Friday, July 27, 2012

Awards Night

This does not do justice to the splendor of Awards Night.  The entertainment!! The Diamonds!!! The gowns and the acknowledgement of achievement!! I mean, it's Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White all wrapped up into one part of SEMINAR !!!

I took these pictures by my iPhone and I didn't do so good. That's why I like my camera. It has IMAGE STABILIZER printed on top. I got it just for that because I get too excited to keep the camera still.

I was sitting right next to Terri and Jennifer. They are too cute. Both are beautiful women. And just nice to be around.
One of the beautiful gowns. It was filled with glitter and fitted like a glove. I have to say I can hardly wait until I can go gown shopping!!! I never had a gown before. NEVER!! It's exciting to even think about
There was a woman who slipped right out of her shoes at the end of this group. Do you see the man in the middle and to the right of the picture? Well just to the right of him is a staircase with 8 or 9 stairs. Two men on each step to help the women down. We women get excited and aren't used to heels and the floor is slick. These men are there to make sure NOTHING happens to us as we descent those stairs. The LAST woman in the group slipped and fell out of her shoes just before she got to the stairs. Four men came to help her. They didn't hesitate. One man picked up her shoes, Two others helped her after the fourth one asked her if she was hurt. What other business thinks far enough in advance to provide such assistance if it is even needed. That beautiful woman got up and someone put her shoes on for her and she waved to the roar of the crowd. WHAT an exit!!!

More later, Linda