Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Well----There IS Some More of the Story

Jerry's brother, or as Jerry calls him, brother, has decided that it is his fun in life to put in a garden that will supply the whole community.
 This is just the melons from a half of a row of watermelons. !!! The cantaloupe are HUGE and spoil you for the ones in the stores. Wanna know why?? They pick them and eat them --- RIGHT THEN!!

Talk about FRESH!!!  YUMMMMM OOOOO!!!!

And then there are the tomatoes. My favorite way to eat tomato is right off the vine.

DIRT and all. SO good!!!

The tomatoes off 2 vines. OMG are they good. There is nothing like tomato juice running down your face.

Well I forgot about the clean up part..NOT so good. But Shout works wonders!!

And the peppers. They are so scrumptious.  The hot ones are REALLY hot. And the red jalapenos are hot and sweet at the same time.
Thank you Loyd ad Mary for sharing.  We really appreciate it.

This is just what they picked in about 45 minutes. The rest of the veggies are in the walk in cooler in the barn.  About 20 gallons of tomatoes and 20 of cucumbers, and then there are the peppers. And this is just what they have kept.

We had a good time.

More Later, Linda