Friday, July 20, 2012


In Oklahoma, it is true that the wind blows. Not always from the north to the south. Sometimes it is even from the south to the north. But when it blows from ALL directions we have problems.

Everyone knows about the tornado that went through Moore OK in May of 1999. We also had the tornado that went through the northern part of Oklahoma about 6 years ago. 

We also had the tornado that came up from Wichita Falls Texas and into our area back in the 60's. Bad stuff.

But when the wind blows from all directions at once it can mean more than tornadoes.

It can mean HAIL!

Like this. Yes that is hail a few years ago. This spring we had hail in OKC that was softball size. I remember one time when Nonie and Andrew were here with me and I thought I should put the car under the carport. The sky turned a little green. Well, It started hailing just as I got it under the cover. I ran back to the house.

And the door had shut.!!!!

Our doors had the regular lock and the dead bolt. You could unlock the dead bolt, turn the handle and go out. As long as the door didn't shut you were alright. Because when you didn't turn the regular lock to open it would still be in lock position and would still be locked when the door shut.

The door was shut!~!!

I banged on the door.  Hail hit my body.

I screamed---Let me in!!! More hail hit my body.

They finally opened the door.

I had bruises for about 3 weeks. Thank God that the hail was only pea size that day.

Sarah is getting a good look at the hail.  She wanted to go out so I told her about the only time I was in hail. I can't imagine what would have happened to me if it had been any larger.

One of the hail stones looked likes this. We went out after it quit. It was much cooler and the hail didn't melt for about an hour.

The big hail this spring in OKC went through windshields, back glasses, and probably killed some dogs and cats that were outside.

Sarah's take on the hail. 

What! ME go outside?   NOT on your Nellie!!!

More Later, Linda