Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Stage Coach

Kids can be brutally honest, at least honest as they see it.  How many times have you told someone that they really needed to change their clothes because they looked really bad. Or that they smelled bad--or they looked funny since they got a haircut!!

Yeah! me too!!

The time that I have had to ask for forgiveness numerous--no thousands of times is when we got the car.

This was not only the car--it was THE car.

The car looked like a box on wheels. Four doors and straps at each door hanging from the roof. It ran--it didn't spit out smoke---it just was. And brother Phil and I called it the STAGE COACH.

The doors handles were close together so the front doors opened from the middle of the car and so did the back doors. 

It was easy to get in and out. Lots of room to put groceries or boxes onto the back seat. But it looked like a Stage Coach.

The night I remember the most is when we got into the water with the car. I mean WATER over the road somewhere in Los Angeles.. saw a TV report about flooding in downtown LA last spring.  It was the same street.

Any way I remember that we just kept on going. Right through the water and up onto drier ground ( or rather STREET) There really was paved streets when I was a kid.

Cars were floating in the water all around us.  But WE were in high cotton and just kept on trucking.

That was the last time I remember calling her the STAGE COACH!!

Too proud to be able to get out of the flood.

More later, Linda

PS This series has been difficult because it brings back some traumatic experiences. And then some more thoughts come along and I want to blog about those things. And then others pop up. This is so our kids and grandkids can know more about what happened to me as a kid and to the dad and papa.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sarah's feeling Better

Sarah is 4. And for the last three years she has not played. The last time she saw a cat her major reaction was a slow turn of the head as it walked in front of the house. 

Now this is what's happening

After a search of her toys she got the chicken the squirrel and the BIG chicken. The one she has to drag. 

She had to take a little rest but then she started running around shaking them. Dropped one and ran to another. Jerry was laughing so hard I got tickled just watching him. 

It was a hoot. 

It's so nice to know she feels good enough to play!!

More later, Linda

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Pretty Lady

My dad was always bringing people home and most of the time they were really interesting. One time he bought home this really cute guy. Well, as a presumptuous little girl I took a liking to him.  It must have been pathetic. I don't remember anything but him being nice to me. Robert Shane I thank you for not hurting a little girls early crush on you.

And then there was the pretty lady who came one day to our house. There was a man with her, but something about her drew me to sit by her side. The sadness in her brought me close and kept me there.

We had a house full that day--don't ask me why--but there had to be a house full or she would not have been sitting on the piano seat, but she was. I sat on the floor right next to her.

She was in a suit, a gray suit, I know I thought that the color was not a good one for her.  It brought out all the sadness that was inside her. 

And then I saw it. 

The tattoo on her wrist. 

That series of numbers. She was rubbing them softly. 

I asked--What's that??

My dad came unglued. 

I had done it again. Asked a question when I should have been silent. Typical me. I looked at her with tears in my eyes, and said--sorry. 

She wouldn't let dad punish me. She looked at me and said--some bad men did this to me and a lot of others. And then she patted my cheek and said--don't ever forget. 

How could I forget?? 

The holocaust is the most heinous thing to happen to humanity EVER. 

Don't forget!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pyramid Plane and Seagull

My brother Phil and I always walked to school. And back home. It was just one of the things all of us kids did. 

Jerry rode a horse to school. Sister Peggy would get in front of dad RT. And the boys rode behind. Because there were few paved roads, that's the way kids in his community got to school.

It had to have been in the forties when the seagull began dive bombing Phil. We, he figured out that the seagull didn't like his hat. He wore a sailor hat. I remember it as brilliant white. I started school after Christmas 1947. But LA still rembered the day Pearl Harbor was bombedarded by the Japanese. And the night the Japanese landed on the shores of LA. The camo nets over the main roads so the pavement looked like it was dirt. The huge spot lights that covered the sky most nights. We also had to do drills where we would get under chairs and put our faces to the floor and put our hands on our necks. 

But the strangest thing we saw, for a few weeks, was the pyramid shaped black airplane. The first thing I noticed was the lack of propellers. And it was quiet. We talked about that for a long time after they quit flying. 

Some of the stealth planes remind me of what we saw over 60 years ago.


