Thursday, May 29, 2014

Are you a Workaholic??

Let's see if you are.

If you didn't sleep well last night and you woke up tired so you take a short nap or not?

Do you go find something to do even though you know that's it's time to eat?

Do you clean the windows and the full glass storm doors every day?

Do you vacuum the floors every day.

Do you use a tooth brush to clean the burners on the range?

You might be a workaholic-----now what are you gonna do about it?

Are things more important to you than people?

Do you find yourself thinking well into the night, making it impossible for you to get the sleep you need to be healthy?

Would you rather work than take the meds that the doctors have prescribed for you?

You might be a workaholic.

Take inventory and let me know what you found out about yourself.

Later, Linda

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tatum Channing

I  NEVER think about actors. To me they are Who they need to be in each movie they are in. 

I take that back. Will Ferrell is always the same. So was Jim Varney. 

Tatum Channing was amazing in The Vow and now as the credits scroll for White House Down I realize that he was very good as the hero in that also. The last scene with the daughter was just like my dad would have been. 

He was completely screwball in 21 Jump Street as he was supposed to be. 

It's gonna be a journey to watch as he continues to develope as an actor. 

Later, Linda

Sunday, May 25, 2014

What's going on??

This is Sarah
This is Jerry
They are not here
This is NOT ----   NORMAL!!!

Either one is mad!! And the other is tired


They just need me time!!

Later, Linda 

Monday, May 19, 2014

it's been gloomy here

have you ever just wanted to dig a hole and climb in it?? not to make anyone anxious, but some of the people who have been calling me are those that are depressive. you know the ones i mean. the people who will not take the good advice that you give to them. that just keep talking the same talk. the ones  that we talk to and talk to and talk to and tell them the same thing a thousand times.


so last night i turned off my phone at 9.30 and didn't turn it on until 7 this morning.

this lady had called me again and told me her phone number again. i didn't call back because i really cant deal with depressive anymore.

jerry seems to be getting better some days and then others he can't even make his mouth go around words. it's sad. but the good part is that he still tries---he's not given up and he has started telling me what the word describes. works like a charm. this is not depressive---this is the heavenlies at work.

So I am back to capitals. I am looking only at the POSITIVE and not the depressive.
I am over with listening to the same old rot about "what's going on? why does he do that? what am I gonna go?"!! I am going to tell them to go to God for their answers I cannot and do not have the answers to everything. Only GOD DOES!!!

NUFF said!!

More later, Linda

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BATH is a four letter word

Today was the day --- 
It's BATH day!!!

And Jerry just HAD to tell. He's NEVER given any of our furry people a bath. 

Octopuses have 8 legs. 
So does Sarah when it's BATH day. 

I'm NOT staying here. 
I've got other things to do. 
I took a bath last night. 

I don't believe ANY of those excuses. 

I know that  the only one who gives her a bath is me so none of those excuses will hold water. 

Bath got finished. She smells good and looks good. 

I'm ready for a nap. 
Later, Linda

Friday, May 9, 2014

Computer Games

I like computer games. All the colors. The funny cartoon people. The way their mouths keep moving even when they aren't talking .

And then the games that look good and two sections in you can't make it work. Or like last week when I started a game and then I couldn't even make the cursor work. 


Later, Linda 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rain storms today?

Sarah has gone from this bed to 

This bed----

to this bed---

to here --

in 20 minutes!!

Hooray that means rain is on the way!!! 

Let you know!

More later , Linda