Sunday, April 27, 2014


Lynn and Keith went to OKC yesterday--spent the night--walked the marathon after a 2 hour rain delay. 

I am so proud of her. She has trained a lot. Getting up at 4am and walking about 6/10 miles a day!!

I don't know if Keith trained but he walked the 5k. That's wonderful. 

I don't like to get up at 4am. I don't sweat much so I can't walk like that. 
I would say she's a changeling, but she looks like me!!

Later, Linda 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Old Friends

My friend Louise, we haven't seen each other since 1973. We went to England. And she divorced and remarried. Her daughters brought her to Duncan to see family and she wanted to see how our house was. 

And we still live here. 

God is so good. They all are Christian. 

I am so overwhelmed!!

More later Linda 

Sarah is on a diet

Sarah is really a furry person!! She's on a diet. She weights 17 pounds!!  Two pounds need to come off. 

We walked in the yard for 30 minutes today. I saw the squirrels, and the Road Runner. I've decided to name him yunnyunn. 

We fed the birds and filled bird feeders. 

And then I put Sarah's food in her bowl. 

She took one look and raised her head and stalked off. 

We had lunch, and I got that LOOK. You know the one .

The look that could do permanent damage to my person!!

I put some water in her bowl and she ate her food. 

It's now 3.43 and she's hungry. Wanna know how I know???

This is how !!! A picture speaks a thousand words. !!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I cannot find it

Somewhere Jerry found a tape dispenser without a spindle.  Is that what you call the thingie that holds the tape in and spins around when you take the tape off the tape thngie.

Anyway, I don't know the names for these things and now I am looking up to see if anyone has for sale one of the thingies that go into the dispenser that you put the tape on.

Need I tell you that my husband would be a hoarder if I let him???

I had to get really tough with him about what he wants to keep.  He even tries to keep USED paper towels.  REALLY??

Yes, really!!!

We have shirts that are completely shot.  The collars are so worn out that before long they will be a mandarin collar. No joke.

And ANY old sock he keeps so that he will have something to dust the car with. It doesn't matter that he has BUCKETS of sox's with holes in them.  He might need that one I just threw into the trash.

I've gotten to where I put things into the compactor and scrape the plates empty onto the contraband that I am trying to keep him from finding.

Se la vie!!!

More later, Linda

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I am wondering

Last week we went to deliver some product to a lady at her work. Now that's not strange, but this is!!

I know what this is.  It's a metal stairs thingie.  But why would it be up against the outside wall?? Why would it not be somewhere else. This is not a place where trucks come and offload their contents. This is a part of the office complex.  And then I looked a little farther -----

This is an entire pumping unit for the oil field!!

It costs a lot of money to make.  Why would it be out on the sidewalk of an office building???

Stranger and stranger.!!!

More later, Linda

Monday, April 21, 2014

We Have a Road Runner in our YARD!!

PWe had just eaten supper. Tried something -- cheesy grits. YUCK!!  Don't try makeing grits with corn meal. It doesn't work. 

I'm all over the place putting food up. Turning on the dish washer. All that stuff. So I decided to sit for a little while. 

Sarah started barking. She had something cornered. 

Of course, she was inside and whatever was outside. Jerry was up so he checked to see. He said "bird". So I got up and

it was a ROAD RUNNER!!  

Really!! An honest Road Runner!!  So I tried to take a picture and this is what I got

Those Road Runners are fast little suckers!!

More Later, Linda

Thursday, April 17, 2014

OCD is an OMG

Today I am confessing that I have OCD to a point. For a long time I couldn't put something into the microwave without lining it up with the grids on the metal shelf thingie.

Today I realized that it has GROWN into another thing that has to line up ---

But NOT like this. This is my ninja mixer. And on the bottom of the plastic thing that holds all the goodies there is a paper sticker. Today I looked into the container and what did I see??

A strip of paper ---- and it was CROOKED!!!




NEVER will it be like that!!

Not again!!

So I turned it around so that it was straight.


I think that proves my theory about dyslexia and OCD.  We all have both to some degree. Does it matter? NO it does not. That's just the way we were made.

More later, Linda

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sleeping is GOOD

Night before last I didn't sleep hardly at all. My legs were cramping and my shoulder hurt and various other things kept me from sleeping.

So last night I SLEPT really well. I don't remember waking but once and that was to turn over.

I have been in a better mood today. None of that snippy, snarky thoughts when someone said something that I didn't agree with.

None of that. Just overlooked lots of things and fixed breakfast and lunch, which Jerry didn't want and now I am wondering if he will want to have what I am thinking about fixing for supper.

He was put on the Mediterranean diet about a month ago. That's OK-----if you didn't grow up on a farm with limited access to different veggies and kinds of bread.

I just can't imagine what it was like to always have the same things to eat. Meat--potato--corn or mac and cheese. That's about it.

Our Lynn and Our Dave and their kids LOVE to cook. In fact when they all show up here they take over the kitchen and prepare they food. They don't just fix a meal----they PREPARE them.

AWESOME things to eat.

But I digress.

Back to the sleeping.

I didn't just sleep I slept until 7 a.m. and that is so much better that 5a.m.

I am just thankful that it happened. Because with the dreary, cloudy day and Jerry not wanting to eat, I think I would be snarly again if I hadn't slept well.

More later, Linda

Friday, April 4, 2014

I am soooo tired!

Have you ever gone to sleep and just had a REALLY good sleep. Got up to see what time it was and you had been in the bed for ONE HOUR!!

I have been doing that for the last week. YUCK!



I have to have some uninterrupted sleep. You know what I am talking about. That sleep where you don't even move. You are in REM for hours instead of minutes. The kind of sleep that is WONDERFUL!!!

More later, Linda