More later, Linda 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What were you like as a kid?

I am asking because I KNOW what I was.

I was the kid in class that kept everyone laughing. It was my way to get someone to like me. I know that now. I just made funnies when I was a kid because that's what came out of my mouth.

When you go to 29 schools by your senior year in high school, you learn how to be either the braniac or the clown. I was the clown in grade school, but when I got to junior high I became the braniac.

Was it my way to cope?


Did I suffer from this?

Not one bit!!

As a matter of fact, the clown part of me is a good thing right now in my life.

Example---Jerry loves to help clean the kitchen. He puts bottles and leftovers away. He scrubs down the counters. He washes the pots and pans. He cleans off the burners. He does not sweep the floor. But, he DOES put things back into the fridge.

I have been looking for the bottle of BBQ sauce since Saturday. I looked everywhere on the shelves in the fridge. I looked high and low in the cabinets.

I didn't look into the bottom drawer.

Guess where the BBQ sauce was?

In the bottom drawer!!

I laughed!!

It's a clown thing.

More later, Linda

Monday, October 20, 2014

My baby is not a baby anymore!!

Oh no!! Sarah is not a baby anymore. On Saturday she even had some outside time -- by herself. And she ENJOYED it!! 

Today, she Copt a "tude". 

I mean even my kids NEVER did !!
They were always respectful, even when they were mad at me. 

Take a look!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I made some pumpkin scones on Saturday.  They were GOOD!! 

Obviously, as there are none left. I asked Jerry if he would eat  more and he said-only if you make them. 

That's a yes!!

Twelve of them disappeared disappeared overnight. I almost thought someone stole some. 

I have some more pumpkin from that can will probably make more tomorrow. I'm thinking - add pecans and chocolate chips.

More later,Linda

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First she's po'd and then she changes her mind

Sarah is full of  surprises. Yesterday we were talking about taking a nap. Now Sarah was asleep in granddad's chair - or so we thought.  We've been busy around here and staying up late and all those things retired people do. And we - meaning me - were a little tired.

I said " I'm taking a nap".

Sarah's head came up from the chair seat.

And she stared at me.

The tone of voice - if she had one - was "What! I'm already sleeping and I'm NOT getting up from this warm place just to go to sleep somewhere else."

Back down went her head and she was asleep in the blink of a rats eye. Do rats blink?? probably!

Anyway, she was NOT getting up -- so we left her in the chair and she had her nap and we had ours.

More later, Linda

Monday, September 22, 2014

Today in our backyard

Today the kids came to visit. 

Of course you can't see them in this picture so I'll just have to tell you about them. 

We have Jack, he's in this picture. Even I can't see him the screen on the window blotted Jack out. 

There are, at times, Jack-he's usually by himself. He's the loner. 
Then we have Heckle and Jeckle. They are ALWAYS together. And then there is Cory. Cory likes the carport. 

Today it is Jack. Alone again and liking it!!

Then the squirrels came. 

Don't ask me where Brother Squirrel is. I can't see him either. But he was busy gathering food. And then when he got to the fence he didn't hesitate. He went right through one of those squares on the chain link fence!! And then straight up the Pecan tree. 

Needless to say we have fun at our house. 

Later, Linda

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Sometimes a person needs a lot of words to explain how they are feeling. 

And then 

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sarah has had IT!!

I've been getting papers ready for income tax. We had to get an extension. October is in 2 weeks give or take a day or two. 

I have to have it ready by Monday. 

So, of course, I have to spend a lot of time going through papers to make sure that I have all the 1099's I'm supposed to have. 

No time to do anything but cook, wash clothes, and gather papers. 

Sarah has been feeling left out and so has Jerry. 

Today I finished. Tomorrow I will organize. Fixed a good supper, washed some clothes. 

And now Sarah is relaxed. 

 So relaxed her tongue is sticking out. 

Later, Linda

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sarah sleeps

Sarah LOVES to sleep on her back. I've never had a furry person who did that before. 

Most of the time her tongue sticks out a little, but sometimes it sticks out a lot. 
Tonight it doesn't stick out at all. 

I've never seen the feet like this. Her hands are just like they always are. 

And then she woke up!!

Opened her eyes!!

