Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I've got so much to say

I am not gonna be rambling today I really have something to say.

It's gonna snow again. Friday or Saturday. I am about sick of snow. And, sorry people who live farther East and North, I really am tired of staying in the house and watching the same old movies EVERY week.

I don't like to have to wrap Sarah into a towel to let the snow that has accumulated in her hair, melt!!

I mean really!!! The hair freezes together and makes for a really hard comb out for her, so I just wrap her in that towel and let it melt into the fabric. So much easier on both of us.

Now, this is what I really have to say.

What happens when it gets to be 120 at our house again this next summer?? So I have the right to complain about the heat?? Or should I just remember that I have spent most of this snowy season complaining about the cold?

Most of the time in Oklahoma, it's not too cold or too hot. But then we have those winters and summers that are extreme.

Another thought!! The melting snow is gonna be extreme this year. What's that gonna do for the Mississippi River?

Is it gonna flood New Orleans, again??

They will have enough time to prepare for the low lying areas being inundated with water.  What are they gonna do?

And what about the farmland up river from New Orleans? that's gonna be flooded too. The prices of veggies are going up because of the cold in Florida and the drought in California.

We're planting a garden.. But what about the families that don't have enough ground to put in a garden?? Are they gonna pay what the veggies cost?  I am just wondering.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks?

Since I started this it has been a couple of weeks.

Last week was busy, productive, enlightening, and terrible.

Yeah, that about tells it all. 

BUSY -- three trips to OKC. Grocery buying. Digging out from the snow and other things. Smoking some ribs which by the way were terrible. I don't really have a time schedule to smoke with and they weren't really done.

I think I am going to just put them on for as long as the timer says you can and then check them every hour after about 5 hours.

Sounds good to me. Then I will know how long to put them on for.

I will let you know how they turn out.

They are saying snow AGAIN on Friday

I always thought i would like to be a snow bunny. Make that snow rabbit. I had put in FAT before the rabbit, but I am working on ONLY telling myself positive things. I am NOT fat. I need to loose and am doing that BUT I AM NOT FAT!!

I digress----I always thought I would really like to be a snow rabbit, but with all that we have had and as old as I am, I have chosen to change my opinion of snow.

Snow is good for putting moisture into the ground--and we need rain. It is good for killing all the ticks and fleas and keeping the moles and gophers out of the yard. But as for playing in the snow---NOT!!!

I used to go out IN the SNOW to feed the birds---now I just make sure that the food is in the feeders and they can get some more when it warms up.

I used to go out with Mandy--our first furry person--and play with her.

Sarah goes out by herself and SHE plays in the snow.

I don't mind driving in the snow. I am a good snow driver. It's just that everyone else DOESN'T know how and they scare me a LOT.

So I stay in and watch TV. I could be cleaning---yuck!!---or I could be baking but Jerry won't eat sweet things because he thinks he is getting fat.

I play on the computer and I tell myself that I am keeping my brain limber. I make up gift certificates for my Mary Kay business.

Dear__________________, to celebrate July 4th, I’m giving you this gift certificate for a free facial with color certified, Linda Gowan, Mary Kay consultant. You will also receive $15 off your first purchase of $30. Call Linda at 580 656 5658.
Well I don't know what happened to the clip art. It was red white and blue hearts and hats.

I know so many people and this has really helped them and me because they have a gift for their friends and they don't have to pay for it. It's a win-win for both of us.

That's what I have been doing. 

What have you all been doing during all this bad weather???

More later, Linda

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Confessions again!!

Remember when you were a kid and did something that you only remember when you get a lot older??

Remember how that just sticks with you and you don't know what to do about it?

Well, there was a lady who paid back $100 bill because she took a chocolate milk from the milk tray at school and didn't pay for it. That's wonderful.

I never did that.

I did take some chalk one time so I could chalk in a hop scotch at home. I never paid for that and don't remember which school it was. I only went to 26 from kindergarten through high school..

I remember loosing things and telling Jerry that I knew right where they were. Then I got smart and realized that those things were his and not mine. So he should have been taking care of them.  Our dresser had a very squatty drawer at the top space and so I put all his things that I found in that drawer---all those screws, screwdrivers, small tools, pins, notes, books, marbles, soap stone all went in to drawer. Problem solved.

I remember -- from yesterday -- trying to incorporate new veggies into his diet and he didn't like them.  So, no new veggies for him. Maybe if I cook them with cheese and garlic and all that good stuff he will eventually at least try them.

I really didn't do big things wrong. But does that matter?

If it bothers me, than I need to tell someone about it.

More later, Linda

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Morning routine

What's in your routine when you wake up?

Me, I get up. Have a little time to myself. Read my Bible. Talk to God. Make some coffee. 

And then Jerry wakes up. He coughs and spits. Finds his mug and keeps looking at Sarah to see when she wakes up. 

She wakes up!!! Her first stop is outside. Them she has to have her chew stick , them she has to have food!! 

Her routine!!  She pushes the carpet up. She circles her bowl scrapping invisible food bits into a pile. And then!!

THEN she waits until 3pm to eat!!

Talk about a DIVA!!!

More later ,Linda 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sarah's view point!!

