Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Retail Therapy!!!

Today I found my new FAVORITE STORE!!!. I bought 3 blouses, a coffee pot and a charm for my bracelet and a new purse. For less than I would have thought.

Then we went to my NEXT new favorite store. It had my soda things and the flavor and pots and pans and bed stuff and towels and on and on.

Lynn and yes she IS wonderful!!!

Then we went to the bead shoppe. Marvelous. All sorts of beads.I got some to make a grandmother purse jewelry. I can hardly wait until I get it all done.
Me, I don't like to have my picture taken

Met up with Diane, Diana and Diane's mom, Noveline. They are all so cute.

Then we went to the Target. Got some pencils and a hand sharpener. Some snacks and candy.
Diane, Novaline's daughter

On to the Jack in the Box.  They had a sign that said large cokes for $1. We all got one. I think I could have had a small, because that LARGE was really a LARGER. I about popped before we got home.

Jerry is a wonderful husband because he never said a thing about what I bought , but ---Why didn't you get more.
This is what was in the back seat. You should  have seen the front

Maybe next time I will.

More later, Linda