And gave me that disgusted look!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's hot, but not for long

Do you sweat?  Do you complain about it??  Does that salty water run down from your forehead into your eyes and make them burn and sting?

I envy you!!

Oh YES I do!!

I don't sweat -- well VERY little and that is dangerous. It makes it difficult for me to even walk to the garage sometimes. Now, if the wind is blowing like it is today then I can be out even if it's hotter.

I can't go out and barbeque anything.
I can't work in the flower beds -- so all of our flowers are bulb flowers.
I can't work in a garden. I love to can fresh vegetables for my family.

I like to go to the beach or lake and lay back and listen to the waves as they hit the shore. That can be done even in the winter

So next time you are playing baseball with your kids, or working in the garden - flower or veggie - or you are riding your motorcycle, think how blessed you are that you can do the things yu love to do.

Yes, I am mad. I want to do all those things but it is NOT good for me.

&%$#))**&@ frizzle frazzle!!

Maybe next year.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Long years ago when my dad was talking to me he told me how to remember what a bunch of geese is called .  It's a gaggle of geese. Why do I remember things like this.

Well, today we saw a BIG GAGGLE of GEESE going south..

I used to stand on our apartment front porch and watch as the geese would fly north summer and  south for the for the winter. But when I looked up in that sky I knew,KNEW what my dad would say when he told me what to call a bunch of geese.

You can always tell what kind of winter or summer we are going to have by the time of the year that they fly so far.

Today is September 2 --- that's EARLY for geese.

He said -- if the fly south early it means that we are gonna have a harsh winter. He actually used the word HARSH.

The year it snowed in Los Angeles the geese flew way south.

It made a believer out of me.

I had NEVER seen snow in LA before. We got out of school and everything.

Years later, when we lived in Great Yarmouth England, our friend Harold asked where I grew up and I mentioned that I had lived in LA until I was nine.

He said -- I was in LA once. It snowed!! We couldn't go on shore leave. He was in the Navy

I said -- I was there too, I said. They let us out of school!!

He wasn't too happy that I would or could be so much younger than he was.

Even men can be worried about their age. Harold proved that.

OOOPS!! I said SORRY and tried not to bring up anything else like that.

More later, Linda

Friday, August 29, 2014

Giving directions

At some point in your life you have already had to and will have to give directions to someone who is not familiar AT ALL with where you need to go.

I taught our kids how to drive. When they were practicing I would tell them to turn right or left and sometimes, when they were learning, they would turn the wrong way. It didn't matter as we were in the pasture.

Now I'm giving directions to Jerry. And it's like deja vu. We were in Lawton today to go to Sam's. Had a good time there and got some awesome meat products. I had to make a pit stop before we left and Jerry said he would just wait for me. But as we left the building he made the comment that he didn't know where the car was.

You wanta know something?? That's SAD!!

I decided not to think on the negative side and just go with it.

I knew where the car was and so there was no problem.

It just came to me that this attitude is good and bad. Good because I don't harp on his forgetfulness. Nor do I make him feel stupid.

The flip side is if I am not careful I will let those things go too long and let him drive thinking he will know how to get somewhere or even to get back home.

What to do?

I think I will have to just start thinking more about his abilities and if they are safe for him.

More later, Linda

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today has been something ELSE

I didn't get up until 7.30. I didn't have breakfast. We went to town to get some cola for Jerry and spent way too much on things.

We did get one of those ionizers that take the dirt out of the air.

He has been coughing so much lately and I think its the carpet.

I tell you no lie----we put that carpet down in 1979.

I want hardwood so we can keep it clean and free from dust. Of course it may be almost impossible in Oklahoma to keep the floors clean, but when I run the wet mop over the floors they will be clean to the baseboards.

As for the other things that have gone. We finally had lunch. Then we had our tea at 4. I like having tea because it means Jerry is eating a little more each day and his clothes will finally fit him again.

We've had some big laughs today and not any sad times, that means, to me, that it's been a GOOD day.

More later, Linda

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I think I was a little sneaky today

We had papers to take to the new doctor's office. Our doctor is moving from Duncan. I really liked him and how he worked with Jerry and me. But he moved and we had to find another doctor.