My daddy doesn't feel good. He keeps rubbing his elbow. And because he doesn't feel good I have to keep an eye on him. 
My daddy is important to me!! He lets me sleep on his legs so we can sleep together. But only if the western channel is on!!  I like the horses. 

Mama got my breakfast. She thought I was hungry -- but I fooled her. 

I'll eat when I get ready !!

See ya around!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Today Sarah WILL be po'd!!!

Our friend had surgery today. In the CITY -- that's Oklahoma City. That's about 80 miles from us. 

Which means we got up at 3.40 so we could pick her up at 4.30 to make it to hospital by 6 am. 

Which means Sarah got up too. At 3.30 AM. 

She was NOT happy. 

She will NOT be happy when we get home. 

In fact, she WILL be PO'd. 

It's like I use to tell the kids, you 'll get happy in the same shoes you got mad in so live with it

But for Sarah, it's you'll get happy in the same furry hands and feet you got mad in. 

Get her some food and a cuddle or two, and she will be happy. 

I'll let you know how it works out. 

Later, Linda 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I noticed!!

Looking over the blog site and checking on the countries that have found my blog, I am amazed at the diversity of people who like this little blog from Oklahoma.

First of all, I know that the blogs are funny and a little crazy. But that is my intention. I like to make people laugh. Maybe that's why Malaysia likes the blog. It's easy to learn American English that way.

Second, I know that it helps me. I AM and old lady and it helps me to have something to think about. I find myself taking pictures ALL the time. And then finding stories to put with those pictures. But most of the time the story comes first and then I have to find the pictures. The stories I like the most are the ones that come in a flash when I see a picture and the words just run across my mind full blown and in color.

Does that sound scary or WHAT???

As I was putting this on paper I remembered a nightmare I had once, thank GOD!!

Once was enough!!

I had been reading a book that was about a murder. And in the book -- as far as I got -- the police had been called. ( one thing I have learned is that I can NEVER read or watch ANYTHING scary before I go to bed. "Willie Wonka -- the first one -- scared me spit less).

So, I put the book down -- actually I threw it to the floor -- and turned out the light. And then I had this dream about the book --

The policeman came into the house and as he looked around the room the walls took on color and the chairs and the carpets. And then when he went into the bedroom the curtains were gently blowing and the lamp shade turned a beautiful pink.

The italics are to let you know that I was dreaming this.

I could feel the evil -- whatever it was.

I woke up screaming, the sheets tangled around me and the dogs going berserk!!

Never again I told myself would I read or watch anything scary.

So for me to see the words as I am thinking about a new blog is not scary??

That doesn't make sense.

But It works for me.

More later, Linda

It's 30 degrees!!

Early morning TV was showing snow AGAIN in New York and New Jersey ice in Georgia and sink holes in Kentucky. And in Oklahoma it's 30 degrees!!!

This time last week it was 10 and we had 9 inches of snow!!

For Oklahoma , that's a lot of weather. 

Would I change with the people in the east ??


Do I worry about my friends and family there???

You bet I do!!

Stay in if you can. Put on two coats if you need too. 

And take lots of pictures for me. 

Later, Linda 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow can be kinda rough!!

This vehicle wound up in our fence!! I really don't think it was her choice. The edges if the street slope to the outside. 

So when it gets slick the cars go to the ditch. Up a little farther the ditch is really deep so I go the long way around. 

Makes for a long trip to town sometimes. 

Oh well!! 

That's life and we have to live it!!

More later, Linda 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sarah's on a diet

Sarah weighs 16 pounds. I know she's a Yorkiezilla but that's ridiculous. In spite of only about less than a 1/2 cup of food a day she kept putting on weight. 

Her doctor said -- too much sodium. Put her on WD food. She likes it and it is filling her up. 

But -- no snacks, no people food (we gave her bites of fruit and sometimes chips and, oh yes, some steak or chicken) -- that could also account for weight. No wonder we should keep a food diary. 

She's still not happy with the whole situation!!

More later, Linda 

Monday, February 3, 2014

I think they are TWINS

And Jerry. 

Same pose!!

Same time!!

More later, Linda 

There's a BUGGer in the yard!!!

This morning--while we were thinking about showers and clothes to wear--someone knocked on our door. 

It was the guy next door. The roads were icy so he pulled into our drive to let the other cars go by. 

It was so slick he couldn't back up. So Jerry told him to leave it until it started to thaw this afternoon. 

Then Sarah needed to go out. 

And that's when it got worse!!! 

She spied the intruder!!!

She's letting us know about it.
 And all the neighborhood!!

I'm doing it right aren't i?  I am !! I know I am. I'm really letting you know!!

I'm a good girl--aren't I???

More later,Linda 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Can you see the snow embedded in her hair??  I rolled her in a towel until it melted. It didn't quit until we had a foot of snow. 
This is early morning. Sarah made her usual trek across the yard and down the fence to Virginia. 

Later in the day. She REALLY does NOT like a coat. Earlier she had trouble and came in dragging it behind her. 

I'm telling you she LIKES to roll!!

Jerry let her out and look at the ice on her legs AND her hands. 

Poor baby. But she does like her snow!!

More later, Linda