Monday, July 9, 2012

POOR Baby !!!

Sarah had to have a shot today. Right in her bicep. Jerry didn't eat until we got home and then he had 2 hamburgers and right now he is eating a small bowl of ice cream--that's homemade ice cream. Well, for HIM that's EXTREMELY small. He used to eat his ice cream from a serving bowl. He and Bob, and I am sorry I forgot Leslie, would eat a gallon and a half every night. I almost got sick watching them.
Sarah usually RUNS to the kitchen whenever she thinks she hears a gnat in there. But as you can see she is out of it. Didn't even MOVE when Jerry got that ice cream. I know some dogs sleep on their backs, I just didn't know YORKIES did!!! But then I don't think she is all Yorkie.  See her little goatee? Yorkies don't EVER have white on them. She also has white on her feet. But are we gonna give her back.  NOT!!!!! We are in for the long haul.
And we have clouds in the sky. Great BIG, fat FLUFFY one. RAIN ones. We need rain badly. We will be in a burn ban soon and that means no grilling with charcoal. Probably!!! I don't like that. I like to grill. Have you ever had GRILLED Potato salad???? Yummo. I think I need to do a cooking segment. I have had to do a lot of cooking in my life. Starting cooking when I was 7. Good stuff Maloe!!! More later, Linda