Lynn went by the doctor's office and got us paperwork to fill out to make us patients of Dr. Cox.

Jerry drove.

It's very frustrating to me when I have to keep telling him where to turn and which way and which lane to get into.

So, I decided to tell him where we were going and let him get us there.

That didn't work. At one point, as we were leaving the bank parking lot, I told him to turn right and then go through the light.  He was going to go from the south side of the road to the mall on the north side of the road--which is not to the right. it was straight ahead of us.

We then got straightened out and were on our way. I said we are going to use the road we take to go to the church. 

He was confused there, probably because we didn't go to the church we went to the nail lady whose shop is three street down from the church. Church is on second street--then first-- then A. We wanted to turn right on A and that's what we did.

He didn't even remember the shop until we had been there for about two minutes.

It's sad-----but it is what it is.

And we will make the most of it.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today I choose to not be sad

Jerry is mowing grass. I don't know why hes mowing grass. He is. 

It's not yet 100 so I'm not too worried about it. And he did have some bacon and cola drink. He has not had his pills yet but I have gotten used to giving him his pills with his lunch. It helps.  The Aricept upsets his digestive tract BIG time and I don't like to clean that up. 

This is not what could make me sad.

THIS is what could make me sad.  He was trying to tell me about THIS GUY. He lives over there and he----  That's as far as he got.  Bless him he didn't give up and so I started naming men we both know.

Does he go to church with us?  I don't remember seeing him there.

Is it Billy Morgan? NO!

Tell me how you know him. Well, he takes me out of town with him sometimes

Keith -- our Lynn's husband. And yes he doesn't see him at church because Keith is always in the balcony with the sound system. And yes, Keith comes and takes him out of town when he has something to deliver and because he knows it makes Jerry happy. Bless him in a mighty way.

I would be sad, but Jerry didn't get sad. He didn't get mad. He didn't even raise his voice. He just went on to tell me about the little yard Keith has to mow. And he, himself, mows for hours just to get the front yard mowed.

He is happy and so my choice is to be happy too.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sarah says--daddy doesn't feel good

Today we had a guy coming to fix the barb wire fence where one fence attaches to another. But ours was saggy. Of course there's a lot of saggy things around our house these days. After all the house was built in 1955.

So anyway, Jerry thought he would be here about 6.30. We got up at 5 AM. Yeah that's what I thought too. After all it is August so he'd be here early. Right?  Not!!

He got here at 9am. Got through by 10.30. Went home. 

Jerry came in and napped til 12.30, and again after lunch and is ready for bed now. 

He's trying so hard to stay up. It's almost like its a sin to get enough sleep.

And Sarah can feel he's not up to his usual speed. It worries her and she has to get as close to him as possible. So she lays her head on his feet. It does calm him. And I know she is trying to let him know he's gonna be ok. 

More later,Linda

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Popcorn Time

It seemed like the thing to do. Pop some corn. Jerry needs the carbs, sarah and I don't. But, Sarah got her part and then

Wanted more so where did she go??  

Daddy, that's where. 

He was kinda slow getting her some corn. But finally came through. 

So, Jerry's picking his teeth and Sarah??

She's taking a nap. 

Sarah loves her daddy. 

More later, Linda


I know this is difficult for the kids. They don't want to even THINK that their dad is not well. I don't like it either. 

Last night he told me he had to buy me a car. 

We have a car. And a pickup. 

I told him, we have a car and we can share. He looked puzzled. And came back with, well I need to make sure you have those things for the pickup. He meant the keys. 

He was content. 

I was happy. 

More later, Linda

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A subject I have been trying to ignore

My wonderful husband has dementia. He tries so hard to be like he was. He agonizes about what's happening to him. And he has worked himself down to 151 pounds.. You know it's hard enough to watch him deteriorate right before my eyes, but to see him so skinny frightens me.

I just thank God that He has Jerry in His hands because if he didn't Jerry would have gone on a long time ago.

I think you can see that I am still not able to even type the words that are really in my heart. It's not something that I want for anyone I know, this dementia. It takes away the person that you have known for so long and in that place is a person who can't speak, remember, or who can't do for themselves.

