Friday, January 31, 2014


This morning I fixed Sarah's breakfast. A quarter cup of dry and a tablespoon of canned. 

Then, I got Jerry's ready. Toast, scrambled eggs, with ham and queso--just a little because Jerry says it's too hot. 

But Sarah needed to INSPECT Jerry's plate. So they made a bargain!!

Rule number 1
She waits until he's finished. 

Rule number 2
And he hurries to get finished. 

She won!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Have you ever made a mistake?  Well, that not a good way to put it. Have you ever made a mis--step?

You know when you think that the floor is closer than it actually is?  or when there doesn't seem like there is any bottom and your very toes keep aching to find that FIRST feeling of solidarity??

I am known to myself -- if no one else -- as Miss Klutz.

I was thinking about when we had our Christmas play at the church.  It was so good. They had even enlarged the platform to make the walking area bigger and more straight .  You know the front of the platform was rounded and then they straighten it off and put carpet on it to match what was already there.

The carpet is red.  Pretty and it must be industrial for all the walking that's done there.

Anyway the only part of the platform that had been straighten was the top.

No one said anything about that.

There are no markers of ANY kind to tell us that the steps are still rounded and not any higher than they were to begin with.

I stepped off.

I thought my toes were NEVER going to find a toe hold.!!

YIKES that was a long way.

And even though I am an old lady. It didn't do anything to my lumbar or sacroiliac or anything else.

It sure took my breath away.

And my toes were in trauma for a while.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Things HAPPEN!!

I used to think that --

That the Easter bunny left the candy. Then I found out he only leaves the colored eggs. 

That Oklahoma was a state that MIGHT have two -- that's 2 -- days of below 30 degrees weather a winter. This winter has been very cold and very long. 

And I used to think you left the bed unmade so the fresh air would kill all the germs in the sheets. But then

This happened. Sarah is keeping the sheets down. 

There goes ALL my thinking right down the drain. 

More later,Linda  

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's a DIVA!!!

Little Miss Diva had a FIT a little while ago!

We had to do an underbody bath. That's where Sarah is put into the bathroom sink and her underbody is washed. 

Does she like it?


Do we do it anyway?


When I put her down she started ranting. Running around. Shaking her back end!!  She got her nose under the rugs and up they went. Then she got under the blankets in her beds and out they went. 


She got into her bed and of course---Jerry did this

So she wouldn't get cold. She didn't stay under cover long. 

Just like a DIVA !!  Gets what she wants and then leaves it. 

Gotta love her!!

More later, Linda 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sarah's BORED or is it CABIN fever??

This was Sarah's movement today. 
On the other side of Jerry's chair. 

Over on the other by the table. 

Then on to this spot!!
Between my chair and his!!
But that's not all. No!!! 


Into HER house!! She really likes the pillow. Have I EVER said she was spoiled!! 

Then she went to the snugly blanket.  

Then Jerry's hand got scraped when he went to get the mail and sarah had to give him some sympathy!!

I really think it's cabin fever because I feel the same way. 

She's a good girl. 

More later,Linda 

Sarah is po'd

Sarah is a sweetie. She gives us so much joy!! She rolls in the grass time after time. She barks at the trash truck but not the pickup truck. There is one motorcycle she goes crazy over. And she sleeps in Jerry's lap and has to have the Western Channel on. 

She also snuggles up in the covers and puts her body where she can touch both of us. She washes our legs whenever and she takes her meds without any problem. 

But sometimes --- 

she is po'd. I have no idea what she is po'd about. 

And she was po'd for quite a while. 

Finally she got her joy back and was back to herself. 

I have decided that female "Furry" people are just like people people. 

Sarah is now 4 so she's a preteen. And she acts like it. All we have to do is love her through it. 

More later,Linda 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Strange things are happening

We actually have earthquakes in Oklahoma. When we bought this house in 1970 the front porch was cracked right down the middle. In 1979 we put a new porch on AND a walkway and they are cracked. In the SAME place. 

The house is on a fault line. 

We've had possums and squirrels. Lots and LOTS of gophers. We even had moles at one time. 

All outside. 

But today the strange thing was inside. 

The kitchen to be exact. 

I came into the kitchen to fix breakfast and a something yellow JUMPED at me. 

It was a 


Jerry told me it just JUMPED into his hands. So he was gonna eat it. 

It's wonderful to see him being silly. 

Beats the stuffing out of being sad about having memory loss. 


Monday, January 20, 2014


Saturday was a beautiful day in Oklahoma. Warm but windy. Grass fire danger. It's not too bad this year. 

Our Dave called and asked if we would come to Davis to have BBQ with him. At the famous Smokin Joes. 

Our Lynn and Keith took us. 

There was a line there but we didn't have to wait long. We got to the table and had a good time taking pictures. 

Our Dave and his friend Lynn. We have a Lynn so this's Lynn is Lynn from Sulphur. 

Our Lynn and her dad Jerry. Selfies are fun but where do you look to get the best picture. 

Me and Our Lynn. I really had to work the head position to keep the double chin from showing so badly. 

And Our Keith. One if the few pictures we have if him. Keith is a really nice person. And I love him like he was one of mine from birth. 

