Monday, July 30, 2012


I told you we had FUN at Seminar!!! Here's Donna doing--well, learning---a line dance after lunch one day. I know why the one with the long blonde hair is so skinny. SHE'S one of the dancers who entertain us during the general sessions.

More food time!!! We eat, we go to class, we eat and we go to class and then we eat again. This day we were in the Sport's bar at the hotel. WONDERFUL food. I had the nachos.  FABULOUS!!! The girl seated is Judy and the one standing is Kathy.

And then we have GIFTS!!!

Not a very good picture of the bumble bee. It is SO gorgeous. And when I get to the level of Director I can get one---or even sixteen. I just have to find out how!!!!

More gifts!! This is what the Director's in Queen's Courts get. Is that not FABULOUS??? I'm gonna have one.

So you see why I love Mary Kay. They gave away about 30 of these necklaces to our seminar. And there are five seminars. Talk about a big chunk of cash.

And we feel appreciated!!! This makes the appreciation tangible. It makes it personal.  EVEN if we don't have one YET!!!

Where could I work and get this kind of compensation?  No where.

More later, Linda