Monday, July 28, 2014


We have a BUNCH of bunnies in our yard this year. There's Daddy Rabbitt and Momma Rabbitt and then there's Molly Bunny and Peter Bunny. 

And then there's The baby bunnies Jerry found this morning. 

He came running into the house saying, "I'm so sorry. I would never have done 
it". In his hands was a large red plastic coffee container. With 3 little bunnies at the bottom. 

One wasn't moving much. 

Jerry had tears in his eyes. He looked at me with those teary eyes and my heart melted. 

Momma Rabbit had made a nest under the overturned boat at the back of the garage and he had moved it. 

We put it back and put bunny food through the curved place where it didn't touch the ground. 

Baby Rabbits are back at home. Momma Rabbit is happy. 

One thought I had is this--can you imagine what they are telling Peter and Molly?

Let's just hope they get the facts in a straight row. 

And Jerry is not sad any more. 

More later, linda

Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm just wondering.

Those naked ladies are BLOOMING. 

I mean REALLY!!


This is July 25.

I've never--we've lived here since 1970--known them to ever come up so early in the year. 

What does it mean??

Last year they came up middle of August. 

And we had snow and ice for 3 months. 

It's gonna be interesting to see what's gonna happen this winter. 

Speaking of winter, we are being told by weathermen that Wednesday it's gonna be a high of 73!! 

I'll let you know. 

More later, linda

Thursday, July 24, 2014

They are BACK!!

Two days ago the naked ladies started sprouting. 

This is what they look like today

This is NOT usual!! 
Today is 

From past experience I think we are gonna have an early cold wet winter. 

More later, Linda 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarah says" I don't care"

Animals are so much fun to watch. When I was a kid I read somewhere that dogs didn't remember anything after 30 seconds. If that's true why does Sarah walk around the living room when we come in from shopping and call her to come see us. She is acting really -- guilty -- about something.

When I look around, there it is!!! She has turned over the trash can next to Jerry's chair -  again.

Now, she knows she isn't to do that. She got scolded real bad one day for that and she KNOWS that she is to stay away from the trash can. But it smells so good that she HAS to look. And, of course, the only way to look is to turn it over. That means that the banana peels fall out -- ooohhhh! BANANAS. She loves them!!

And then the WRAPPER off the peanut butter cookies -- actually they are the peanut butter crackers but Jerry calls every thing but pie cookies.

And then she walks away. She can't put anything back because she doesn't have thumbs. So, when we come in she remembers about the trash can and tries to hide. POOR BABY!! She is really in a panic.



And then panic depressions sets in and she hangs her head in shame. 

So, I pick her up and tell her to just forget it.

And try to remember to put the can in the bathroom when we leave the next time.

THAT works better than anything.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dirty Harry

We were watching Clint Eastwood last night in one of the Dirty Harry movies. Wanna know what I found the most disturbing??

At one point someone was murdered. (That's not what disturbed me). There was enough activity to know that a murder had been committed. BUT------

And this is what disturbed me. When the last gasp was heard, a white men's scarf fell to the floor. How do I know it was a man's scarf? Because the name LEE was embroidered onto the material.

Gently the scarf fell to the floor with almost a sensual appeal. And the---

The red spots started to multiply on the white silk.

That didn't bother me.

What disturbed me was this-----

We all knew that someone had died. There was no doubt in any one's mind that someone was no longer living. This movie was made in 1988.

In 2014---what do we see?  The neck is slashed and the blood gushes out from the wound into a huge pile of spreading blood. Or, we see another human slamming into the side of a building because the bullet went through him and the blood travels down their bodies until they fall to the ground in a heap.

What disturbs me is this---I knew what was going on in the 1988 movie. I didn't need to see all the blood and guts. My imagination showed me exactly what had happened to LEE.

What's is happening to the imagination of today's youth?

That's what disturbs me.

More later, Linda

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Donna held her awards night last night. Food!! Laughs!! Hugs!! Seeing ladies I haven't seen for a year and meeting all the new consultants. 

Last night we had the pleasure to see the new director Teresa Franklin and HER DIQ Tanesa and I was so excited for them that I forgot to take pictures. 

This is what we saw when we came into the house. Donna and her Tim are going on a MK trip to Maui in September!!  It's gonna be awesome!!!  More about that later. 

Donna, and (I can't remember anything but her last name) and Tanesa. It's awesome to see the joy everyone has for someone else's success. 

I love it!!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach Boys and Food!

Yesterday we seniors were given a party at the church!!  And this is what we found when we walked in!!

Oysters!!! And----

Octopus holding on to the table!!

There were 

Sharks!! And there were sandwiches. 

Croissant sandwiches!!  Yuuuummmmoooo!!  Of course we had to have PIMENTO CHEESE sandwiches. It took me back to my childhood. Mom used to make pimento cheese and we thought we were in high cotton!!  Love pimento cheese because it reminds me of mom!

Lots of people. 

Fun, food and games!! Just like a birthday party for all of us. 

Thank you Charmin and Brian for doing this for us!!

More later,Linda 

Monday, July 7, 2014

It's lap time!!

Jerry and Sarah have this THING!!  
Sometimes I wonder. But she's got her place EVERY morning about this time

Sarah looks up at him. He raises his legs and she goes to HER place

I love it. Jerry just calms down and relaxes. He smiles and talks and talks. 

I love it!!

More later,linda

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sweat proof Glasses

Well, they aren't glass--they are plastic. Jerry likes them though because they don't sweat. We go one RED one just a while ago.

Now he is a man on a mission and is going after some more.


WALMART of course!!

I love going to the Dollar Tree, and Dollar General and even Family Dollar, but Walmart seems to be THE place to get ANYTHING. 

Kinda like the General Store in Dodge when Marshall Dillon was alive. That General Store had EVERYTHING from coal oil to dress goods. From cartridges to knives. China, cook stoves, boots, sweeties, and canned peaches.

Those were the good old days!!

More later Linda

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!!

Do you know why we celebrate the 4th if July?  
It's because that's when the big battle at Fort Sumpter took place and Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner was written 
And we officially declared ourselves free from British control.  


It's the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed by those men in Boston. The ones who realized that the government should be BY the people and FOR the people. NOT for the government only. Not for the politicians to make a career out of being in DC. Not to further their coffers but to make the USA safe for the citizens. 

What happened?