Food finally came. We ate--we talked--we had a really good time. 

Hope your Saturday was as good as ours. 

More later, Linda 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We are ALL alike.

Sarah is a spinner. She sleeps most of the time on her back. 

Just SO relaxed and happy. I guess it helps keep her back aligned. 

I know when my back hurts really bad I can lay on the floor with my bottom close to the couch and my legs in the seat and OH MY does that hurt good. 

And then when I roll over and get up it still feels good. 

I guess her back feels better!!

More later Linda 

All she needs is a bikini!!

I remember when bathing suits covered the whole body. Arms and legs showed but no tummy showing




And then along came the bikini!! 


NOW. Nothing is left to the imagination!!

I just don't know if I like the new even smaller scraps of fabric. 

There's nothing left to ponder about. 

See what I mean!! With Sarah in all her glory laying there what is there to wonder about??

Later, Linda 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jerry and Sarah

Jerry is on his third round of antibiotics. This one seems to be working. 

Sarah was coughing and sneezing and had gunky stuff coming out her eyes. She's on antibiotics too

Guess which one is his and which is hers!!

Did you guess?  

Hers is the pink one and , yes, his is the blue!!

Gotta go and get them something for breakfast. 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Booty Hop!! Well--

I took Sarah to see Miss Jackie October 8th. It is now January 7th. She looked bad
Well, she's even sticking out her tongue!! I look BAD. That's what she said!

That was last week. So I texted Jackie this morning. This is what Sarah said

HELP!! My hair has grown and I can't see out!!

Jackie got back with me and now she looks like this

She smells good too!!

More later,Linda

Today I lost my day planner

YIKES I can't find the day planner!

I thought I had left it in the car, but the only thing there was the cover filled with LOOK books.

I don't remember what else I had to do. so I had to make another one. There oughtt to be an online free day planner.

Well, have you ever looked for a free Dayplanner??

Don't even try. The only things they have that are cute are expensive. I have decided to just get mine from MK and pay $3 and not $20 for the privilege of downloading a free day planner.

I just want SOMETHING that I can write my appointments on and of course the mileage and the sales and the new women in the group and --- and ---  well, you get the gist of what I am saying.

I wonder how a person would go about putting up a completely free website for people to get calendars and dayplanner pages for free?

Something to think about.

More later, Linda

Friday, January 3, 2014

Home ALONE!! Oh NO !!

Today I finally got Jerry to the doctors office. He's been coughing and having problems breathing. I think it's pneumonia. 

Believe it or not , the doctors office doesn't let furry people in. I can never figure out that one. 

So, Sarah is at home. By herself. 

I wonder what she's been doing??

I know for a fact that she's gotten into the trash can right by Jerry's recliner. And she's probably barked at sounds outside. Maybe she's had a nap. Or two. Make that three or more naps. 

Whatever she's done she will say--it's like this and then begin a running dialogue of what and why and when and where and how. 

Sarah said--it's like this-- someone came in and so I hid under the bed. I didn't do it!!!

Would that lie to me!!


More later, Linda

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sarah's Cousin

Our Lynn and Keith got a furry person to live with them. 
Her name is Bella. 
Bella is under Our Lynn's hands. She's so tiny. You know how animals are, they have to sniff everywhere. So, when Bella got through sniffing she settled down and started to play. 

Sarah's tongue was hanging OUT!!! 

After about an hour they calmed down--a little and we just let them play. 

But Sarah was still just a little skeptical about Bella's intentions. 

Sarah FINALLY gave in and accepted Bella. 


And then depression set in

Bella had to go home!!!

More later, Linda 

Sarah ROLLS!!

Now, I know that the phrase is " She ROCKS!!".  But Sarah--

She rolls!!

In the house--in her bed, make that bedS--and she rolls outside. 

This morning she rolled about 5 maybe 6 times. 

That, in itself, is not a major thing. 

Last summer when the grass was green she rolled down the slight incline from the garage to the swing. She got up and did it again. 

GREEN grass feels good!!

In the winter, grass is brown and DRY. 

Guess what happens when you roll in brown DRY grass??

Grass on the door mat?? That's what!!

I brushed her and thought I got it all but--

Grass on the carpet. 

Jerry is putting on his clothes so he can vacuum the carpet. 


Yesterday he vacuumed 6 times. He can't stand anything on the floor like crumbs or little bits of paper or GRASS. 

As long as he vacuums the carpet, I don't care how many times in a day it gets done!!

More later, Linda

Miss Attitude

Sarah THINKS she's hungry. She has been yipping for about an hour.

Look at those eyes!!  GLARING at me. 


And no please!!  She isn't gonna say please -- no way. 

She THINKS she can intimidate me!! 

No way. 

Food at 6 -- that's an hour. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Just a small note from Sarah


See you tomorrow!!

They look at LOT alike!!

I was watching Sarah sleep in her bed and then she FLOPPED around to the other end and---

She looks like this. Now, I've seen her in lots of poses but NEVER like this!!!

So then I looked to Jerry and---

This is what HE looked like!!

Similar poses!!

Both of them have cabin fever. 

Poor babies. 

There's always tomorrow!!!

More later, Linda