Monday, May 30, 2016

Sometimes you just gotta

I have fallen behind. I used to have a tshirt that read " the hurrier I go the behinder I get". 

Well, that's so true for the last couple of years. Jerry is my priority. 

So, I'm getting behind. Things like....
Checking expiration dates
Cleaning out the fridge
Putting papers in the recycle buggie
    I did finally put the recycle buggie time 
    On my phone so I could remember
     Which Monday it is. 
I've tried to get all the house work done. Ain't happened all in one day like it use to. But I've figured it out. I have a dusting rag that I put in areas-tv or tables by chairs or pictures and that's where I clean that day. Then if something has a drawer it gets cleaned out another day. 

Voila!! It works!!

It just takes a little flexibility. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Life is for living!!!

Living is just that
It can be more!!

There are seasons in everyone's life that are stressful. A pregnant woman whose spouse leaves because of the baby. A military family that has someone deployed. People in their fifties who have to take care of themselves, their kids and both sets of parents. 

Life is not a bed of roses. 

It's your choice to be bitter or be better. 

Better is best. Less stress. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Officially Summer at our house

I know that by the calendar it's not summer. I have white hair but I can read. 

I also know animals know more about what's what than people do. We had a mutt once. So cute!  There was a tornado in Fredrick OK, that's about an hour away, and she hid behind the recliner. When I picked her up the Gaia down her back was standing straight up!!  

So when I saw Heckle and Jeckle fly in this morning I just KNEW!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I haven't had a nightmare in years. In fact I think the last one was when Lance told us the plot of a movie he had seen. 
During the night I woke up screaming!!

Lance was one of the high school
students in the commercial art class I took for 4 years. Loved it!! And the "us" would be my friend Linda. The art class called us " the Linda's".  

Back to nightmares--I had them all the time as a kid. When we finally got TV--that new thing on the market- dad wouldn't let me watch some things because of the nightmares. 

Once I dreamed that a man in a trench coat with a hat on with the brim pulled low over his eyes was following me. So I made a big fist and turned around to knock him out quicker than a roadrunner can run.  Then I starting saying " it's Jerry. I know it is! I can't hit him. He's my husband." But hit him I did. 

Woke him up when I popped him in the nose. I told him he had a bad dream and to go back to sleep. 

I've never told him the real reason he woke up. 

I had nightmares after taking the kids to see Willie Wonka with Gene Wilder!!  That was scary to me. 

All my nightmares are in color. 

Why am I blogging this?  I don't know,I think it's just important for me to get all these memories out. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Taking about changes

When I was a kid-back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth-we moved. A LOT.

I went to 3 kindergartens. In one year.  3---that's a LOT.

By the time I went to high school the total was 26. That's a lot more!!  

Did I resent it? Did I get anxious? Did I go into tantrums?


I learned a lot. How to step back from what's going on and to analyze it. I learned how to be flexible in my mind and desires. I learned how to accept others for what and who they are. 

It made me who I am today. 

Things NEVER stay the same

I've known for years! Or it might just be since I had a birthday over 50, that things change. 

Sometimes rapidly, but most of the time change is slow. 

Tornadoes rage through Oklahoma this time of the year and in a matter of minutes the damage is done. Earthquakes in Oklahoma too cause damage quickly. 

Hurricanes on the other hand takes hours to makes changes to the area they go over. 

Change also comes as we age. My hair starting turning white when I was 22. Now it's all white. Joint pain, and headaches, allergies and food tolerance. That happens to all of us. 

And you know what--it's ok!!  Changes are what life is about!!

Embrace those changes!!  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Allergy time

This year Jerry's nose is running and his eyes are itchy. 



I got him some antihistamine and it works but takes about an hour. In the mean time he sniffs, coughs, rubs his eyes, and is just miserable. 

Me I just try to blow my nose because it stops up. 

That's yuck too!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's Rainy Looking!!

I'm so happy it's rainy!!  It's almost 10 in the morning and it's just 59 degrees
The rain has made the dirt wet ( of course) and that means moisture in the air and that's means cooler. 

Oooooohhhh hooooo!!

And that means - I hope - a cooler summer!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

When haven't you----

Watched scary movies when you knew you would have nightmares?

Eaten ice cream for dinner or supper whatever you call it?

When haven't you tried to not laugh - out loud - to keep from hurting someones feelings?

When didn't you kiss your new babies toes and smell that baby scent??

When didn't you want to go to Paris or Florence or even Pompeii. 


We've got roadrunners!!!
There's only one thing that I think about. Roadrunners eat bugs and seeds and other BIRDS!!!
We have a cardinal family with us this summer and I want them to not become part of Mr. Roadrunners supper. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Time slowed WAY down

This morning I found the flower seeds had germinated but the dirt was dry. Here comes Jerry to the rescue!!  Hose in hand!!  

I watered and then put the weeds in the flower pot I keep to put peels and weeds so they can deteriorate into dirt. Came back to the front of the house missed the step and fell between 2 big pots. In VERY slow motion. Talk about feeling stupid.  

I called the doctor and made appointment for tomorrow. I'm going to call in the morning and cancel. Besides being a little sore my mind has cleared, nothing's broken and I can think. 

It scared me for a little while but "I am woman hear me roar!!!"

Friday, May 6, 2016

Computer trouble

Telling it like it is. It's been raining cats and dogs. The grass --or in our yard, the weeds--are green. The Iris have bloomed and been destroyed by the rain. The Day Lillies are getting ready to bloom and there are bunnies eating the weeds!!  


There is ALWAYS lots of wonderful things happening even in the midst of not so good things. Jerry is down to 149 pounds, but he is eating more now. He's coughing more because he's allergic to grass and its Spring and what happens in Spring?  The grass grows and needs to be cut. Making Jerry cough up buckets of phlegm. 


The upside is that he brings me roses off the bushes. Iris from the bunches. He smiles and has as good a time as he can. He watches the birds and keeps their feeders full along with the bird bath filled with water.  

God is soooo good!!!