Sunday, June 24, 2012

Life with Sarah

Life with Sarah is SUCH a contridiction. She does NOT do it OUR way.  WE do it HER way. And probably always will. There's Jerry and Sarah taking their morning nap. She gets REALLY upset when the nap doesn't start right at 7am, but that is her problem. But that's not the way SHE sees it.

She's awake, I think.  She is trying not to let on that she is, but she can't fool me. Look at those ears. STRAIGHT UP!! Watching westerns on the western channel!!

But then she really likes the Western channel. She likes to watch the horses and the cows. And, by the way we like the Western channel too, because the movies are clean. Some of these newer movies are way to filled with porno and bad language for me. I have HEARD the "f" word too many times to be able to call it entertainment!! Thank you very much!!

Now I know she's awake because she is looking straight at me. I have DISTURBED her. Well, sometimes that happens. Do you see the lamp without the shade? That belonged to Jerry's mother and when we got it there was no shade. I have got to go to Hobby Lobby and find one. I don't think Walmart has things like that. Anyway not one that will go will our early redneck decor.

Sarah has grown up, or at least she has decided to do things differently. She has found her babies and every day we see new ones. All of the babies used to be in the first bed she had which is WAY too small for her now.  She was supposed to be 4 pounds and is now 13 or 14 pounds. Like I was saying she is just beginning to play with her babies. There's one under her. That's the pink one. I don't remember if its a giraffe or an elephant.
Now we know!! There SHE is a pretty PINK elephant. Gracious she was sitting on her baby and there is
no telling what happened to it while she was sitting here!! Poor baby!!

And here is another that she has just taken up with it that squirrel that we bought for her to play with

year ago. Was it a YEAR ago? There's been a lot happen here in the last year. More than I want to talk about right now. Wanna know a secret. We really have a lot of fun with Sarah even though lots of times we call her SARAHCIDAL because she is so spased out.
Well, that's all for today. Have a beautiful day and God bless you. More Later, Linda