't have too much heat. This is his solution. And after all REAL men wear pink!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The NOW girl!!

I used to be one. A now girl!! I wanted it NOW!  

Then, we moved to Dallas. Things changed quickly and I was not a now girl any more. 

But Sarah -- Sarah is a different person. 

She will stay like this for hours -- not really, but that's what she says. 

And then the times comes

For the bread and honey!!

She's happy now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This I would like to paint!!

Sarah watching her daddy

And using my pillow! The colors are fantastic!!

Some days are just BLECK

You KNOW what I am talking about. Those days when you are waiting for something to happen and it's hours from now and its raining and its cold and there is nothing good on TV and --- and ---

Well that's today!!

But as a positive person I can find lots of things to find good even if its rainy and cold.

AT the VERY LEAST it's not SNOWING again!!

The kitchen counter is clean.

I dusted the blinds in the bedroom.

It's not even 10 am and I have already cooked breakfast AND gotten dressed.

We are on a ROLL!!

More later, Linda