Sometimes I shed a few tears, like right now as I type this up. But most of the time the clown in me comes out and we find ourselves laughing at the tiniest things.

Sarah is a big help because she has so many parts to her. That's why I post so much about her.

I also post about her when my heart is aching.

More later, Linda

Sunday, August 10, 2014

This is my day

Today it's HOT!!

Jerry is sleeping. Well he was!! He woke up. Has on his t shirt. So no pic. 

Sarah is sleeping. It's 76 in the house. Or Jerry is too cold. So I keep it 76 or 77. 

And Bella is hiding under my leg. 
Now Jerry is sleeping. He probably didn't sleep much last night either. 

More later, Linda 

What's wrong with this picture??

Sarah went and hid. We've had company since Thursday. Lynn and Keith went to Sturgis and to see the sights. 

For all you who don't know Sturgis is in South Dakota. Close to Deadwood, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore.  And the big Cycle Rally.
And as you can see it's well attended

So, we are babysitting. 

That's why Sarah went into hiding. 

Because we are taking care of ---

Bella. She is too cute and a bundle of energy--really!!

Sarah on the other hand is not. 

She's exhausted. And is taking it easy today. They are not rowdy today. Just kinda laid back and keeping out of each other's way. 

Yesterday when I put breakfast out Sarah didn't want hers right then. So I took Bella's bowl into the kitchen to clean it. 

When I got back into the living room, Sarah's bowl was empty. 

Bella had seconds yesterday. Sarah didn't have breakfast. 

Today I watched. No seconds for either one. 

More later, Linda 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The new batch are even prettier

Not one but TWO groups of naked ladies!!

Batch one. Pretty!  


I'm just wondering what that means with the weather this winter. 

This year in Oklahoma the weather has been really cool for the most part. 

This time last year the morning temp was closer to 90. 

In 2012 we had 90 days of 120 degrees in a row. 


Glad we had a movie channel on cable. 

We had snow that winter and we had more snow last winter. 

The naked ladies came up last August around the 15th. 

This year the naked ladies came up the middle of July. 

And now a second batch, even prettier, have made an appearance. 


More later, Linda

Monday, July 28, 2014


We have a BUNCH of bunnies in our yard this year. There's Daddy Rabbitt and Momma Rabbitt and then there's Molly Bunny and Peter Bunny. 

And then there's The baby bunnies Jerry found this morning. 

He came running into the house saying, "I'm so sorry. I would never have done 
it". In his hands was a large red plastic coffee container. With 3 little bunnies at the bottom. 

One wasn't moving much. 

Jerry had tears in his eyes. He looked at me with those teary eyes and my heart melted. 

Momma Rabbit had made a nest under the overturned boat at the back of the garage and he had moved it. 

We put it back and put bunny food through the curved place where it didn't touch the ground. 

Baby Rabbits are back at home. Momma Rabbit is happy. 

One thought I had is this--can you imagine what they are telling Peter and Molly?

Let's just hope they get the facts in a straight row. 

And Jerry is not sad any more. 

More later, linda

Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm just wondering.

Those naked ladies are BLOOMING. 

I mean REALLY!!


This is July 25.

I've never--we've lived here since 1970--known them to ever come up so early in the year. 

What does it mean??

Last year they came up middle of August. 

And we had snow and ice for 3 months. 

It's gonna be interesting to see what's gonna happen this winter. 

Speaking of winter, we are being told by weathermen that Wednesday it's gonna be a high of 73!! 

I'll let you know. 

More later, linda

Thursday, July 24, 2014

They are BACK!!

Two days ago the naked ladies started sprouting. 

This is what they look like today

This is NOT usual!! 
Today is 

From past experience I think we are gonna have an early cold wet winter. 

More later, Linda 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarah says" I don't care"

Animals are so much fun to watch. When I was a kid I read somewhere that dogs didn't remember anything after 30 seconds. If that's true why does Sarah walk around the living room when we come in from shopping and call her to come see us. She is acting really -- guilty -- about something.

When I look around, there it is!!! She has turned over the trash can next to Jerry's chair -  again.

Now, she knows she isn't to do that. She got scolded real bad one day for that and she KNOWS that she is to stay away from the trash can. But it smells so good that she HAS to look. And, of course, the only way to look is to turn it over. That means that the banana peels fall out -- ooohhhh! BANANAS. She loves them!!

