Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cooking----I love it!!!

I really love to cook. Sometimes, yes, I do make things that don't go over well. But 99% of the time it is all eaten.

Tonight we had mashed potato, salad, and grilled chicken thighs.  One of the thighs was hunormous.
That means REALLY big. That one was for Jerry and he ate the whole thing.

About a month ago I didn't want a huge dinner. So I made SUPER NACHOS

Well, I didn't have any corn chips.  AHHH no!!

But I did have some corn tortillas. So I cut them in half and fried them.  Put on some home cooked pinto beans. Just like I make them. Because I DID make them.  AND I make them gas-less. No "breaking wind" at our house!!!!

So I put those beans in a non stick skillet and mashed them around a little.  VIOLA!!! Refried beans.

While I was making fat less refried beans, I cooked the hamburger meat with some garlic powder, some oregano, some chicken bouillon, some paprika, and salt and pepper.

Then I cut up the crispy lettuce, the cold tomatoes, and the homegrown onions. YUMMMMMY!!!

Grated some sharp cheddar. And then I began to assemble the feast.

 I put the newly fried chips on 2 plates, put on some refried beans, some taco meat and some cheese. Put the plates in the microwave for about a minute. Everything was hot so it didn't need anymore time.

When I took the plates out I quickly put on a layer of lettuce, then onion, and then the tomato.


More later, Linda