Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thunder Up!! Game 4

We are in OKC tonight. Went to STAR night and are on way home.

Some of the women had on thunder colors. Too cute.

Got on the road and NO traffic.  Three cars on the road from the hotel to the Lawton Duncan turn off.

This is NOT normal for the I-44 road from Newcastle to Chickasha.

Could not believe this. It looked like the Apocolypse had started and we had been left behind. Not a good feeling!!

 So I texted Lynn and asked her to please, PLEASE text the scores.

END OF FIRST QUARTER. Thunder 33 Heat 19. Keep going guys.

It's HALF TIME thunder 49 heat 46.


End of third quarter Heat 79 thunder 74.

When we got in the door Sarah needed her chew stick stress reliever. BAD.

82 to 79 Heat. Sarah is STILL chewing on her stick.

Six minutes to go. Heat 92-90

LeBron James has a hurt knee. He went back into game with a bum

T. 94 H. 92

I don't know about the rest of the game, but this part has been

James is really hurting.

3 points down. 17 seconds left.

Westbrooke fouled Chalmers. H 103 to
96. 13 seconds left.

Heat won their third straight game.

Back to OKC? for game 5?

NOT it will be in Miami too tomorrow night. Donna will be here showing us the new products. Lynn will be in Arkansas and I will get the last 45 minutes of the game.
Se la Vie!!

More Later, Linda