And then the WRAPPER off the peanut butter cookies -- actually they are the peanut butter crackers but Jerry calls every thing but pie cookies.

And then she walks away. She can't put anything back because she doesn't have thumbs. So, when we come in she remembers about the trash can and tries to hide. POOR BABY!! She is really in a panic.



And then panic depressions sets in and she hangs her head in shame. 

So, I pick her up and tell her to just forget it.

And try to remember to put the can in the bathroom when we leave the next time.

THAT works better than anything.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dirty Harry

We were watching Clint Eastwood last night in one of the Dirty Harry movies. Wanna know what I found the most disturbing??

At one point someone was murdered. (That's not what disturbed me). There was enough activity to know that a murder had been committed. BUT------

And this is what disturbed me. When the last gasp was heard, a white men's scarf fell to the floor. How do I know it was a man's scarf? Because the name LEE was embroidered onto the material.

Gently the scarf fell to the floor with almost a sensual appeal. And the---

The red spots started to multiply on the white silk.

That didn't bother me.

What disturbed me was this-----

We all knew that someone had died. There was no doubt in any one's mind that someone was no longer living. This movie was made in 1988.

In 2014---what do we see?  The neck is slashed and the blood gushes out from the wound into a huge pile of spreading blood. Or, we see another human slamming into the side of a building because the bullet went through him and the blood travels down their bodies until they fall to the ground in a heap.

What disturbs me is this---I knew what was going on in the 1988 movie. I didn't need to see all the blood and guts. My imagination showed me exactly what had happened to LEE.

What's is happening to the imagination of today's youth?

That's what disturbs me.

More later, Linda

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Donna held her awards night last night. Food!! Laughs!! Hugs!! Seeing ladies I haven't seen for a year and meeting all the new consultants. 

Last night we had the pleasure to see the new director Teresa Franklin and HER DIQ Tanesa and I was so excited for them that I forgot to take pictures. 

This is what we saw when we came into the house. Donna and her Tim are going on a MK trip to Maui in September!!  It's gonna be awesome!!!  More about that later. 

Donna, and (I can't remember anything but her last name) and Tanesa. It's awesome to see the joy everyone has for someone else's success. 

I love it!!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach Boys and Food!

Yesterday we seniors were given a party at the church!!  And this is what we found when we walked in!!

Oysters!!! And----

Octopus holding on to the table!!

There were 

Sharks!! And there were sandwiches. 

Croissant sandwiches!!  Yuuuummmmoooo!!  Of course we had to have PIMENTO CHEESE sandwiches. It took me back to my childhood. Mom used to make pimento cheese and we thought we were in high cotton!!  Love pimento cheese because it reminds me of mom!

Lots of people. 

Fun, food and games!! Just like a birthday party for all of us. 

Thank you Charmin and Brian for doing this for us!!

More later,Linda 

Monday, July 7, 2014

It's lap time!!

Jerry and Sarah have this THING!!  
Sometimes I wonder. But she's got her place EVERY morning about this time

Sarah looks up at him. He raises his legs and she goes to HER place

I love it. Jerry just calms down and relaxes. He smiles and talks and talks. 

I love it!!

More later,linda

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sweat proof Glasses

Well, they aren't glass--they are plastic. Jerry likes them though because they don't sweat. We go one RED one just a while ago.

Now he is a man on a mission and is going after some more.


WALMART of course!!

I love going to the Dollar Tree, and Dollar General and even Family Dollar, but Walmart seems to be THE place to get ANYTHING. 

Kinda like the General Store in Dodge when Marshall Dillon was alive. That General Store had EVERYTHING from coal oil to dress goods. From cartridges to knives. China, cook stoves, boots, sweeties, and canned peaches.

Those were the good old days!!

More later Linda

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!!

Do you know why we celebrate the 4th if July?  
It's because that's when the big battle at Fort Sumpter took place and Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner was written 
And we officially declared ourselves free from British control.  


It's the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed by those men in Boston. The ones who realized that the government should be BY the people and FOR the people. NOT for the government only. Not for the politicians to make a career out of being in DC. Not to further their coffers but to make the USA safe for the citizens. 

