Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Passing Pictures around

Member how it was when you were a kid and the parents got together at all those family occasions? They ALWAYS brought out the MOST embarrassing pictures they could find of you?

Member how it was worse when you found that special someone and the just HAD to show that really ugly picture? You know the one. That school picture that shows all the baby teeth that are gone. Making you looking like an OLD person with their dentures out!! OMG!!! was that bad.

Member how they always found the pictures taken on the bath mat? You know the ones. Yeah those!! Just like the day you were born!!! As if you wanted anyone to see you like THAT!!

And all those pictures that have 20 family members in it. Those fuzzy ones.  Yes, and no one knows who anyone is. They just know that's grandpa's family. ALL his brothers and sisters. No names just people.

I have some like that. I remember a picture being taken one Halloween. I wanted to be a gypsy. For some unknown reason. So my mom got me one of her skirts, and a blouse. Some long necklaces and bracelets. And I stood in front of the camera with the goofiest look on my face. I was a happy girl. Goofy looking. But HAPPY.

Do you remember your parents finding a roll of film? You know those that had been used and not developed? What a surprise when they came back from developing!!

Pictures of you and your new baby. Who is standing beside you. Five foot tall and in the fifth grade. That child is MORTIFIED to see that tiny beautiful baby. Newborn pictures are never good. NEVER!!

Translate to the cameras of today. They take digital pictures. You can delete them from the camera. If they don't make you look your best.

You can download---upload---reload all at the same time.

You can crop---take out red eye---stream videos all from the same device.

But sometimes it is not possible to get pictures from your phone to your computer so you can send them on to someone waiting to use them in a blog.

That's why we have no new pictures of AWARDS night.

YET!!!! Teresa I believe in you

More later, Linda