Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Iced Coffee--I apologize MOM

I like coffee...well, let's tell the truth. I LOVE coffee. I can drink it just before bed and sleep all night long. I can drink it hot and hotter. I can put it in a cup of half milk and half coffee with some cocoa mix. YUMMY

When I was little my dad always told me that if I drank coffee my feet would turn black. But then he gave in and in one of his thin china cups we would put about 1 ounce of coffee and fill the cup with milk. I thought I was a big girl. Drinking coffee. He also did that with the younger brothers too. I don't know about the older brother as he is 4 years older than me.

And my mom liked iced coffee. I remember. I don't remember much about my much younger years, but what I do remember always has a traumatic aspect about it.

Well anyway, mom was sitting out in her redwood chaise with a GLASS of coffee. I don't remember any other time seeing her with something like that. Before or after this particular day. I half way climbed into her lap and asked for a drink. She let me sip.

EWWWWW. What is that---I yelled. That stuff is bad. Not good. AWFUL.

Oh how we have to eat our words. And now I am. I was a terrible kid. I can only remember ever saying things that were hurtful.

So right now ----I apologize mom. I know now why you drank that iced coffee.

 It was because you liked it. It's strong. It keeps it's flavor until the last drop.

It is AMAZING!!!!
And it's even better with cream.
More Later, Linda