What happened?


Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm definately hooked!!!

For years I have heard about how good fresh herbs are in a dish. I've had cooking shows tell me I needed to grow my own.

Well, I got some about 5 years ago to grow. I watered and I watered and they died. Flat out turned yellow and died.

So I asked Andrew and Holly and Holly told me they didn't water their herbs until they started to look wilty in the pot.

I went to the store and got some more. I let them get wilty.

They DIED!!!

Two years later we get a new nursery in town---well not a new one they just relocated and expanded at the same time.

Lynn and Keith came and got us and we went to the Grand Opening of the shop. I got two kinds of basil, some parsley, some cilantro seeds and some rosemary.

They are just so happy in their pots. I did over water the parsley, but poured that water out and its growing again!

Everyday I go outside and take a leaf off both kinds of basil, a little parsley, couple of rosemary leaves and some cilantro.

That combination is good for the colon. If you know what I mean. Ahem!!

The Rosemary, Hot Basil, and parsley and to the left is the radishes.

 This is the sweet Basil.  It smells soooo good!
 On the porch in the terracotta pots is the Cilantro. I have never tasted cilantro straight off the stalk. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh. so good!!

 And this last is in honor of my mom. She's been gone now 62 years. But I still remember the red Geraniums on the stairs every year. And she loved iced coffee.

I now drink iced coffee and remember the fun things that we would do.

More about that later, Linda

Friday, June 27, 2014

Who is the THEY i hear about?

I have ALWAYS heard about the mysterious THEY......they don't like that-----they really would look down on your clothes----they?

It has taken me considerable time to realize that THEY are just a group of invisible beings that THINK they have the upper hand on unsuspecting people.

I used to really have a hangup about the THEYs in this world. My mom would tell me that they would rather have braids in my hair than leave it loose. Now I have really fine hair. I used to have a lot of hair. I used to have a tender scalp. Not so much anymore. But when I had a lot of hair and that tender scalp I really didn't like THEYs.

My mom must have been a saint, because I would scream whenever she came at me with a brush. I cried when she would make me lay on the counter top next to the sink so she could wash my hair. And braiding my hair-----OMG what it must have been like for her. I laugh now but then I was an absolute mess.

So THERE you go THEYs. I will NOT let you take over my life anymore.

I am me. I don't deliberately set out to hurt others. In fact I, mostly, just listen and let it go. I like my life and all the people in it.

I morn for some who are not happy and don't believe that HAPPY is a choice. I pray for those who are addicted. And I am happy myself.

They is not me. I am me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There are four letter words and then there are FOUR letter words.

When I was a clown our alley went to Houston for a big conference. It was so much fun!! Even Jerry had a good time. Learned how to do more than a dog balloon. Learned how to spray water out of our mouths. I got more on me than on anyone else. YUCK!!!

We learned how to work at hospitals and children's parties. How to quiet down a weepy child and one other good thing that I had never thought about.

As a clown, parents want the kids to be accept the clowns presence. Making the crying child come closer or be held by the clown.

This is what I had never thought about. People are always making their kids hug the clown or Uncle Joe or Grandpa or the man from next door. Kids are really intuitive. They know who they want to hug and who they don't. If they don't want to hug -- that's OK. It's more than OK its the ONLY way. Next time you try to make your child hug someone think on this. If you make them do that they will learn that even though they have a not so good feeling about that person they have to hug them anyway they might just feel like they HAVE to do what a stranger says -- like help them find the puppy, or go for ice cream -- or -- you get the drift.

Now we go on to the four letter words. I can think of a few that would really describe one of those perverts. SORRY it just makes my blood boil.

Four letter words can be !!!! or @@@@ or #### or even !@#$

OR they can be love or pray or nice or bath or dogs or cats or any other happy thing.

Kids really need more HAPPY!!

More later, Linda

Monday, June 23, 2014

Here they come!!!

The trash men came today.

How did I know?? Well EAGLE ears starting jumping around and barking!!

My friends!!  They're here!!! Bark!! Bark!! Jump! Bark!!!
I love it when they come to see me!!!

Did you see them MOM??

More later, Linda